Hobby Lobby Cake Decorating Classes

For those interested in learning how to make gorgeous cakes, Hobby Lobby offers cake decorating lessons. There are locations across the nation, and the classes are reasonably priced. Although you don’t require any prior expertise, you will need a foundational understanding of baking. We’ll provide you with all the details you require regarding Hobby Lobby cake designing lessons in this article.

Hobby Lobby Cake Decorating Classes

Currently, Hobby Lobby is offering cake decorating workshops in a few locations across the US. Professionals teach the classes and give the students the chance to master various cake decorating methods.

In addition to the workshops, Hobby Lobby also offers cake decorating supplies. The cake mix, frosting, and decorating supplies are all there for you to get started. They also sell specialty things like fondant and cake toppers if you’re searching for something more distinctive.

For additional information, such as how much the courses cost, how to sign up for them, and what prerequisites you must meet, keep reading!

What Is the Price of Hobby Lobby Cake Decorating Class?

Depending on the region, different Hobby Lobby cake decorating classes have different prices. However, the majority of classes cost $5 to $90. The price varies based on the length and complexity of the session, and this amount is only for one session. You don’t need to worry about making any further purchases because this pricing includes the cost of the goods.

A longer-than-one session course will cost you between $100 and $120. It’s possible to get a deal if you plan to attend more than one session. For additional information, contact the Hobby Lobby in your area.

Don’t worry if you believe these costs are too exorbitant. Enrollment is cost-free! For more information, keep reading.

How to Enroll In a Hobby Lobby Cake Decorating Class for Free?

You may sign up for a free spot in a Hobby Lobby cake decorating class by going to their website or following them on YouTube. Periodically, they provide free cake design lessons; you can sign up for them on their website. When the next class is set to begin, you’ll be informed and can sign up then.

For video tutorials on cake decorating, you can also check out their YouTube account. You can watch a selection of tutorials there at your own leisure. You can access these tutorials whenever you want, and they are free.

What Skills Do You Need to Take a Hobby Lobby Cake Decorating Class?

No prior knowledge is required to enroll in a Hobby Lobby cake decorating class. But you should know the fundamentals of baking. This entails being able to bake a cake, measure materials, and adhere to directions.

Visit the website and choose your location to sign up for a Hobby Lobby cake decorating class. The available class dates and times will then be displayed for your review. Simply sign up and pay for the session once you’ve determined a time and date that work for you.

Does Hobby Lobby Provide Wilton Cake Decorating Classes?

Regrettably, no. Although Hobby Lobby offers classes in cake decorating, Wilton is not connected to them. However, Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores offer Wilton cake decorating classes.

While Wilton cake decorating classes are not available at Hobby Lobby, some related items are. Simply purchase everything you’ll need for the lesson and watch the related YouTube video if you don’t want to pay for a teacher.

How to Find Hobby Lobby Cake Decorating Classes Near You?

It’s time to locate a Hobby Lobby cake designing class now that you are fully informed about them. Simply input your zip code on the Hobby Lobby website to achieve this. When you’ve finished, a list of classes near you will show up.

Don’t worry if there aren’t any classes offered in your area. Utilize their free YouTube cake decorating tutorials whenever you want. With these pointers, you’ll quickly become an expert in cake decorating!

Is Hobby Lobby Cake Decorating Classes a Good Investment?

Yes, taking cake decorating classes at Hobby Lobby is a wise investment. They are reasonably priced, and if you choose, you can enroll for nothing. Additionally, there is no prerequisite for the course. Therefore, Hobby Lobby is a terrific place to start if you’re interested in learning how to decorate cakes.

To find a class near you, visit their website or YouTube channel right away!


Learning how to create cakes expertly can be accomplished by taking cake decorating classes at Hobby Lobby. From basic to advanced levels, they have classes for everyone. Depending on the region, the cost of the classes varies, however, most classes cost between $5 to $90. By visiting their website or following them on YouTube, you may also sign up for a class for free. So why are you still waiting? Learn how to decorate cakes like a pro by getting started right away!

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