How to Setup Xbox Console on Phone

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Are you wondering what is? Ms/Activate Box and how can you configure the Xbox application? The is a website that helps you to set up an Xbox app. Many people have questions on how to set up Xbox. To use the Xbox setup application you’ll need an activation code. To get your activation number, it is necessary to know how to obtain an activation code to use the Xbox application.

This hyperlink takes you to the mobile website and helps you set an activation key.

In this case, we are referring to you can’t access the Xbox One setup page won’t be accessible via personal computers (Mac or Windows).

It is expected of every user who is new to Xbox One consumers to set up their Xbox One on their smartphones. Always take notes on your Xbox One app’s activation code. The link helps set up the Xbox in it.

You will need to make an setup code activation code. In the event that you don’t, the code could be invalid. This is possible by installing or restarting the Xbox application on your device.

Below you will find the steps with the website –

What is aka. ms/Xbox setup?

If you don’t want to wait for the system to do it all for you, you may use the URL to perform the system upgrade yourself.


This site provides a manual procedure for upgrading your Xbox One. Additionally, you cannot utilize your PC to set up the Xbox One due to the digital configuration. Also, you must bring all the methods using your smartphone.

How to Setup Xbox Digitally on Mobile using & Xbox Mobile App?

Follow the steps below from your Android or iOS smartphone:


  • The code will now appear in the illustration above.
  • Please write the code down, or keep it in mind.
  • Please choose to Tap to complete the setup within the Xbox app by selecting the Welcome to Xbox menu.
  • Once you have logged in is complete, fill in the number that was provided on the screen to update your console in the Xbox app
  • You will now need to answer a few of the questions posed to you by the Xbox setup application
  • You’ll need to go back to your console at this moment.
  • Return to the Xbox Console immediately following the completion of the update process, and you will be asked to upload your settings using the Xbox app
  • After all the work is completed it is time to ask for a ‘Yes’ to move on with the process.

Note: the link may show the below page, so make sure you have the right link –


Xbox App Download

The Xbox app lets users who recently registered to play games alongside their colleagues and with other gamers. Both tablets and smartphones will be connected to the Xbox application, and you will keep track of updates while on the move.

It is easy to upload photos as well as video clips from your Xbox to the world’s most popular gaming and social media websites.

Friends and groups can be able to text or audio chat with you regardless of whether they’re using the Xbox console or PC.

You will receive updates on announcements for new games or messages as well as other things. In addition, you are able to stream live on your console onto your phone via the internet.

The Xbox application is a Free application that is 100% secure and will allow you to stay on the field – regardless of where you like to play.

How to Get Code for Xbox app?

If you are aware of how to set up Xbox then let us help you understand how to get a code to download the Xbox application.

  • Launch and install the Xbox mobile application.
  • Let the app be connected to the console at step 2.
  • Select a language and a place.
  • Set up your device to connect to the internet using the fourth step.
  • Make sure your system is up to the latest.
  • Choose the best power option that is right for you.

How to Fix Xbox App Not Working Issue

If you’re trying to input the code on the console update screen in the Xbox application following the instructions on how to configure the Xbox app then there is a chance that steps set up using your Xbox app might cause the Xbox app not to work.

  • Stop the app by choosing it from the recently installed apps list.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Clear the app’s cache.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • You must choose the Xbox application.
  • Once more then, select Storage.
  • You must then remove the cache.

By following the steps, you will be able to fix your Xbox installation app mistakes and issues in how to how set up Xbox. Xbox application.


I hope all the information of steps, information along with the other information that we’ve provided you with have helped greatly in the process of Xbox setup and entering your Xbox activation. The Xbox setup via the aka xboxsetup website is straightforward and straightforward. It doesn’t require much. But make sure to follow each step in their given order on the URL –

These steps will guide you through how to set up the console Xbox application. Include your Xbox setup code, and then turn on your XBOX.


How does the Xbox system work?

The Xbox One has a Blu-Ray disc drive, which means you can play DVDs and Blu-Ray movies using it. You can also control your movies by using the XONE controller Kinect commanding with gestures and voice, as well as an additional remote for media.

What time does it take for me to do aka? ms/activate box?

Doing aka ms activate box login will help you do – You’ll need to enter your Xbox activation code in the setup process on the X Box.

How can I easily enable remote-play on Xbox?

  • If you push your Xbox button on your controller you can get the directions.
  • Visit System & Profile.
  • Tap Settings after you’re done.
  • After that, select then the Devices & connections option in the menu on the left.
  • Select Remote features following that.
  • Then you need to select to check the Enable remote feature checkbox.
  • Then you must switch to Instant-on in the Power mode.



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