Fred Meyer Price Match Policy

Major retailer Fred Meyer operates locations in California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and other western states. Fred Meyer has a price-matching strategy that is competitive.

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Does Fred Meyer offer a Price Match?

Yes. A price match policy is provided by Fred Meyer. Bring the advertisement to their store if you discover a product at one of their rivals. Make sure the lower price is still available when you request a price match; if it is, they will do so for you after verifying the lower price.

Does Fred Meyer Price Matches Online?

No. There is no information available about whether they offer price matching. I repeatedly contacted their customer service in an attempt to discover an answer, but I was unsuccessful.

Does Fred Meyer have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They have a procedure for price adjustments. Within 30 days after your purchase, if the price of an item you bought from them drops, you can ask for a price adjustment, and they’ll do it for you.

Price Match Criteria:

Fred Meyer has price-matching requirements, much like many other manufacturers. To be eligible for the price match, the items must meet the following requirements:

  • The thing has to be the same.
  • The rival retailer’s store ought to have the item in stock.
  • At the moment of price matching, the prices must still be valid.

Local Competitors:

If a local rival is within 20 miles of one of Fred Meyer’s participating sites, Fred Meyers will match its pricing.

Online Competitors:

Retailers that ship goods to consumers’ addresses within a 20-mile radius of participating Fred Meyers stores are also qualified for the price match.

Price Match Process:

A buyer must comprehend the price match procedure. The steps for the Fred Meyer price match procedure are as follows:

  • Finding a product at a rival store by comparing pricing and advertisements is the first step in Fred Meyer’s price-matching procedure.
  • Send that commercial to Fred Meyer. When requesting the Fred Meyer price match, make certain the lower price is still in force.
  • And Fred Meyer will handle the remaining steps of the procedure. To determine whether the lower-priced item qualifies for Fred Meyer’s price matching, they confirm it with their rival store.
  • They will price match the item for you after making sure it qualifies for the offer.


Price matching has several exclusions at Fred Meyer. This indicates that a number of goods or offers are not priced similarly. the following exclusions:

The following items are not price matched at Fred Meyer:

  • Food-related items
  • Pet
  • laundry services
  • Cleaning
  • Paper-based goods
  • Natural Decisions
  • Candy
  • Drinks for adults
  • Tobacco
  • Healthcare & Beauty
  • Pharmacy
  • magazines and books
  • departments for greeting cards
  1. Items sold by third-party merchants, such as those on Amazon or eBay, are not permitted.
  2. Buy one, get one free deal are not price matched.
  3. The price match does not apply to some promotions like “receive a certain percent off.”
  4. Special occasions aren’t included.
  5. Prices are not matched with promotional codes.
  6. The price match does not apply to limited-edition, open-box, out-of-stock, refurbished, discounted, or used items.
  7. The price match does not include price errors.

Price Adjustment Process:

If a store offers price adjustments after you buy anything from them and the price drops after a certain period of time, you can ask for one. There is a price adjustment policy at Fred Meyer. The method for adjusting prices is as follows:

  • You have 30 days to ask for a price adjustment if you locate an item you bought from Fred Meyer for a lower price at a competitor’s store or website.
  • You must visit its store with the purchase receipt and the most recent newspaper advertisement in order to request the price adjustment.
  • The Fred Meyer Cashier or the Customer Service Desk are the places where the price adjustment requests can be made.
  • They will change the pricing for you after they confirm the price.

Fred Meyer’s Price Matching Competitors List:

Like many producers, Fred Meyer offers a list of prices it will match. This is the list:


Why is Fred Meyer popular?

Fred G. Meyer established the Fred Meyer network of hypermarket superstores in Portland, Oregon, in the United States, in 1931. In the western U.S., the stores can be located. Only a small number of Fred Meyer stores, often carrying groceries and general retail, carry minimal inventory in the other categories.

Because of its affordable prices, broad assortment, and well-known brands, Fred Meyer is well-known.

The Kroger Company subsidiary Fred Meyer, Inc., owns the stores. Regional distribution centers, of which there are three close to Seattle, Washington; another close to Sacramento and Modesto, California; and the third on North Aurora Avenue east of Nampa, Idaho, serve all of the chain’s other locations in addition to the company’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Some Questions and Answers:

You learned about the Fred Meyer price-matching and adjustment procedures in this article. But just like anyone else, you can have some inquiries. To learn more about this, consider the following queries and responses:

When was Fred Meyer founded?

In 1931, Fred Meyer was established.

Since 1998, when Fred Meyer combined with the larger network of stores, Kroger had been running the business. Portland continues to house Fred Meyer’s corporate headquarters.

What does Fred Meyer sell?

Groceries, family-friendly clothes, and housewares are all available at Fred Meyer. Along with fresh produce including fruits and vegetables, they also sell dairy goods like milk, ice cream, and yogurt. In certain stores, there is also a small department dedicated to cigarette products.

Summary of this Article:

Fred Meyer is the place to go if you’re looking for a grocery shop with price matching and adjustment policies. To make your shopping experience smoother, we hope this information has answered any questions you may have had concerning these regulations and how they apply at Fred Meyer locations. Do you have any more queries? Ask them in the remarks section below!


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