Go Outdoors Price Match

If you recently made a major purchase from Go Outdoors, you might be wondering what to do if you find something else for less online or somewhere else. It would be easier for you to decide whether you can price match or receive a partial refund if you are aware of Go Outdoors’ policies.

Go Outdoors Price Match

Does Go Outdoors Price Match?

According to the Go Outdoors website, a member cardholder is the only one who may use their price match capabilities. Additionally, within seven days of the purchase, you must discover the thing for less online or at another retailer. Afterward, Go Outdoors will price match by up to 10%.

This price match policy comes with a lot of additional rules and restrictions. Before making any purchases, you must confirm that you have a member card. You cannot buy something and then try to apply for a card later to receive a discount.

Here are some extra conditions:

  1. The Sports Fashion PLC groupings and other JD companies are not eligible for the 10% price match.
  2. It excludes gift certificates, gas cans, and gas refills.
  3. The deal is only good for seven days.
  4. The item you’re price matching ought to be in stock and obtainable right away.
  5. Price matching cannot be combined with coupons or discounts.

Does Go Outdoors Price Adjust in 2022?

Yes. For the year 2022, the Go Outdoors price adjustment mentioned above is in effect. You can receive a price match plus 10% as long as you abide by all the restrictions and conditions. Additionally, you must own a member card. Consider becoming a member cardholder if you intend to make significant purchases from Go Outdoors in the future in case you wish to price match.

What Products are Included Under the Price Match Policy?

Except for a few items, all items purchased at Go Outdoors using a member card are eligible for the price match policy. Online or in-person claims are both acceptable. The price match policy does not apply to gift cards, gas cans, or gas refills.

The price match policy cannot be combined with any other deals, coupons, or discounts. It cannot be used for affiliate deals either.

The item being utilized to match the pricing must be brand-new and have the exact same specs as the one you purchased. Brand, size, and color are included. The promotion only applies to anything you purchased within the previous week because it is only good for 7 days.

Does Go Outdoors Price Match Online?

Yes, Go Outdoors will match online prices for products. Online claims are also possible. On their website, a form is available for completion. Include your order number so that they can locate it and complete the price matching procedure.

Does Go Outdoor’s price match eBay?

Go Outdoors will match internet retailers like eBay on price, but the product must be brand-new. It is not possible to purchase a used item on eBay and request a price match. Additionally, both specs must be accurate. Make sure the product you wish to price match has the same model, color, and unique identification number.

Does Go Outdoor’s price match Amazon?

They ought to price match Amazon because it is neither a JD company nor an affiliate company. Customers have complained online that Go Outdoors refused to match the prices of things they discovered on Amazon.

Remember that Go Outdoors reserves the right to refuse any price match. They have the right to refuse any price match at their discretion in accordance with their policy. Keep in mind that while Amazon frequently has things on sale, price match reductions do not apply to those items.

Does Go Outdoors Price match?

Yes, Go Outdoors will match prices on items bought with member cards. As a result, the policy is far more exclusive than that of other businesses. Consider getting a member card if you frequent Go Outdoors to take advantage of all the perks and discounts.


In comparison to some other businesses, Go Outdoors’ price match policy is thought to be very lenient. However, there are some internet concerns about them really abiding by the restrictions. You can be rejected for price matches from eBay and Amazon because they have the last say on all price matching.

The requirement to be a member cold holder is the only significant issue. If you just intend to price match little things or don’t frequent the store very frequently, paying the annual cost for this is probably not worth it. Make your claim online or in-store if you have a member card and discover a lower price elsewhere.


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