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END Clothing is a retailer that uses fashion, design, art, and music to uplift and informs its neighborhood. This is accomplished through collaborative projects, thought-provoking storytelling, digital editorials, in-store workshops, and live events. END. is a location where individuals can go to be inspired and discover new things.

You may read more about the price-matching and adjustment practices of END Clothing here.

Does END Clothing Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. They have a policy of price matching.

Does END Clothing Price Match Online?

Yes. Online, they provide a price match.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the END Clothing?

No. However, if the price change worries you, you must return the item for a full refund and place a new order.

Price Match Criteria:

The price match standards are as follows:

  • It can’t be a deal item with any discounts or additional offers.
  • The product must be offered for general public purchase. Without further discounts, they will match any cheaper pricing that is found online.
  • The identical item must be offered on endclothing.com and in stock on both websites in order to seek a price match for that item.
  • Only companies with UK registrations will be matched.

Price Match Process:

This is how price matching works:

  • If you decide to purchase something from the store, you discover that it is also cheaper than the alternative.
  • You then get in touch with their customer support to ask for a price match.
  • They will match the price for you after confirming the cheaper price.
  • you pay the same amount.


The price match exclusions are as follows:

  • The promotional deals don’t match in pricing.
  • Discounts for members are not included.

Price Adjustment Process:

They state the following regarding the price adjustment policy:

Although they don’t provide a price adjustment,

As long as their return policy allows returns, you can get a complete refund and order the item again at the discounted price. Please be aware that they cannot guarantee that another buyer won’t purchase this item before you.

END Clothing Competitors’ List:

There is no list of competitors who match their prices. For things that are identical and available at the rival, you should request the price match according to their policies.

Their returns policy

Any item you purchase from their website may be returned to them within 14 days of receipt if it is still in its original, resalable condition. Once the goods have been returned, you will be eligible for a replacement or refund, except for the cost of delivery and packaging. Products that appear to have been used, cleaned, or are no longer in a salable condition are not eligible for a refund or exchange. Your statutory consumer rights are not in any way limited by this.

When returning products, kindly enclose a completed Returns Form because incomplete forms may prolong the return processing time. Please send your items in good condition with adequate protection to prevent transit-related damage. As they cannot be held liable for missing or damaged items during return transportation, all returns should be delivered using a trackable, insured carrier.

What are the returns Terms and Guidelines?

Please see below their returns Terms and Guidelines:

  • Each item being returned must be in resalable condition and include the original packaging (unworn, unwashed, complete with original tags and packing if applicable.)
  • Before mailing anything back to the seller, please check all returned items for damage.
  • Make sure the package is thoroughly wrapped in another protective covering if you’re returning shoes. The box is a component of the product, thus any damage could prevent your return from being accepted.
  • No return will be handled without a copy of the returns form, so please include one with your purchases. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Customer Service if you neglected to include your returns form.
  • The cost of returning an item is not their responsibility.
  • They disclaim liability for anything lost or damaged in transit on the way back, which could cost a lot of money.
    To ensure that their products arrive, customers should send them using a tracked, insured mail service.
  • When returning items outside the UK, please clearly mark the package “RETURNED GOODS” and tick the box labeled “Return Goods” on the customs form to avoid import duties or taxes.

How can I return?

You have the option of utilizing a courier or the ordinary postal service to return your items. They are based in the UK and don’t currently offer reimbursement for items returned by consumers from outside the country.

When using a tracked shipping service, customers should maintain track of the tracking data so they can trace the package back to the warehouse.

When preparing your return, take care to adhere to their rules and instructions.

Please mark your shipment’s outside packaging as “Returned Things” and, more crucially, state that you want to return your items on the customs form to avoid paying any import duties and taxes.

Return the goods and the completed Returns form to the following address:

Returns Division

End HQ

Parsons Road, #1


Tyne and Wear.

NE37 1EZ

British Empire

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know about the price-matching and price-adjustment policies of END Clothing. However, you can still have some queries. Following are some queries and responses:

When was END Clothing Founded?

2005 saw its founding.

What makes END Clothing so popular?

A few factors contribute to END Clothing’s popularity. First, they offer top-notch clothing for sale. Second, their customer service is first-rate.

Third, they have an excellent price adjustment and price match policy. Finally, they have a wide range of clothing options.

Summary of the Article:

Popular clothing retailer END Clothing is known for its high-quality apparel and top-notch customer support. They also offer an excellent price adjustment and price match strategy. Customers can return items using a courier or their regular mail service. To prevent any loss or damage during transit, all returns should be returned through a service that can be tracked.


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