Hugo Boss Return Policy

Unless otherwise specified, Hugo Boss has a rigorous thirty-day return policy. When it comes to their return window, they don’t give any leeway. The reason for this is that they create upscale German apparel. It will take time to complete the refund as well. Your money won’t return to your account right away.

How may products be returned to Hugo Boss? You can either ship products back to Hugo Boss or bring them into a Hugo Boss store to return them.

Hugo Boss Return Policy

Hugo Boss Return Policy

Customers must return merchandise to Hugo Boss within 30 days after delivery, and it must be unworn, unwashed, and in its original packaging. For a full refund, return the item to a Hugo Boss location with your order receipt form and the original payment method.

Return Period 30 Days
Return Method In-Store or online
Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method In-Store or online
Refund Period Within 14 Days From Purchase
Refund Method Method of Payment


Returning Hugo Boss items online

  • Check out the Hugo Boss website.
  • Open the menu in the upper left corner of the website.
  • Select “Need help?”
  • Please select “FAQ and Contact Form.”
  • Select the choice that applies to you by clicking “Free Returns.”
  • For returns of Hugo Boss goods, a pre-paid mailing label will be provided.

If the return policy is adhered to, Hugo Boss items may be returned for exchange or refund. So what conditions must be met in order to return a Hugo Boss item?

The requirements for a Hugo Boss return

  1. The standard return period is thirty days after you get your product.
  2. Customized goods are non-returnable.
  3. You might not be able to return items that you’ve worn for longer than it takes to try them on.
  4. Items must be returned in the same state as when they were received.
  5. It is not permitted to wash items before returning them.
  6. You’ll get a sticker with pre-paid shipping.

Item returns are free. Shipping costs are not your responsibility.
Whether the items are being returned in-store or online, the same return criteria apply in both cases. The majority of apparel brands’ return policies follow a set return time and acceptable item conditions.

How long will it take for your refund to process?

Refunds from Hugo Boss may be processed in up to 14 business days. If your return is accepted, you can only get a refund using the same payment method that you used to make the original purchase.

What happens if I don’t have the same payment method?

If your payment method is different, you can either swap it or get shop credit. If you used a different payment method, you might not get your money back.

You also need to have the original order receipt form in order to get a refund. Without this form, you cannot get a refund but you can get store credit or make an exchange.

Exchanging Hugo Boss products

An exchange can be preferable to a refund if you’re interested in other Hugo Boss products. Compared to the refund option, this one enables you to get paid for your return much more quickly.

Can you exchange worn items at Hugo Boss?

The rules for returning things must still be followed for exchanges. Items that have been exchanged must be returned in the same condition as they were given. Exchanges for Hugo Boss items are handled much like returns.

Up to the amount paid for the initial order, you may exchange. Any money left over will be refunded and processed in a maximum of fourteen business days. You will be liable for the difference if you go beyond the initial order amount.

Returning items in store

It might be simpler to return the things to the physical store if you live close to a Hugo Boss location. The procedure is a little different for in-store returns. The return period is thirty days for normal items. The return period for things that are on sale is merely fourteen days.

Without a receipt, you cannot return anything to a Hugo Boss store. Also prohibited from returns are goods identified as final sales.

Can you return online items in-store?

You might still be able to return anything you buy through the Hugo Boss Online Store to a few particular stores. It’s not always necessary to ship the goods back. However, Hugo Boss outlet locations do not accept exchanges for items bought online.

When returning things purchased online to a Hugo Boss store, you must either present the receipt or your order confirmation. Without a receipt, returns cannot be processed.

If I used PayPal, can I still get a refund?

No, and yes. Although the money won’t be transferred back to your PayPal account, you will still receive payment for your return. You will be qualified for store credit in the amount of the accepted return rather than having your money refunded to your account.

Avoid using PayPal as your payment method when ordering if you want to be sure you can get a refund. The money cannot be sent back to your PayPal account. Without exceptions

How does Hugo Boss’ return policy compare to other retailers?

Most clothing companies won’t take back items that have been used for anything other than trying them on. There is no exception to this return policy at Hugo Boss. Although they are a luxury brand, their guidelines are not particularly onerous either. When returning products to Hugo Boss, there isn’t much of a hassle.

For those who lack technological sophistication, the idea that they are more than just an internet retailer may make returns feel simple. Even if the things were initially ordered online, they can just go to the actual store and return them there.

Additionally, Hugo Boss does not charge customers for return postage.

This is a feature that many businesses lack. Many businesses will deduct the return shipping from the refund.


Hugo Boss’ return policy is quite user-friendly, and unlike what some might anticipate from a luxury company, it is not unduly restrictive. They have simple and understandable rules regarding what they will accept. Customers can easily follow the return process.


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