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GuitarGuitar is a renowned retailer of musical instruments run by artists for musicians. GuitarGuitar was started in Edinburgh in 2004 by Kip McBay and Graham Bell. It has been in business for more than ten years, employs over 160 knowledgeable staff members, and sells everything a musician could possibly need. They have the instrument for you, and they’re here to help you find it, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate player, or on stage rocking the main stage.

You can read more about Guitar Guitar’s price adjustment and match rules here.

Does GuitarGuitar Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. They provide a policy of price matching with their rivals.

Does GuitarGuitar Price Match Online?

Yes. Online price matching requests are available.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the GuitarGuitar?

Yes. I had to get in touch with their customer support to learn that even though it isn’t explained on their page.

Price Match Criteria:

The price match standards are as follows:

The product you want to ask for a price match on needs to be the exact same color, size, and model.

Both the rival and the retailer must have it in stock.

The rival must be a legitimate UK retailer.

Price Match Process:

This is how price matching works:

You must provide them with evidence of a cheaper price, either in-store or online, in order to seek a price match.

They will match the price for you once they have verified the cheaper price.


The GuitarGuitar was lacking the exclusions portion. But I sought clarification from customer support as to whether they disqualify special offers from price matching. Here is their response:

We will always try to match any offer we can as long as it complies with the standards. “We don’t exclude Special Offers as these can still be done occasionally.

Price Adjustment Process:

Here, there are two ways the price adjustment operates:

Let’s say you make a purchase from their shop. If the price drops within 14 days, you’ll receive a refund for the price adjustment.

Within 30 days of the purchase, they are also pleased to exchange the guitar.

This is their response:

“Since we don’t have a clear policy, every situation is different. However, in my experience, they would discount an item after an order had been placed.

We may typically reimburse the difference as long as the original order is still within the Returns window (14-day return or 30-day exchange).

GuitarGuitar Competitors’ List:

If another UK retailer has a like-for-like listing in stock at a lower price than GuitarGuitar, they endeavour to match that price whenever it is available.

Returns Policy

At GuitarGuitar, they take pleasure in locating the top guitars and accessories for artists, but they are aware that what you get might not be suitable for you. They try to make the return process as simple as they can.

  • If you take delivery within 30 days of your order, they will gladly offer a refund, an exchange for different goods, or a credit for the amount you spent.
  • You have 14 days from the delivery date to return or cancel an online purchase. To start a return through their online returns portal, click here.
  • Contact if you have any issues with an order you’ve received, and a staff member will get back to you with a solution.

Returning items should be done so in their original state. This is what they mean:

  • All of the protective plastic wraps and extras from the original packing were still in great condition.
  • There shouldn’t be any signs of use, including scratches, smudges, or fingerprints.
  • Even after being purchased, the memory card is still unopened.
  • It doesn’t contain personal information and isn’t linked to a user.

Except in cases of defect or failure to match description, the following items will not be accepted for exchange or refund within 30 days:

  • Items not in their original box or label
  • Products that are defective or in bad condition
  • If any, personal information may be given to a third party.
  • Gift Cards, including eGift Cards
  • a downloaded or activated computer application
  • Items that you have explicitly requested or that were custom-built for you
  • Mics, headphones, and harmonicas are just a few examples of items that could have gotten in your mouth, nose, or ears.

Please be informed that any purchases returned beyond the manufacturer’s allowed return time will not be reimbursed or shipped back to you.

You will be responsible for the risk and expense of returning the things to them unless you notify them that they came damaged or defective and they confirm this.

How do I arrange a return?

Within 14 days of receiving an item you ordered online, you can return it through their online returns portal and receive a refund.

Use the online returns portal to return the things if you would like to do so within 30 days after purchase. Otherwise, you can email to get in touch with their customer service.

Never hesitate to contact support if you receive an order that is flawed, damaged, or appears to be defective; a specialist will help.

If you desire to exercise your right to cancel or replace your online purchase, you will bear the risk and cost of returning the things to them unless you have told them that the products have arrived damaged or defective, and they have verified this.

Some Questions and Answers:

You now have knowledge of GuitarGuitar’s policy regarding price matching and adjustments. However, you can still have some queries. Following are some queries and responses:

When was GuitarGuitar Founded?

In 2004, GuitarGuitar was established.

What makes GuitarGuitar so popular?

Due to its vast selection of guitars and guitar-related goods at reasonable costs, GuitarGuitar is well-liked. In addition to offering top-notch customer service, the business has developed a devoted following among guitarists.

Summary of the Article:

The article gives a thorough rundown of GuitarGuitar’s price adjustment and price match policies. Additionally, it responds to several frequently asked questions regarding the business.


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