Dunham’s Sports Price Match

The Dunham’s Athleisure Corporation owns the American chain of sporting goods stores known as Dunham’s Sports. The business specializes in sporting goods such as gear, equipment, and weapons.

Does Dunham’s Price Match its Competitors?

No. They provide a price adjustment that they refer to as a price match, not a price match (It is common in many companies).

Does Dunham’s Price Match Online?

No. They don’t provide online price matching.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the Dunham’s?

Yes. They provide a 30-day policy for pricing adjustments. To learn more about the policy, please read the article.


These are the exemptions from price adjustments:

  • The competition’s item does not exactly like theirs.
  • The product is currently unavailable from the rival.
  • The rival is more than five miles away from their store.
  • Internet Stores
  • Producer’s Rebate
  • Other Types of Business
  • Catalogs sent by mail
  • Dealers
  • a restricted supply or a one-off deal
  • Samples of floors
  • Bankruptcy, liquidation, and similar terms are used to describe the termination of a firm.
  • Holiday or seasonal sales are frequent.
  • Events like flea markets or a comparable occasion

Price Adjustment Process:

The method for adjusting prices is as follows:

They will refund you 100% of the difference if, after you make a purchase, the price drops within 30 days.

Therefore, you should provide printouts and sales receipts as evidence of the decreased pricing.

Additionally, you must produce the required documents at your neighborhood Dunham’s store.

They will repay the difference once they have verified.

Dunham’s Competitors’ List:

No precise list of competitors is available for price matching or adjusting.

Return & Exchange Policy

Item Returns/Exchanges Requirements

  • If a retailer doesn’t offer a receipt, the exchange, in-store credit, and refund requests will be rejected. Manufacturer contacts may be given if your product has a problem.
  • A Dunham’s receipt that was issued within 60 days of the purchase must be presented.
  • You must own a valid Dunham ticket in addition to the whole original package and add-ons.
  • All products must be brand-new and in top condition.
  • But if the products are defective, they will gladly accept an exchange or the manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • a valid state ID or driver’s license. may be needed for swaps or returns.

I don’t want the item, you say.

  • There are other options. Please think about other options before making a purchase. For a refund, you must present your original purchase receipt and satisfy the requirements for item returns and exchanges listed above. Your refund will be computed using your preferred payment method, with the following exclusions:
  • On purchases under $500, cashback is offered.
  • If your purchase cost $500 or more and was made using cash, a debit card, or a check, the corporate will mail you a check within 30 business days of receiving your return.

The following items are non-refundable, but not just these:

  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Credit Cards
  • Swimsuits
  • Running supports, including underwear. Furthermore, it’s all about underwear.
  • worn-out shoes
  • Bats
  • Boats and engines
  • Screenhouses, open tents, or eating canopies
  • Costs of labour and installation as well as additional warranties
  • Some items might not be eligible for returns depending on the terms set out by the vendor.

Please call Dunham’s at 248.530.6769 if you need to cancel or return an online order you placed with https://www.dunhamssports.com/, or click here to start the process with a Return Packing Slip.

The right to refuse any refund is reserved by Dunham.

Local and state laws may be different. To learn more, visit the shop.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with them if you need more help with a problem.

Discount Program for Teams, Sportsmen’s Clubs, Businesses, and Groups

Groups, teams, enterprises, sportsmen’s clubs, and other similar organizations can receive discounts from Dunham’s Sports!

Program for Military Discounts

Dunham’s Sports does indeed offer a military discount.


For Dunham’s Sports to consider you for a position, you must be at least 18 years old.

Credit Cards

Gift Cards are currently available for purchase at all Dunham’s Sports locations as well as online at https://dunhamssports.cashstar.com/. Additionally, Dunham’s Gift Card balances can only be accessed at the shop level. Your local Dunham’s Sports store will compute your balance for you if you bring your gift card in.

Note: Every Dunham’s gift card has the following statement on the back: “After 24 consecutive months of non-use, a fee of $2.10 per month will be deducted, in arrears, from the remaining balance of the card, unless prohibited by law.”


Any item is eligible for layaway at Dunham’s Sports. You need to pay a 20% down payment and finish the layaway within 30 days in order to use the service. Layaways don’t have any fixed costs or payments.

Purchases of Guns Outside the State

Customers from outside the state who do not possess a driver’s license or other official state identification are not permitted to purchase firearms at Dunhams Sport. from where the store is. Note that there are some restrictions. For more details, consult the shop. They are sorry if this results in any issues.

Transfer of Firearms to Third Parties

The transfer of guns to a third party IS NOT permitted at Dunham’s retail stores.

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know about Dunham’s policy on price matching and adjustments. However, you can still have some queries. Following are some queries and responses:

When was Dunham’s Founded?

In 1937, it was founded.

What makes Dunham so popular?

The business is renowned for its broad selection of products, affordable prices, and top-notch customer support.

Summary of the Article:

For the purpose of ensuring that their consumers receive the greatest value, Dunham’s Sports has a price matching and adjustment policy. The business also offers a number of other initiatives, including employee discounts, group, and team discounts, and military discounts. You can buy gift cards in-person or online, and you can put any item on layaway. Dunham’s, however, prohibits the transfer of weapons to a third party.


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