HomeGoods Return Policy

Look no further than your neighborhood HomeGoods stores for high-quality home furnishings!

The HomeGoods furniture brand offers high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture for all occasions. HomeGoods features everything you need for your home’s interior, from furniture and lighting to rugs and cushions, all at reasonable prices. What is superior to that? Maybe they have a return policy?

The HomeGoods return policy is equally as good as the products they sell thanks to a combination of strategies for preventing fraud and the reasonableness of the return requirements.

HomeGoods Return Policy

What is HomeGood’s Return Policy? 

HomeGoods accepts returns in-person, online, and by mail. Refunds or exchanges are available for in-store purchases. Online purchases can only be refunded. Online purchases must be received within 40 days of the original purchase date, while returns for in-store goods must be made within 30 days of the original date of purchase.

Any return may be refused or denied by HomeGoods.

Return timeline 30 days
Return method Mail, in-store
Exchange period 30 days
Exchange method In-store or by mail
Refund period 10-14 business days
Refund method Original payment method


How to Return a HomeGoods Item?

An item purchased online can be returned in-store or via mail. Returns for in-store purchases must be made there.

Online Returns

Online shipping is available for returns of online purchases. The steps listed below should be followed for mailing returns.

The accompanying return shipping label must first be located. The package containing the item or things to be returned will also contain it. You are required to complete all relevant fields on the form completely, honestly, and to the best of your ability.

The next step is to pack the item(s) in any relevant original packaging. Make sure everything is securely packaged and nothing will be missing. A copy of the invoice or email confirmation must be enclosed with the package.

The package should then be sealed with the return shipping label before being dropped off at the location indicated on the return label. Your refund will be reduced by a return credit for shipping and handling in the amount of $14.99. Only returns that are received within 40 days of the original purchase date will be allowed. To give adequate time to return the item or items purchased online, an additional 10 days are added to the return period.

In-Store Returns

Any online order can be returned in-store, and your refund will not be reduced by the $14.99 credit.

Use the methods listed below to return an item in-store.

Find the store location that is closest to you or most practical first. You can achieve this using a search engine or the HomeGoods website’s store finder.

When you get to the store of your choice, look for a cashier or a customer service desk to complete the return. Ask the employee at the nearby store for help if you can’t find it either. They can help you get started in the proper direction.

You must say that you wish to return your item for a refund or an exchange when you get to the customer care counter or the cashier. The only things that can be exchanged are those that were bought in-store.

You must then sign for the return. A signature is required for all in-store returns. You must supply the following details: name, address, signature, and legitimate photo ID if you made the purchase online and do not have the email confirmation, registered receipt, or in-store purchases.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to the Store?

Yes! In fact, it is advised that you return the item in person. The $14.99 credit will not be subtracted from your refund. Return the item in-store if at all possible.

How Strict is the HomeGoods Return Policy? 

The HomeGoods policy is a little bit tight to guard against false claims. Without a receipt, you must present your name, address, signature, and a legitimate photo ID because signatures are usually required.

Having said that, you can still return products after the 30-day period for in-store purchases.

HomeGoods Exchange Policy

Exchanges are not permitted for items bought online. This is a result of the products’ frequent changes in stock.

If you would want to swap an item you bought in-store, you must first return the item and let staff know that you want to exchange the item.

HomeGoods Refund Policy

Items returned with the relevant register receipt within 30 days of the original purchase date for in-store purchases are eligible for a full refund. The original payment method used to make the purchase will be used to refund you. You will only get a store credit if you don’t have a receipt.

Allow 10 business days for probable fraud detection when issuing cash returns. Allow the usual bank processing time for debit and credit purchases. Depending on the bank, this may change. Products bought using PayPal will be reimbursed as shop credit.

Allow 10–14 business days for the processing of returned items that are sent by mail for a refund.

Does HomeGoods Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

Yes! Without a receipt, returns are accepted by HomeGoods. Just your name, address, signature, and a legitimate form of photo ID will do.

Does HomeGoods Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Yes! However, the refund will only be given to you as a store credit. You won’t be compensated using the original payment method.

What Items Cannot Be Returned to HomeGoods?

You cannot return items to HomeGoods if they have been worn, used, or are not in sellable condition.


Does HomeGoods give full refunds?

Yes! HomeGoods will give you a complete refund if you satisfy all the criteria.

Can I return a HomeGoods product after use?

Unfortunately, used items are not eligible for returns.

How long do HomeGoods refunds take?

For online refunds, please allow up to 10–14 business days. To stop and discourage fraud, provide cash refunds with a 10-business-day grace period.

Depending on your bank, allow a few days for the processing of credit and debit reimbursements. Upon return, store credit will be returned.


HomeGoods offers excellent return terms. It guards against false claims and guarantees that everyone is secure during the return procedure. The 10-day extended grace period for cash refunds is the only significant distinction between these anti-fraud techniques. The requirement for a signature on all returns is the major change, aside from that.

The remainder of the return policy is pretty sane and even permits in-store returns on items made after the 30-day return window and without a receipt.

Enjoy your time at HomeGoods!


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