McDonald’s Game Contest – Claim Your McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes

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IWonatMCDis a contest for people who love food as much as they love playing. This IWonatMCDcontest can only be held in Canada.


Participating in IWonatMCD via this website will allow you to get a variety of prizes, including $ 1000 cash price, holidays anywhere in the world, and a Food Rewards voucher.

It is not necessary to explain what Mcdonald’s is. However, Mcdonald’s is the largest American food chain and is widely known in many other countries. McDonald’s is a public corporation and is well-known for its food and contests that they offer to their loyal customers.

Maurice McDonald founded McDonald’s in San Bernardino (California) in 1940. Richard also started McDonald’s in San Bernardino.

McDonald’s specializes in Chickens, French Fries and Cold Drinks. Desserts, breakfast items, burgers, cheeseburgers, wraps, and milkshakes.

This company has many income sources, including royalties and rent from franchises. Perhaps that is why they offer $14 million worth of cash price, rewards, and other perks.

How to Participate in McDonald’s Game Contest


Participating in the Mcdonald’s Game is easy. You will need to go to a Mcdonald’s and purchase any item. You will also get a piece of the game. There will be a monopoly board. Take your game piece with you and use it to play on the board. You can claim the price depending on which option you choose or the rules if you are declared the winner.

Prices offered by Mcdonald’s Monopoly Prizes

McDonald’s Monopoly Prices include different prices as shown below:

  • Approx $2000 gift cards
  • Approx $5000 Prepaid Cards
  • Cards of Cineplex Premiere
  • Vacation trips
  • Approx $10000 Cash prices
  • Polaris Snowmobile and many more.

Food items include in the IwonatMCD rewards or McDonald’s game contest Prize is

  • You can find a variety of soft drinks, coffee, and triple-thick milkshakes.
  • Chicken sandwiches and chicken MAc Nuggets
  • French Fries, Wraps, and Burgers
  • Mac Flurry
  • Hash browns
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino, tea
  • Sausage McMuffin Sandwiches
  • Quarter pounder cheese sandwich
  • Hot chocolate in American and Deluxe versions
  • McMuffin sandwiches with bacon and eggs
  • McDonald’s Monopoly Sandwich Prize -may differ from regular ones

Rules to Take Part in the McDonalds Game Contest 

  • You must be a Canadian legal resident to take part in the McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes.
  • Participation in the contest is possible even if you don’t make any purchases.
  • Participation and winning are possible even without the use of game boards
  • The age limit is 13 years old or older.
  • Ex-employees and relatives of Mcdonald’s Staff are not allowed to participate.
  • The prices of food are unrestricted

Participate without Buy 

  • You can participate immediately without purchasing by visiting the McDonald’s website, then selecting the option that says McDonald’s contest participation without buying.
  • Fill in your details such as email id, full name, address, etc. In the required field.
  • Complete all information required.
  • When you are done filling out all details, click on the submit button.

Redeem the Code and Win a 10% Discount

You can get 10% off tech products, appliances, and electrical items if you already enjoyed a tasty meal. Code for more information.

This code can be redeemed on the official CodeFollow these steps.

  • Choose what you wish to purchase from the available options.
  • Buy it – Place it in your basket
  • Go to the section and look for the discount option
  • You will receive 10% off your purchase if you add the iwonatmcd code to the discount section.

It was so easy!


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We hope you find this useful information helpful in redeeming the cards you have received and it will also pay you handsomely as ash prices.


Is it real to get an IWonMsdonalds thing?

Yes, but only for Canadians.

Are  IWonatMCD and the customer survey conducted by McDonald’s similar to each other?

Both are not the same. Sweepstakes are only for the USA, with cash prices for Canadians.

Is it safe to give personal details on IWonatMCD?
















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