eBay Return Policy

The online retail industry has included eBay for a while. Even now, a lot of items are still being offered on the website. But what if you want to send something back and obtain a refund?

We’ll examine eBay’s policies as well as frequently asked questions about the refund procedure and other topics.

eBay Return Policy

What Is eBay’s Return Policy?

eBay sellers have a variety of return policy options. Additionally, private sellers may decide not to provide a return policy.

The choices for return policies are as follows:

  • not returning
  • 30-day returns are free
  • thirty days; buyer’s expenditure
  • 60-day returns are free
  • 60 days; buyer to bear all costs

Furthermore, Top Rated merchants are required to provide a return policy that is at least 30 days long. Sellers in these categories will, nevertheless, have the choice of a 14-day return period:

  • Disability, medical, and mobility equipment
  • photo and camera
  • Antiques and artwork

Unless otherwise noted, the seller may decide to change the return policy from what it seems to be.

How To Return eBay Products?

The seller’s policy may affect the return procedure for the item. Here is a step-by-step procedure you must adhere to:

  • By selecting the “buy history” option found under “My eBay,” you may find the return policy. The order will be available, along with the original link.
  • Make sure the merchant accepts returns by checking again. There is no need to read any more if there is no return policy. Continue reading to see whether there is a return policy.
  • How long you have to return the item will be specified in the policy. You have 30 days from the date you received the merchandise to return it, for instance, assuming the seller permits returns within that time frame. You can also charge a restocking fee or pay for return shipping.
  • You must select the item you want to return from your buy history by going to your purchase history, assuming you are logged in.
  • From there, click the “More Actions” option and select “Return This Item.” Additionally, you must choose “contact seller.”
  • You’ll be required to complete a form with information about the item you’re returning. You can select phrases like “wrong item,” “doesn’t fit,” “changed my mind,” and others. To support your case for why you need to return anything and get a refund, don’t forget to include photos. To request a return, click.
  • The return labels that eBay provides you with can be printed. Place them away from the container. Put the return form within the box.
  • If the shipment is large or difficult to transport, you might have to wait for eBay to get in touch with the seller before receiving any additional instructions. There can be a waiting period if the item was shipped internationally.
  • Make sure to properly package the item and have a tracking number on hand so you can keep track of its progress.

How Strict Is The eBay Return Policy?

Since there are different alternatives for policies, it’s unclear how rigorous eBay’s return policy is. Within a certain number of days after getting the item, you might be able to return it (unless stated otherwise by the seller as a no-return item).

eBay Exchange Policy

If the merchant is offering many things, there may be an exchange policy. There don’t seem to be any clear rules for item exchange on the eBay website. To find out if an item can be exchanged and whether it is doable, you could want to speak with the vendor.

eBay Refund Policy

Regardless of whether they have a return policy or not, sellers are required to abide by the eBay Money Back Guarantee. The buyer must be reimbursed within 30 days.

If the customer doesn’t receive the item, receives it but it doesn’t match the ad or receives the item, or if the seller doesn’t comply with the return policy, the guarantee is still in effect.

Does eBay Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, no returns will be allowed after the 30 Day period (or after the designated return time). The item cannot be returned if there is a no-return policy.

What Items Cannot Be Returned To eBay?

A few things are not returnable to eBay.

These include, but are not limited to, real estate, websites, business-for-sale listings, industrial equipment and machinery, motor vehicles—including RVs, boats, and aircraft—tickets and vouchers, digital content, and intangible goods like NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

How Long Do eBay Refunds Take?

Refunds must typically be processed within 2 business days of the vendor receiving the returned item. After that, the money will be accessible in 3 to 5 days. Depending on the payment method you used to make the initial purchase, a refund will be given to you.

Can I Return eBay Products After Use?

Depending on the product being utilized, this can be the case. The decision to sell it after use may likewise be left up to the seller.

The key here is to get in touch with the vendor if you have any problems with the product while using it.

Once more, you should find out if the item is genuinely returnable. Do not forget that some things cannot be returned for any reason.

Before it is repackaged and returned, all tags, original packaging, or anything else may need to be intact.

If there is post-shipping damage that happened during or after usage, the item cannot be returned.


It’s possible that eBay’s return policy has evolved over time. Sellers can currently choose from a variety of alternatives.

Before you even click the purchase button, as a buyer, you should carefully review the seller’s return policy.

It’s possible that you’re unhappy with the product or that anything occurred to it during shipping.

We sincerely hope you find this advice to be quite useful after all. Use the procedures above if you recently bought something from eBay and need to return it.


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