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Do you know how to activate Hoichoi TV using the website Hoichoi? tv/activate? It is a streaming video website for Bengali speakers in India. You can watch only HoiChoi movies, original series, and television programs. With your Hoichoi Subscription, you may watch 2000+ hours of Bengali with a Web Series, Movies, and video content. New Exclusive Content is introduced each month. On this site, you may also listen to Bengali music and watch documentaries.

Please refer to this article as I describe how to activate the services utilizing Hoichoi.tv/activate if you need a step-by-step tutorial for activating Hoichoi on your device. You should be aware of the activation procedure prior to subscribing to the channel and its services.

The majority of devices, including LG TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Mi TV, are compatible with the Hoichoi App.

You won’t have any issue downloading, installing, and activating Hoichoi on any devices that permit activation using the Hoichoi.tv/activate link after reading this article.

How to Create HoiChoi Account?

You must understand how to create your new Hoichoi Account if you have never utilized the Hoichoi services previously. Please follow the procedures below.

  • Open your browser on your phone or computer and navigate to www.hoichoi.tv.

How to Create HoiChoi Account?

  • Find the option to Sign Up or Subscribe now.

How to Create HoiChoi Account?

  • Then fill up the fields with all the necessary information.
  • Choose the Hoichoi Subscription plan that best meets your needs.
  • Check the information you have entered.
  • You will soon be able to access your Hoichoi Account.

How to Login to Hoichoi Account?

You must log in after setting up your new Hoichoi account. Please follow the instructions provided to log into your account.

  • Open this website in your browser: www.hoichoi.tv

How to Login to Hoichoi Account?

  • On your screen, click “Login.”

How to Login to Hoichoi Account?

  • then decide on a handy login method.
  • Fill up the blanks with your login information.
  • You must now click Login.

How to Change Hoichoi Account Password?

Do you want to modify your password? Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to properly change your password.

  • Please access this website using your browser: www.hoichoi.tv
  • Login to your Hoichoi Account right now.
  • After logging in, kindly select Menu.
  • then look for the Setting menu item.
  • Please select “ChangePassword” after that.
  • Your new password must now be entered.
  • You’ve chosen a new password.

How to Activate Hoichoi App using 

To enable the services on your smartphone, follow the instructions below.

  • Download the Hoichoi app from the appropriate device’s play store.
  • Launch it after installing it.
  • You will now see a code on the screen of your TV. Take note of that.
  • Following that, click on this link: Hoichoi. tv/activate.
  • Log into your official Hoichoi Account at this time.
  • Pick the right strategy.

How to Activate Hoichoi App using

  • The code is now required, and it is displayed on the screen of your TV.
  • Finally, click Activate to finish the procedure.

How to Activate HoiChoi on Smart TV

How to Activate HoiChoi on Smart TV

To activate the services on your Smart TV, follow the instructions below.

  • Locate the app store by opening the Smart TV.
  • Now start installing the Hoichoi App on your gadget.
  • Start “Hoichoi” on your gadget.
  • Open the “My Hoichoi” option after launching.
  • Now look for the device activation option.
  • open www.Hoichoi.tv/activate after that
  • Now, log in using your second device’s login information (PC or mobile).
  • You’ll notice a blank that asks for a code; please type it in.
  • Utilize the “Activate” option to finish the activation.

How to Activate Hoichoi on Roku Device?

How to Activate Hoichoi on Roku Device?

Find out how to turn on the Roku device’s video streaming features.

  • Open the Roku Channel Store on your Roku device.
  • Once you’ve done that, look for the Hoichoi and click to add it.
  • Start Hoichoi on your gadget.
  • Please note the activation code when it displays.
  • Visit Hoichoi. tv/activate by clicking here.
  • Log in to your account with your login information.
  • Please input your activation code now.
  • Then press the Activate button.

How to Activate Hoichoi on Apple TV

Please take the recommended actions to enable video streaming on your Apple device.

  • Turn on your Apple TV first. Next, look up the AppStore.
  • Download the Hoichoi App following that.
  • Open the Hoichoi App right now.
  • Access the option Hoichoi, I.
  • Then select the “Activate it on my smartphone” option.
  • Please write down the code that is displayed on your screen.
  • Open Hoichoi. tv/activate on your browser.
  • Use your credentials to log in.
  • You must now type that code into the appropriate field.
  • Please select “Activate” after that.

Activate Hoichoi to Amazon Fire TV 

Activate Hoichoi to Amazon Fire TV 

Start the services on your FireTV by following the procedures listed below.

