Hilton Price Match

Through a program called the Price Match Guarantee, Hilton matches prices. When you book through an authorized Hilton channel and then discover a better rate elsewhere, Hilton will match the lower rate and extend a further 25% discount to you for the duration of your stay.

The remainder of the post will examine some frequently asked inquiries regarding Hilton’s Price Match Guarantee.

Hilton Price Match

Does Hilton Have A Price Adjustment Policy?

The consumer receives two distinct price modifications as part of Hilton’s Price Match Guarantee. The price is first reduced from the amount Hilton initially charged you in order to match the lower price you’ve found. After this adjustment, a subsequent adjustment in the form of a 25% reduction is performed.

How Hilton’s Price Match Guarantee Works

You must submit your claim for Hilton’s Price Match Guarantee either before making your reservation or within 24 hours of doing so.

The Booking

You would have needed to use one of the official Hilton booking channels to make the reservation you would have been making and pay the higher price you’re looking at. These are the channels:

  • any website for Hilton
  • whichever Hilton call center
  • App for Hilton Honors
  • inside a Hilton hotel
  • through a travel agency that Hilton defines as being accredited

Accredited Travel Agent

When it comes to what constitutes an accredited travel agent, Hilton has some very strict requirements. The agent must hold accreditation from one of the following organizations or associations: IATA, TIDS, ARC, TSI, CLIA, ERSP, SATO, and TRUE. Most notably, online travel agencies are not accredited for the Price Match Guarantee.

The Lower Price

The less expensive price must also meet the following four requirements:

  • It must be less expensive than the listed Hilton rate.
  • It can’t be a deal from a Hilton official channel other than the one with the higher price.
  • The same accommodations and conditions must be requested.
  • There must be no limits or constraints on booking.
    Exclusive clubs, private deals, and package offers are not considered. Anyone must be able to find and take advantage of the deal.

Hilton gives multiple examples of this last criterion, including:

  • websites that withhold booking details and show them after the transaction has been completed. The location, type, and brand of the hotel are just a few examples of frequently concealed information.
  • websites that do not immediately confirm reservations after they are made.
  • Prices are associated with particular memberships. This covers both external clubs and groups as well as internal Hilton prices like team member rates.
  • websites were viewing the prices requires logging in or entering a code or credit card information.
  • websites where customers are unable to make reservations. advertisements, for instance, without a real booking option.
  • websites that resell genuine reservations that were erroneously made in the names of other customers.

If you meet these requirements, you can file a claim for the Price Match Guarantee, which will drop your price to the lowest one discovered and take an additional 25% off.

Are There Any Exceptions?

For Hampton by Hilton hotels located in the People’s Republic of China, there is an additional exception in addition to the previously mentioned general eligibility requirements. Additionally, the offer is void in any jurisdictions where it is illegal to make it.

How To Get Hilton Price Match

The Hilton Price Match Guarantee can be used in two different ways. There are times when you can only utilize one of the two approaches, but you can accomplish it either way.

Restrictions to Methods

You can only file your claim by phone if you are doing so on the day of your arrival or the day before. On the other hand, if your claim involves a mobile app from a third party, you can only file it online.


Visit the Hilton website’s special page for Price Match Guarantee claims to make a claim online. To start the claim, you must give your confirmation number, last name, and arrival date if you already have a reservation. You can continue without these specifics if you haven’t made your reservation yet.

Then, you will be prompted to provide any and all details you may have regarding the reduced pricing you discovered, such as the website’s address or screenshots from a mobile application. Once Hilton has verified your claim, you will have another 24 hours to accept or reject the tentative reservation. Please be aware that if you don’t respond within this window, this could be canceled.


If you choose to use the phone method, dial 1-800-445-8667 from anywhere in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. If you’re not in one of these areas, Hilton’s assistance page lists local phone numbers you can call. When you phone, you will be asked for a lot of the same information that you provided during the online procedure, so be prepared.


According to what we’ve learned, Hilton uses its Price Match Guarantee policy to match prices. If you locate a lower rate, you can get your price changed to reflect that lower rate and receive an additional 25% off of your stay-lengthened rate. Never forget to double verify the requirements before making an online or telephone claim.


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