Finish Line Price Match

For both in-person and online sales, Finish Line does not match prices. Additionally, the business does not offer price changes.

Although it may appear that Finish Line’s costs will increase as a result of this strict approach, they are known for offering a number of worthwhile annual specials and coupons. Explore Finish Line’s price matching policy and learn how to access reduced pricing by reading this guide.

Finish Line Price Match

Does Finish Line Price Match?

Any of Finish Line’s items are not eligible for price matching, and they will not do so:

  1. different retail costs
  2. Internet costs
  3. Various retail sales

In order to obtain a better deal on shoes, athletic apparel, and athletic equipment, customers are advised to take advantage of the numerous coupons, promotions, and loyalty awards.

Does Finish Line Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

There is no longer a price adjustment policy at Finish Line.

The corporation used to permit price modifications within a day following a transaction for both in-store and online sales, but this is no longer the case.

Consumers who disagree with the purchase price have little choice but to return the item and shop elsewhere for it at the desired price. Within 60 days of the purchase date, Finish Line does accept free returns.

Exceptions for Finish Line Price Matching

At Finish Line, price matching is always available. This is partly because the business consistently offers special discounts and coupons.

Customers can use Finish Line’s low prices and discounts to get even lower prices than some of the competition rather than trying to price match.

Does Finish Line Price Match Amazon?

Amazon and other online retailers are not price matched by Finish Line.

Online buyers have several possibilities to take advantage of sales that immediately apply to their purchases as well as additional discounts and coupons that stack on top of those bargains. This may result in lower prices than Amazon for identical goods in some circumstances.

Does Finish Line Price Match Online?

Finish Line does not match prices on the web. You can decide whether to order something online to lock in reduced internet prices and pick it up in person or have it shipped to your home.

Online purchases provide the same advantages as in-store purchases, such as free returns, plus there are typically more online deals, discounts, and coupons available.

How to Get a Cheaper Finish Line Price Without Price Matching

While price matching is an effective strategy for obtaining a reduced price, Finish Line also offers a number of other strategies that you can employ.

These consist of:

  1. Sales and advertising
  2. Coupons
  3. Programs for rewards and loyalty

A cheaper price than you were attempting to match can be obtained by learning how to leverage these to your advantage.

Sales and Promotions

Finish Line is accustomed to providing specials and promotions all year round. There is frequently lower pricing for:

  • Clearance
  • brands with starting prices, such as Jordans for $40.
  • x% off merchandise for a limited period
  • Only mobile or internet sales

Throughout the year, Finish Line is renowned for offering fantastic specials on days when there are major sales, such as:

  1. Day of Labor
  2. Veterans Day
  3. Cyber Monday

It’s a terrific approach to obtain a deal that’s better than price matching to check in for doorbusters.


In order to help you save money on your purchase, Finish Line frequently offers coupons, including:

  • codes for 20 percent off
  • 30% off discount codes
  • Codes for free shipping
  • Extra x% off a selection of goods

By registering for a free Finish Line loyalty account, you may access more coupons.

Additionally provided by Finish Line are:

  • Active duty service members and their immediate family who have registered with Veterans Advantage, receive a 10% discount on orders of $150 or more.
  • Students receive $10 off orders over $100 and $15 off orders over $150.
  • When the sum is $30 or more, free shipping is offered on full-priced items.

Customers can also divide their purchase price into four interest-free installments using Afterpay services for simpler management.

Loyalty Rewards

You can accumulate points through Finish Line’s STATUS rewards program, which you can then exchange for STATUS Cash to spend on future purchases. In addition, the VIP program enables you to access:

  • exclusive experiences and events
  • reserving sneakers exclusively via an app
  • offers of free shipping
  • Sales, services, and surprises that are unique

For even greater savings, especially when added on top of ongoing specials and promotions, you may combine your membership savings with a Finish Line coupon and discount coupons.

Joining STATUS is free.


Although Finish Line does not provide price matching or adjustments, the business is renowned for providing a number of discounts, coupons, and referral opportunities to make up for this. Without attempting a price match or adjustment, there are many other ways to get a better price at Finish Line.


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