Emma Mattress Return Policy

You guessed it: Emma Mattress is a mattress firm that ships mattresses right to customers’ doors. They also provide a range of accessories for mattresses and beds, including foam pillows, mattress protectors, and more.

Despite the fact that Emma Mattress goods are well-liked and have excellent ratings all over the internet, some customers still wish to return them.

Fortunately, the Emma Mattress return procedure and policy are really straightforward and easy to handle. Understanding the return policy is essential because there are particular conditions and restrictions for returns to Emma Mattress.

Emma Mattress Return Policy

What is Emma Mattress’ Return Policy?

Emma Mattress features a straightforward and transparent return policy. A free trial of 100 nights is offered first. Customers can test the Emma mattress risk-free for 100 days, and if they decide they do not like it, they will receive a refund.

Return Deadline 100 Days
Return Method Pick Up
Exchange Period No Exchange Policy
Exchange Method No Exchange Policy
Refund Period Up To 2 Weeks
Refund Method Original Payment Method



Basically, if the mattress or merchandise is returned within 100 days, Emma Mattress offers complete refunds. The consumer may use, sleep on, and otherwise benefit from the Emma Mattress throughout that 100 days.

According to Emma Mattress’ return policy, a customer service agent will assist with handling every aspect of the return procedure. The Emma Mattress customer support staff is diligent and competent. Customers of Emma Mattress can contact customer care at support@emma-mattress.com if they want to return a product.

The simple return policy for Emma Mattress ends here. Your case’s customer support person handles the majority of the return work. There isn’t much more to the return policy than the risk-free 100-night trial that results in a refund if the client returns the mattress.

Important: Customers who return mattresses that are soiled or seriously damaged to Emma Mattress will not receive a refund for those mattresses. Emma Mattress will not accept mattresses that display use indicators outside of typical wear and tear.

Keep the mattress safe and secure for the duration of the 100-night trial period to ensure that you can return the mattress for a full refund.

How To Return an Emma Mattress Product?

It is incredibly easy to return an Emma mattress or a mattress-related item. The mattresses are shrink-wrapped to make them smaller so that they can fit in the box because they are being mailed to the customer’s door.

Emma Mattress is aware that customers can’t shrink-wrap mattresses to return to them. Emma Mattress will schedule a pickup appointment for the mattress to be picked up and hauled out of your home at no cost to you in order to ensure that all of their customers can receive refunds and return their mattresses if they so want.

You need to get in touch with customer care before you can start the Emma Mattress return procedure. From a mattress, you can contact customer support via phone or email. There is simply one step required to return your mattress and receive a refund.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to a Store?

An Emma Mattress product cannot be returned to a retailer. Currently, customers cannot visit any stores owned by Emma Mattress to make purchases or return anything. All returns must be picked up and coordinated with the Emma Mattress customer service team.

How Strict is the Emma Mattress Return Policy?

The return policy for Emma mattresses is fairly lax. They provide their consumers with 100 days to use their products. If a consumer decides they do not like the product within that 100 days, Emma Mattress will pick it up for free, and they will receive a full refund.

This is a fairly typical return policy for a mattress shipping firm. For other kinds of businesses, return deadlines of 30 or 45 days are more frequent, so this is a relatively uncommon return policy.

Emma Mattress Exchange Policy

Emma Mattress does not currently offer any of its items for exchange.

Emma Mattress Refund Policy

According to Emma Mattress’ refund policy, reimbursement for qualifying purchases that have successfully undergone the return process will appear on the original payment method within a week.

Additionally, Emma Mattress notes that it will not pick up or issue a refund for mattresses that are soiled or damaged and are being returned by customers.

Does Emma Mattress Take Returns Without Proof of Purchase?

If you want to return something to Emma Mattress, you’ll need to provide evidence of purchase. A packing slip, electronic receipt, or invoice proving you are the customer will be requested by customer support.

Does Emma Mattress Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Yes, Emma Mattress accepts returns for products that are still in the 100-day free trial up to 100 days after the original purchase.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Emma Mattress?

Products and mattresses that have been discolored, damaged, or display evidence of use above and beyond normal wear and tear are not returnable to Emma Mattress. Additionally, items that have passed the return deadline cannot be exchanged.


Does Emma Mattress Give Full Refunds?

Yes, Emma Mattress offers full refunds for qualified products that are returned within 100 days after purchase. Examples include mattresses with a 100-night free trial.

Can I Return Emma Mattress Products After Use?

Yes, if the product has a 100-day free trial period, you can use it for the full 100 days and return it during the 100-day period for a full refund.

How Long do Emma Mattress Refunds Take?

Refunds from Emma Mattress take around a week to process.


Overall, Emma Mattress provides a return policy that is typical for a mattress business. The majority of the return business is conducted one-on-one with a customer service professional who helps the customer through each step of the procedure and makes sure everything goes smoothly. It is straightforward and to the point.


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