Hibbett Sports Return Policy

Many manufacturers of sporting goods and clothing have perplexing return policies. They are all terrified of being duped by holiday consumers who return items after using them. Therefore, one must inquire about Hibbett Sports’ return policy and how it operates.

Hibbett Sports Return Policy

Hibbett Sports Return Policy

In order to ensure that customers have a positive experience with the business, Hibbett Sports’ return policy gives customers 60 days to return anything both in-store and online. Returns are handled for free when using Standard ground shipping. Any additional costs will be the consumer’s responsibility.

How to Return Hibbett Sports Equipment?

You can return any merchandise you purchased from Hibbett Sports in one of two ways:

  1. use the mail.
  2. through the locations of their storefronts.

How to Return a Hibbett Sports Product Through the Mail

To start, returning items to Hibbett Sports via mail is a service that is only available for items purchased online. You have to return whatever you purchased from a store there.

Filling out the online form for Hibbett Sports, which asks for your name and order number, is the first step in returning items by mail. To return online orders, you are not required to have a receipt (or rather, the order number is considered proof of purchase).

A shipping label will be provided for you to print off and apply to your package or envelope. You don’t need to worry about it because the destination will be listed on this shipping label.

Do You Have to Pay Fees on Hibbett Sports Mail Returns?

No, there are no shipping costs associated with mailing items back to Hibbett Sports. This contributes to the need for their unique shipping label. Additionally, there are no return or restocking costs when returning items in this way.

What Condition do Products Need to be in to be Returned?

All products that you return to Hibbett Sports must be in “new” condition when you do so. That indicates that the clothing is unclean and seems unused. Remove anything from its box or wrapping that isn’t clothing, apparel, or accessories.

Everything must also be returned in its original packing, even though it need not be in perfect condition. When something appears to be defective after being opened, such as a baseball bat or other piece of gear, you should return it to the manufacturer, not Hibbett.

How Long do You Have to Return Things to Hibbett?

Up to 60 days following your purchase, Hibbett Sports allows you to return any items for a complete refund. Does this imply that if you return them more than 60 days later, you will not be eligible for a refund?

Unexpectedly, no. A return is also possible after 60 days. You can receive a full refund in store credit and a partial refund in cash, but not a full refund in cash. This indicates that since you receive shop credit, it is simple to replace anything you are returning after that period.

Are there any Products That Cannot be Returned?

Certain products cannot be exchanged. As indicated before, they include things that aren’t “new,” as well as those that have been changed or used in any way.

But in addition to that, some things are simply non-returnable. They don’t provide an exhaustive list, only those things whose brand-newness is jeopardized by being removed from the packaging, or those that fall into a specified size range.

What products also cannot be returned varies depending on how they were acquired. For instance, if you purchased a canoe online, you cannot return it. Simply put, neither returning a canoe to Hibbett nor picking one up are simple processes for customers.

You are unable to return everything as a result. The majority of clothing and equipment can be returned, however before you try sending something you should usually ask customer care if it can be returned if it cannot be carried personally.

Can You Return Products to Hibbett After Use?

There is more to the solution to this than a straightforward yes or no. Hibbett, like many other places, demands that returns be in “new” condition. However, determining whether or not a piece of clothing, for example, appears “fresh” is entirely subjective.

Even if you literally never wore something, your return can be turned down because the store employee suspected you of wearing it. It’s possible that anything you wore will be accepted for the exact opposite reason. Everything is dependent on the situation.

Whether or whether you actually used it is the one situation that it does not depend on. It all depends on whether or not the customers at the store believe you in whatever you say because they won’t know either way. However, it’s a good idea to only return items that you haven’t used.

Is Hibbett’s Return Policy Strict?

Undoubtedly, Hibbett offers a more lenient return policy than the majority of other retailers. Sports equipment retailers frequently have extremely severe regulations to safeguard them from customers who just use the equipment once before returning it. These are still there in Hibbett, but it omits stricter regulations.

Hibbett’s return policy feels extraordinarily forgiving due to the absence of shipping costs, restocking fees, and the incredibly long period of time you have to make returns. Additionally, after that time period, they still offer partial refunds even if you don’t return your products within that window of time.


Hibbett’s Sports features a more advantageous, affordable, and straightforward return policy. You should be able to receive your money back as long as you adhere to the regulations and procedures set forth by them.

The personalized shipping label they provide you with is what sets their return process apart from those of other businesses. Some individuals may find this unusual and unfamiliar, but keep in mind that it is there to save you time, energy, and effort.

Hibbett’s generous policies seem to be concealing something because so many locations have intentionally difficult return procedures. However, they really are fantastic.


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