Does Walmart Take Passport Photos?

Walmart is an excellent spot to go if you need a passport photo. They are incredibly convenient and provide passport photo services at a reasonable price. What you need to know about getting your passport photos at Walmart will be covered in this post. We’ll go over the price, the specifications, and a few hints for looking your best in your passport photo!

Does Walmart Take Passport Photos?

Does Walmart Take Passport Photos?

Indeed, Walmart offers passport photo services. You may get your passport photo taken at any Walmart site that has a photo center. The procedure is quick, simple, and reasonably priced. The time it takes to take your passport photo is merely 5 to 10 minutes.

Continue reading to find out more about the specifications for passport photos and the participating Walmart stores. We will also give you some advice on how to take the best passport photo ever.

How Much Does It Cost?

Walmart charges $7.44 for two 2X2 passport photographs. If you require both U.S. and Canadian passport shots, this price is a wonderful offer!

If you decide to snap the photo yourself and have it printed at a Walmart location using one of their templates, you can save even more money. You may have a professional-looking photo printed there and then for just 25 cents!

Why Take Passport Photos at Walmart?

Take passport photos at Walmart for a variety of reasons. If you already shop for groceries there, it’s a practical choice and a wonderful way to save money. The images are of a high caliber and comply with all standards for both Canadian and American passport photos.

Walmart also offers a service where they will take the photo for you if you are unsure how to take a passport photo. You only need to bring in a digital photo, and everything else will be handled for you. Your passport picture can be taken with any camera-equipped device.

Consequently, keep Walmart in mind if you require a passport photo. It is quick, simple, and most importantly, reasonably priced.

How Early Can You Get a Passport Photo at Walmart?

Whether the Walmart store closes at night truly depends on it. Prior to the arrival of the COVID-19 epidemic, the majority of Walmart locations were open every day of the week, 24 hours a day. But for the time being, you should check the Walmart store hours in your area to find out when they close.

You can go there day or night to have your passport photo taken if the Walmart nearby is open around-the-clock. You will have to visit during the daytime if the store isn’t open 24/7.

When they first open the morning would be the ideal time to visit. By doing so, you can avoid the lines and easily get your passport photo taken. To ensure a quick and easy process, don’t forget to bring your ID and a digital photo of yourself.

So, Walmart is an excellent location to go if you need a passport photo. They are incredibly convenient and provide passport photo services at a reasonable price. Just keep in mind to verify the Walmart store hours before you visit to avoid crowds.

What Are The Requirements For Walmart Passport Photos?

Walmart is an excellent spot to go if you need a passport photo. They provide passport photo services that are acceptable for use with American passports.

The prerequisites for American passport photos are as follows:

  1. Your face needs to be sharp.
  2. You must be dressed normally, without caps or other headgear.
  3. No area of your face should be hidden by your hair or jewelry.
  4. The size of your photo must be 2X2 inches.
  5. You must face the camera directly while doing so.
  6. You should look natural and your complete face should be visible in the picture.
  7. Your image must be older than six months.

You may be confident that your photo will be accepted when you apply for your passport because Walmart offers passport images that adhere to all of these specifications. The Walmart Photo Center will handle everything else; just remember to provide a digital image of yourself!

Can You Smile in a Passport Photo at Walmart?

You can definitely smile in your passport photo at Walmart. It’s actually encouraged, in fact! You must appear natural in the photo according to U.S. passport photo specifications, and smiling is a fantastic method to do so. So smile all you want! To get started, all you need to do is bring a digital image of yourself to the Walmart Photo Center. They’ll do the rest.

Tips for Getting a Great Passport Photo Ever

Here are some pointers for taking the best possible passport photo:

  1. Keep trying to relax and keep calm. Don’t worry about yourself.
  2. To make your lips stand out in the photo, add color to them.
  3. Keep your shoulder low and your chin high.
  4. Make sure you look good and are dressed properly.
  5. Trim your beard and get rid of any extra stubble.
  6. Choose neutral-colored clothing. It is advisable to wear something that will stand out against the background if it is either white (light) or off-white (dark), such as green or blue (or any color).
  7. To hide the face’s shining parts, particularly those near the nose and forehead, use powder.
  8. To cover up troublesome areas on the face, use concealer.
  9. It is not necessary for your passport photo to be flawless, so don’t panic if it isn’t.


It doesn’t have to be difficult to get a passport photo. You can get a fantastic passport photo that the U.S. government will accept if you use these recommendations. And keep in mind that Walmart is an excellent option if you ever need a passport photo. They are incredibly convenient and provide passport photo services at a reasonable price. Just keep in mind to verify the Walmart store hours before you visit to avoid crowds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get your picture taken at Walmart?

All you have to do is choose the best Walmart location for you, your photo sizes, and your quantity requirements. After that, pick up your brand-new glossy photo prints from Walmart in an hour.

Does CVS do passport photos?

The CVS® photo team makes the procedure quick, secure, and convenient whether you need to update your ID photo, renew your passport, or change your name. The cost of a passport photo is $16.99, and we guarantee that it complies with all legal requirements.

Does Walgreens do passport photos?

A: Go to Walgreens in your area! Walgreens will give you two appropriately sized, high-quality passport photos that comply with official specifications found on the U.S. Department of State website in one hour or less.

How does Walmart’s passport photo work?

According to Walmart, every passport photo taken at one of their locations will be biometric and meet all other requirements for a U.S. passport photo. Additionally, you may trim your own photo using the Passport Photo Online service to make it look like a professional passport photo, then print it off at Walmart for 9 cents!

Can I take a passport photo with my phone?

Yes, you can snap your passport photo with an iPhone, an Android device, or another smartphone. When taking the picture, be sure to abide by all instructions, which should include using a white background, appropriate lighting, and a friend to help (selfies are not allowed).

Does Costco still do passport photos?

Unfortunately, Costco no longer provides passport picture services after closing its in-store photo facilities at the start of 2021. Although they no longer have any services specifically for passports, Costco Photo Center is still accessible online.

Can I take a passport photo at Target?

Yes, Target has a dedicated Photo Center at most of their locations where anyone can have their passport photo taken for $9.99. Additionally, you can do it online with PhotoAiD’s specific Target passport photo tool.

Why can you not smile in your passport photo?

Simply said, governments don’t want you to smile in photos because of facial recognition. When you grin in a passport photo, your facial features are distorted, which makes it very impossible for a computer to match you to the document.


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