Hollister Return Policy

Under the Abercrombie & Fitch brand, Hollister is a US clothing retailer. Customers can make purchases from the business both online and in person. But sometimes when you purchase something from a firm, you have to send it back because you might have changed your mind.

We go over the Hollister return policy in this article so you are fully informed before asking for a refund or an exchange for a different item.

Hollister Return Policy

What is the Hollister return policy?

Customers can return things to Hollister for a reasonable amount of time—up to 30 days—after purchase. Hollister offers a retail credit in its place after 30 days. Clothing should continue to be unwashed and unused.

Hollister Return Policy
Return Period 30 Days
Return Method In-Store or online
Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method In-Store or online
Refund Period Up to 30 Days
Refund Method Method of Payment


How To Return a Hollister item?

There are two ways to return or exchange an item with Hollister: in-person and online.


If you made your purchase online, you can return it through the Hollister website by visiting the returns section of your account. There, you can start a return. You have the option of printing the Hollister-provided return label or creating your own with the correct return address.

You should be aware that, regardless of the outcome of the return, Hollister will not cover the cost of return postage; instead, $7 will be deducted from your refund. Once the refund has been completed, the money will be returned to your card.


Similar stores don’t charge a fee. Items bought in-person or online can be returned to the shop. To make a return, you must have your receipt with you. In person, you may choose to get your refund in cash or in the same form that you originally paid.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

Yes, you can go back to a store and return an internet purchase. Both in-store and online returns are accommodated by the stores. Online doesn’t manage purchases made in stores.

How strict is the Hollister return policy?

The reply is, not particularly. The Hollister return policy is somewhat lax in that they will accept a return of an item that does not have the original tags attached. In order to prevent customers from regularly returning non-Hollister clothing and receiving refunds, the majority of Hollister retailers will need to see an identification card.

The return policy is fairly open-ended and, unusually, does not specify that the consumer must keep the original tags on the clothing or that they should not use or try new garments on. This method of handling returns, in our opinion, encourages patron loyalty.

Hollister Exchange Policy

In general, the Hollister exchange and refund policies are very comparable. The main distinction is that Hollister will let buyers choose something else both in-person and online. The Hollister website doesn’t include any particular instructions on how to go with acquiring a new item, but we are confident that it is just as simple as the rest of their site and policy.

Does Hollister take returns without a receipt?

Yes, Hollister does allow returns without a receipt, but there is a cap. To be sure you aren’t often returning things without receipts or tags, a nearby Hollister store will probably ask for identification. This makes logical from the standpoint of a high-end apparel brand.

Does Hollister accept returns after 30 days?

Indeed and no. If you return an item to Hollister after the 30-day period has passed, you’ll get store credit for the item’s worth rather than a complete cash or credit card refund. Since Hollister’s apparel lines vary frequently to reflect seasonal trends, there is no need to return things for cash refunds for older products.

What items cannot be returned to Hollister?

Given that the majority of things purchased at Hollister are clothing, it is impressive that their website does not indicate any specific items that are not returnable. Even though they are vague about it, be sure to confirm with Hollister.

Check with the store’s or online’s customer service department first if you have any questions regarding a product.

Can I return a Hollister product after use?

Simply said, absolutely. Although the Hollister website doesn’t specify the condition in which items must be returned, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t try to return a shirt that’s been damaged or has stains on it. Hollister appears to have a pretty open-minded approach to its business practices and anticipates that customers will consult them about clothing concerns in order to locate alternatives or better-fitting garments.

Does Hollister give full refunds?

Depending on what you consider to be full! When items are correctly returned to Hollister within 30 days, the company will give a full refund. Online purchases that are returned will often have the shipping and processing fees subtracted, totaling $7.


Can I return online with no order confirmation?

No, to return things purchased online, you’ll need a receipt or order confirmation. This I

What if I bought a Hollister item in another country?

The return policy is slightly different if you shop while traveling outside of the United States or between nations and wind up returning an item there. You’ll be given a merchandise credit for the product equal to the lowest amount it has ever been sold for in that nation’s currency.

How long do Hollister refunds take?

The website doesn’t state how long a Hollister refund should take to process. Depending on the day and speed of your bank, refunds in stores will be processed quickly.


Without clearly stating the acceptable clothing condition, Hollister has a somewhat lax return policy for apparel.

Hollister makes the assumption that its consumers will be obedient and responsible by giving vague directions. Even though their return postage is not free, they also make online returns quite simple.


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