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If so, you won’t need to worry because we’ve covered all the details for the e-deca login.

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Please read the entire post to learn more about e-deca login, as it covers everything from regaining your edeca password to retrieving your account on the edeca portal.

Additionally, you may find all of edeca’s information on their official website at www.e-deca2.org.

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What is E-DECA?

E-DECA is a web-based program that enables instructors and parents to take the Devereux Early Childhood Assessments online.

The e-deca completes all created reports, scoring, and research-based procedures for home and school settings and also keeps your data in a safe database.

The starting up to comprehend your child’s behaviors and goals might be supported or aligned with evidence methods.


  • Using edeca, creating a scoring record is easy and fast.
  • Data imports and exports are simple with an e-deca login.
  • As it is a web-based portal, keep track of each child’s evaluation history in a secure database.
  • Via edeca login, you may create simple-to-read kid, group, and program-level reports in a matter of seconds whether you’re a parent or a teacher.

After you’ve clarified everything with Edeca, let’s talk about how to access Edeca at www.e-deca2.org.

Let us quickly go over the credentials needed for the E-deca Login process before moving on to the method itself.

Edeca Login Requirements

  • The official Edeca Login website URL.
  • You must have a valid E-deca login or email address in addition to a passcode.
  • an upgraded web browser.
  • a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection.

Edeca Login

Please follow the steps below to access your e-deca login page successfully:

  • To access the official Edeca login page, go to www.e-deca2.org.

Edeca Login

  • Please fill in the blanks with your Username and Password.
  • Kindly click the Login button to have access to your e-deca account.

How to Reset or Change Edeca Login Password

Please follow the instructions provided here in the proper order in order to successfully change the edeca login password.

  • Visit find out more about Edeca, go to www.e-deca2.org.

How to Reset or Change Edeca Login Password

  • At this point, click the “Forgot Password?” option as seen in the image above.

How to Reset or Change Edeca Login Password

  • Enter the email address that is associated with your edeca account.
  • Then click the SUBMIT button and follow the prompts that appear on the screen.

Edeca Login Help

You can get in touch with Edeca using the details provided below, and they may be able to help you quickly with all of your login-related issues.

All users are required to get in touch with their program administrator for any kind of support.

Please email decasupport@kaplanco.com and express your problem with that admin if you need assistance as a program administrator or are confused about who your program administrator is. He will answer all of your questions.


That was all there needed to know about the www.e-deca2.org Edeca Login. We sincerely hope you enjoyed and found value in today’s post, but if you have any comments, questions, or need help with your E-deca login, please leave them below. I’m grateful.


Can I get the edeca login in any other language except English?

Yes, edeca is also available in Spanish. To do this, speak with your admin and request access to the Spanish site.

How does the DECA Preschool Program involve families?

The DECA-P2 can be used by parents to rate their children similarly to how teachers do. Families are involved at all stages of planning, helping to identify their child’s abilities and goals as well as prospective strategies. It also offers advice that parents can use at home. This tool is incredibly useful at parent meetings.

Is it possible to read the DECA-P2 record form for those parents who can not read by themselves?

Yes, as long as you read the questions aloud in the same voice that you did when you wrote them. The results should not be altered in any way by readers.

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