Groupon Return Policy

Groupon revealed that its physical goods store would close on February 19, 2020. Although there are still items available on the Groupon Goods page, nobody knows how long they will be available.

However, you can still benefit from Groupon’s refund policy on Groupon Goods, GrouponLive, Groupon Getaways, and Groupon Local Deals for as long as the Goods and everything else that Groupon generally provides is still available.

There are still physical goods available on Groupon’s Goods page even though their announcement stated that their Goods will be shut down in the third quarter of 2020 and that they would stop selling physical items globally by the end of 2020.

Groupon Return Policy

What Is The Return Policy At Groupon?

Only if you get in touch with Groupon customer care within the first 14 days of your purchase will the Groupon Return Policy be valid. According to Groupon policy, they will cooperate with the seller and you to make things right again.

Even if you’ve already used the goods or the deal, this still holds true. For instance, if you used Groupon to book a hotel room for two nights but found it unsatisfactory, you have 14 days to contact the company.

Groupon Exchange Policy

The exchange policy at Groupon differs from the typical exchange policy you might see at a retailer. The majority of Groupon-related commodities are virtual (informational) services, hence the company follows what is known as the Groupon Trade-In policy.

  • Only within three days of purchase can Groupon Local Deals be returned in exchange for a trade-in voucher.
  • You can refund GrouponLive up until the day of the event you ordered through Groupon.
  • Returns on Groupon Getaways are accepted until the “book-by” date
  • Items purchased on Groupon may be returned within 30 days of the transaction.

How Strict Is The Groupon Return Policy?

If you read the small print carefully, you will discover that Groupon stands by the deadlines for its return and exchange policies. However, if you wait more than a day, you are not eligible for a “no-questions-asked” return, regardless of the type of purchase you made.

The process for a refund or trade-in within the 24-hour window is quick and easy. In all other cases, Groupon will accept returns within the given time frames for each group, but you’ll need to get in touch with customer support and go through a number of hoops to receive them.

Can I Return My Groupon After 30 Days?

It is conceivable, but it would depend on the circumstances. In terms of the 30-day window, Groupon is fairly rigid. In fact, anything done outside of normal business hours will demand extra effort, tolerance, and communication with customer support.

For any returned Groupon Goods merchandise, whether for a refund or a trade-in, Groupon will not cover the shipping costs.

Can I Return Groupon Online?

Since Groupon doesn’t have any actual stores, everything is done online. Currently, they can buy actual things, but they can also handle those transactions online.

Are There Return Exceptions?

There are return exceptions, but they mostly involve regional discounts. You should read the tiny print carefully and make sure that any local offers you buy have been carefully considered.

Numerous local deals have a strict no-return policy. Although it is primarily the responsibility of the neighborhood store in question than Groupon, it is disclosed in the fine print prior to each transaction.

Does Groupon Have Free Returns?

You won’t be charged by Groupon to return an item, but if it’s a physical item, Groupon won’t cover any additional shipping costs you might incur.

Groupon’s general online return policy isn’t really explicit about that, but if you return an item via mail, you’ll be responsible for the fees.

How Long Do Groupon Returns Take?

Once a return is initiated, it can be made immediately or within a 24-hour timeframe by speaking with customer care. Almost anything can be returned or refunded within 30 days, and once the request has been completed by customer service, it takes effect right away.

If you bought something through Groupon Goods, your return won’t be completed until the product is back in the merchant’s possession.

How Do I Get A Groupon Refund After 7 Days?

Anything that needs to be done outside of a 24-hour window must go through Groupon customer care. However, unless otherwise specified, the majority of Groupon purchases are returnable within 30 days.

How Do I Get A Refund On An Expired Groupon?

You must speak with Groupon customer service regarding it. Only if Groupon decides to process your request will it be done. They probably won’t because a Groupon that has expired will have passed its expiration date.

Whoever you speak to may, however, be ready to issue you a refund; this will probably depend on which side of the bed they choose to get up on that particular morning. Groupon’s return rules can be a pain, but if you’re persistent and patient enough, you might eventually succeed.


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