Enterprise Car Rental Senior Discount

When it comes to dependability and comfort, Enterprise vehicle rentals are among the best options in the US. And if you’re an elderly person who occasionally travels, you might question if this well-known vehicle rental firm gives senior discounts! Or perhaps you want to know if the senior discount for Enterprise vehicle rentals will still be offered in 2022.

To assist the elderly, many American businesses, including restaurants, shops, and vehicle rentals, provide special senior discounts. For all the information you require on the firm senior discount, continue reading.

Does Enterprise Car Rental Have a Senior Discount in 2022?

Unfortunately, there is no unique senior discount offered by Enterprise Car Rental, and the company has no agreement with AARP in 2022. However, the lack of a senior discount does not preclude you from using Enterprise Rent-A-Car to travel on a budget.

Take advantage of Enterprise’s additional special offers, discounts, and deals to enjoy your travels and car rentals for approximately 50% less than the regular cost! Or perhaps you’d want to go with different car rental companies like Ace, Hertz, and Sixt to receive senior-specific discounts.

Do you want to learn more about the additional ways that Enterprise Rent-A-Car can help you save? As usual, we’ve got you covered! Read on!

Other Ways to Save For Seniors at Enterprise Car Rentals

The greatest options for seniors to maximize their savings on Enterprise car rentals are detailed below:

1. Enterprise Deals Page

Anyone looking for discounted automobile rentals can check out the Enterprise Deals page. This page is often updated by the business with new promo discounts, deals, and offers.

On the Deals tab, you may find everything from percent-off discounts to alluring packages and offers. We advise you to constantly check this website because it is occasionally updated with the most recent specials and promotions. Even for a vacation, you must take months in the future, you can make a reservation in advance just in case you come across a price you can’t pass up.

2. Enterprise Government and Military Discount

Government and military officials can also get discounts and specials from Enterprise Car Rental. For both personal and professional travel, all US government and military veterans and active-duty personnel are eligible for a 5% discount. The full list of authorities that qualify for this discount is as follows:

  • Armed Forces and Army Reserve
  • Air Force Reserves and the Air Force
  • the Coast Guard and the Reserves
  • the Marine Corps and its reserves
  • Navy Reserve and NAB
  • armed forces (Army and Airforce)
  • all members of the government

Remember that you must be at least 21 years old to qualify for this discount. Additionally, you can easily make the reservation over the phone or online by mentioning the government/military discount. As a final step, make sure to have a current Government or Military ID with you!

3. Enterprise Plus Loyalty Program

Another great option to lower your travel expenses is Enterprise Car Rental’s Plus Loyalty Program. By using your credit card to pay for Enterprise car rentals, you can use this program to accrue points and redeem incentives. With every dollar you spend, you score one point. You earn more points for spending more money on rentals.

When you have enough points, you can exchange them for free upgrades, reduced rental rates, or even free rental days. Benefits will continue after this. Other benefits include no blackout dates and no day restrictions. What’s best? It costs nothing to join the Enterprise Plus Loyalty program! Visit their website and register there.

4. Opt for Weekday Rentals

It’s no secret that in the US, weekday rentals are typically far less expensive than weekend rentals. With Enterprise automobile rentals, the same is true. Therefore, if your schedule is flexible, attempt to organize your vacation or business trip for the week instead of the weekend. By doing this, you can locate cars for almost half of the usual weekend prices.

5. Turn Off the GPS

Did you realize that GPS costs extra when renting a car from Enterprise? Every kind of automobile rental always comes with the paid GPS option, but occasionally individuals forget to add it and wind up paying more. Remember to let them know that you have a smartphone and do not require a GPS with your rental car. You may effortlessly use Bluetooth or a cable to connect Google Maps to your automobile and utilize it for all locations.

6. Sign Up for Enterprise Emails

Do you want to be the first to learn about all the new promotional offers and discounts from the business? Consider enrolling in the Enterprise Email promotions. You won’t need to often check the business’ website because the deals will arrive in your inbox as soon as they are announced. Additionally, registering for the emails is cost-free.

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts

Since there isn’t a special senior discount for Enterprise vehicle rentals, here are other businesses that are comparable to Enterprise and its rivals that do:

  • Seniors 50 years of age or over can receive a 20% discount on car rentals from Hertz.
  • Seniors 50 years of age and over can receive a 5% discount on car rentals from Sixt.
  • Ace: Senior citizens and tourists who are 50 years of age or older receive a 10% discount on car rentals from Ace.


In 2022, there will be no explicit Enterprise senior discount. But elderly citizens can save money by going to the Enterprise offers page, taking advantage of the military and government discounts, signing up for the plus loyalty program, and subscribing to emails. You can cut costs by avoiding the GPS option when renting a car and choosing weekday rentals.

Check out Hertz, Sixt, or Ace if you’re seeking similar car rental businesses that offer senior discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the corporate discount at Enterprise?

Enroll Your Company Right Away. to describe your company to us. Get your code to start saving with the 5% business rental program right away (Terms Apply).

Which is cheaper Enterprise or Hertz?

Hertz or Enterprise is less expensive. We compared several quotes and, on the whole, discovered that Enterprise was more expensive than Hertz. Prices for prepay and pay at pickup choices ranged from $70 to as much as $200.

Does Avis give senior discounts?

Get up to 40% off your subsequent Avis rental through 12/31/22 – there are no age restrictions with the Avis Senior vehicle rental discount. Use Smart Book to pick up your rental by 12/31/22. Valid at selected establishments; blackout periods for holidays and other events may apply. Weekend rentals must be for one day and weekly rentals must be for five days.

What’s the longest you can keep a rental car?

The gist of how long you can retain a rental car is as follows: These days, the length of any car rental might range from one day to up to six months. Some businesses might even provide contracts with 12-month terms. Not all rental car agencies, nevertheless, provide such lengthy periods.

Does AAA have a discount code for enterprises?

Can I get a discount if I’m a member of AAA? Despite not providing a discount for AAA members, Enterprise still has affordable pricing.

How do I use enterprise corporate code?

Using Enterprise, searching with a coupon code is simple. Simply go to the “special codes” section of the make a reservation page. Here, in the designated section, is where you should insert your code.

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