Goldsmiths Price Match

A well-known jewellery manufacturer with its headquarters in the UK is called Goldsmiths. Over 120 boutiques may be found throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the company was founded in 1778. The business provides repairs, watch servicing, and advice on engagement rings in addition to selling jewels.

You might be interested in purchasing from Goldsmiths and wonder if the retailer has a price-matching policy. You may read more about the Goldsmiths’ price matching and adjusting here.

Does Goldsmiths Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. They provide a policy of price matching with their rivals.

Does Goldsmiths Price Match Online?

Yes. Online, they provide price matching.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the Goldsmiths?

No. Information about their pricing modification policy is absent from their page.

Price Match Criteria:

  • The products must be identical (i.e., same brand, model, style, colour, and finish), undamaged, unopened, and sold directly through an accredited UK stockist in order to qualify for the Goldsmiths Price Promise.
  • The product must be available for purchase and in stock. The authorised dealer may also offer the same Goldsmiths delivery guarantee that is stated on the product page.
  • The competitor’s product must be priced lower and be located within 15 miles of the store where the price match is being requested.

Price Match Process:

This is how price matching works:

For In-store Purchases:

  • Their in-brand, colour, size, and model number are all the same.
  • The merchant is an authorised reseller with national reach.
  • They will match a competitor’s advertised price that does not take advantage of specials or coupon codes on their website.
  • A merchant must have several authorised dealers and a physical location within 15 miles of the Goldsmiths store in order to be eligible for a price match.
  • It would be advisable to confirm that the item is in stock, able to be purchased right away and that the appropriate stockist can adhere to Goldsmith’s shipping guarantee as indicated on the item’s description page.
  • A minimum of 24 hours must pass before submitting a request for price matching. Your purchase must be finished within seven days after it has been verified.

For Online Purchases:

  • The brand, colour, size, and model number of the product are identical to those of its rivals.
  • Within a 15-mile radius of the Goldsmiths site you visit, the price must match the actual in-store, physical permanent store.
  • The vendor has mentioned a legitimate stockist.
  • The item must be available for purchase and in stock.
  • To support the product and price, you provide examples of actual things and prices from other places.


  • Any other promotion or discount cannot be used in conjunction with the Goldsmiths Price Promise.
  • Customers that are businesses are not eligible for the Goldsmiths Price Promise. This means that enterprises are only allowed to purchase one of each item, and they have the authority to refuse any orders that are larger.
  • The Goldsmiths Price Promise is not applicable if a stockist’s authorised stockist, branch, or store closes. If you purchase from an outlet shop, the Goldsmiths In-Store Price Promise will not be applicable either.
  • They advise reading their article How to Find a Garage Door Opener for your Home in order to get the most out of your purchase. There are the following objects that might or might not match:
  • Purchases purchased with insurance cards, Tesco Clubcard vouchers, or gift cards received from third parties are not eligible for the Goldsmiths Price Promise.
  • Tax-free shopping and duty-free prices are not available through the Price Promise.
  • The Goldsmiths Price Promise is not applicable to purchases made through online retailers or other non-physical businesses. For price matching to be possible, a business needs to operate out of at least two physical locations.
  • If a competitor’s discount code reduces the price more, the Price Promise is not applicable.
  • Their price guarantee does not apply to watches made by Rolex, Tudor, or Patek Philippe.

At the time of purchasing online or in-store

The product description, name of the applicable approved retailer, and product pricing should all be given to them. It is necessary to receive confirmation that the item is available for purchase right away (for delivery in 1-2 days). Take a screenshot if you’re matching online pricing because they won’t be able to match it if the price or stock level changes.

Goldsmiths Competitors’ List:

They don’t have a set list of rivals. So, if a competitor is selling an identical product for less money, you can ask for a price match.

Standard Returns Policy

Non-Faulty Items

Up to 14 days after receiving the goods, you have the option to return a purchase made on their website, by phone, on a device in-store, or using their PayByLink. They will refund the full purchase price and any outbound delivery costs at their usual rate provided you return the item in excellent condition, with correct proof of purchase, and it is unused.

Items may be returned without incurring delivery fees and will be refunded in full, including any non-standard shipping fees. If you decide not to accept the terms and conditions of this offer, you will be in charge of returning the item to them. Within 30 days of the purchase date, they will gladly accept returns.


Unfortunately, if the tamper-proof packaging has been opened, earrings or cleaning products cannot be returned for sanitary reasons. Your statutory rights in relation to defective objects are not violated by this. They are unable to accept goods that were manufactured specifically for you, ones that were customised, engraved, altered, or stamped, but this does not affect your legal rights in the event that a product is broken.

Please be informed that orders placed through a retailer’s retail iPad or paid for using PayPal are only refundable if they are sent back to the retailer’s distribution centre. Your items will be happily accepted into custody by Goldsmiths, Mappin & Webb, or Watches of Switzerland location and sent for no charge to their distribution centre for processing.

If Items have Faults

They won’t refund or replace your money if the things you return have flaws or damage brought on by carelessness or abuse either before or after they were delivered.

Please be aware that refunds for payments made via third-party methods of tender, such as insurance cards, could not be given on the same day. If so, a customer service representative from Goldsmiths, Mappin & Webb, or Watches of Switzerland will get in touch with you and keep you informed.

The following considerations should be made before returning an item: They will need to get in touch with you in order to complete the transaction. After 14 days of receiving your things, they will send them back to the mailing address you provided if they are unable to get in touch with you.

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know about Goldsmiths’ policy on price matching and adjustments. However, you can still have some queries. Following are some queries and responses:

When was Goldsmiths Founded?

In 1778, Goldsmiths was established.

What makes Goldsmiths so popular?

One of the top jewellers in the UK, Goldsmiths has more than 120 locations. They provide a vast selection of high-quality goods, such as diamonds, timepieces, and wedding and engagement rings.

Summary of the Article:

Popular jeweller in the UK, Goldsmiths, has a price-matching policy. They will match any lower price you find for the same item from a rival. Additionally, they provide a typical returns policy where you can return things for a full refund within 14 days as long as they are unopened and in excellent condition. Although there are certain restrictions from this policy, such as those for personalised items, it is still a rather forgiving one. Please feel free to get in touch with their customer service department if you have any questions about the process. Gratitude for reading!


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