  • Launch your Amazon FireTV box.
  • Find the “Hoichoi” app from the app store.
  • Install it on your device, and then run it.
  • You must now select Activate device.
  • Please access the website at Hoichoi. tv/activate on your browser using a different device, such as your desktop computer or smartphone.
  • Next, you’ll need to enter your phone number or account password.
  • Your code must be entered in the correct field.
  • Please press the Activate button after that.
  • On your Amazon Fire TV, start viewing the Hoichoi episodes right away.

How to Activate Hoichoi on Android TV

How to Activate Hoichoi on Android TV

Please follow the procedures below to activate Hoichoi TV Shows’ services.

  • On your Android TV, turn it on and go to the Google Play Store.
  • Then, look for the “Hoichoi” app and begin the download.
  • Once installed, launch the Hoichoi app.
  • Please select the option now. Hoichoi, I.
  • Please choose the Activate device option after that, followed by Generate New Device Code.
  • After that, launch your preferred web browser and navigate to https://www.hoichoi.tv/activate.
  • After that, you must enter the special code.
  • After that, fill in the blank with your special activation code.
  • Click “Activate” when you get there.
  • Your Hoichoi services will thereafter be available on your current Android TV after that.

What is Hoichoi TV?

Hoichoi TV offers OTT Over The Top streaming services to your devices. It is an Indian Bengali entertainment video-on-demand service. SVF Entertainment, a company with its headquarters in Kolkata, is the only owner of this service. The Hoichoi is offered in Bengali and is sold all around the world.

What is Hoichoi TV?

You may watch all the Hoichoi TV Shows on any platform, including Android, Roku, FireTV, MiTV, and other devices. “Hoichoi” is Japanese for “excitement.”

The three founders of Hoichoi—Vishnu Mohta, Mahendra Soni, and Srikant Mohta—are responsible for the concept.

This service initially debuted in 2017. Since then, it has gained a lot of traction among consumers who enjoy quality Bengali entertainment. This OTT platform is the first to offer all of the local Bengali language content.

This portal, like Netflix, provides a huge selection of entertainment options, including more than 500 Bengali movies, web series, music, and short films. You may watch it all via the app, the official website, or your streaming device of choice.


I sincerely hope that the information in this article has assisted you in using Hoichoi. tv/activate to activate the Hoichoi Tv app on your device. Get good Bengali entertainment activated for yourself by following each of the steps I’ve outlined in my essay. Please leave a remark if you have any additional questions for me, or if you need any advice or assistance. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


How can I get Hoichoi Free Subscription?

You need to have a current Jio, Vodafone, or Idea subscription in order to receive the Hoichoi Free Subscription. You can receive a free subscription to Hoichoi if you use JioFiber Internet. Please see the following list of resources to receive a free Hoichoi subscription.

  • JioFiber Internet
  • Verizon customers
  • users of Jio
  • Idea seekers
  • users of Airtel
  • Users of MX Player

What are the benefits of the Hoichoi Subscription Plan?

You can watch a variety of Bengali movies as well as all the most recent and well-liked content by selecting the right Hoichoi Subscription Plan from a big list. The media can be downloaded to a device, where it can subsequently be viewed offline. To access the premium content on your mobile device, simply link the application to it.

The main advantage of a premium Hoichoi Subscription Plan is the ability to watch original content, web series, short films, movies, music, and documentaries.

Additionally, you may take advantage of ad-free streaming, 100+ songs at any time, access to a selection of Bengali content, compatibility with a variety of devices, original content, CC (Subtitle) in English, FullHD 1080p video support, access to several Hoichoi TV Shows, etc.

Is Hoichoi Available In English or Hindi?

The majority of Hoichoi Tv’s programming is available in Bengali. However, you can also find English content with English subtitles. Currently, there is no support for Hindus.

When was Hoichoi Launched officially?

The Hoichoi was first introduced on September 20, 2017.

Which plan is the best for www hoichoi tv to subscribe to? Which is the best The Hoichoi Pack?

The INR999 Plan is one option and is good for 12 months. In addition, there is the IN499 plan, which is a three-month option. You have a choice of plans. While you may connect up to 5 devices and stream one thing at once with the Rs. 499 plan, you can connect up to 8 devices and stream two things at once with the Rs. 999 plan.

The official Hoichoi.The tv/activate link is up and running. However, if you are experiencing trouble opening this URL, you must look into the problems or errors. The problem generally stems from a broken internet connection or an incorrect detail added mistake. Many users attempt to enter the incorrect code, which prevents the website from activating the services.

However, if you are having problems that are not mentioned above, you must wait and then try to view the page again.

How to turn on or enable Hoichoi for my television?

You must download the Hoichoi app from your TV shop after finding it there. Once the application has been installed, you must finish the process by going to the official Hoichoi Activate website link, entering the code from your smartphone there, and activating the application. Some of the services come with the current subscription for free, such as the Hoichoi services.

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