Does UPS Notarize?

The leading international provider of logistics, financial, and transportation services is UPS. Incorporated in the United States in 1907 as a messenger service, UPS has expanded to become a multibillion-dollar organization with operations in over 220 nations and territories. Package delivery, ground shipment, airfreight, freight forwarding, and logistics management are just a few of the many services that UPS provides.

The two biggest rivals of UPS are FedEx and DHL. But because of its breadth and wide range of services, UPS has a considerable market edge over its rivals.

In order to increase its productivity and competitiveness, UPS has made significant investments in infrastructure and technology over the past few years. A new tracking system was created, new aircraft were purchased, and new distribution facilities were built as a result of these investments.

Does UPS Notarize?

What is Notarize?

Getting your documents notarized is simple with the help of Notarize, an online notary service. You can submit your document, electronically sign it, and then schedule a time for a notary public to visit your location to witness your signature using Notarize. The notarization process is quick, easy, and safe.

For professionals who are too busy to visit a physical notary office but need their documents notarized, notarization is the perfect solution. You may easily and swiftly notarize your documents using Notarize without leaving your house or place of employment. Additionally, Notarize has affordable prices and gives discounts for large orders.

What is Notarize?

Does UPS Notarize?

Anyone who has ever required a document notarized is aware of how difficult and time-consuming the procedure can be. The UPS Store, fortunately, provides notarization for the majority of documents. It’s crucial to remember that the UPS Store does not notarize I-9 employment eligibility verification papers or wills. Because The UPS Store is a franchise, each location is individually owned, which results in differences in the products and services offered.

You must schedule an appointment and provide a legitimate ID in order to have documents notarized at the UPS Store. Knowing where to go to have your documents notarized is vital because it might be a necessary step in many legal proceedings. Many people may find The UPS Store to be a convenient option, but it’s crucial to understand the restrictions on their services.

How much does UPS cost to Notarize?

Because each UPS Store site is separately owned and run, the cost of notarizing a document varies based on the location. The cost of becoming a notary varies widely from state to state and even from county to county. In addition, the notary’s fee structure affects how much notarizing a document will cost.

Due to these factors, it is challenging to provide a firm price estimate for notarizing a document at The UPS Store. According to UPS customers, if they go in without an appointment, they often spend $30 for document notarization services. However, if they schedule an appointment beforehand, they might only have to spend $10–$15. These costs are merely estimates, so depending on the Notary you choose and the number of documents you need notarized, your actual expenses may be greater or cheaper.

What kinds of documents does UPS Notarize?

For a number of papers, including contracts, trusts, deeds, and affidavits, The UPS Store provides notary services. There are several venues where you may also get your immigration which will notarize. A notary is a person who has received training and has been granted the legal authority to formally legalize papers. The process of getting a document notarized involves having it officially legalized by a notary. More details about the types of notarizations that are offered at which locations are accessible on the UPS Store website.

Despite not having its own Notary Public, the USPS contracts with thousands of Notaries to work at UPS Stores across the nation. While the majority of these Notaries are able to notarize I-9 employment eligibility verification papers, several jurisdictions have significantly stricter regulations that might result in serious consequences if broken.

For instance, because I-9 forms do not include a notarial certificate, Texas law forbids notaries from attaching their notary seal to them. Additionally, a Texas notary is not authorized to complete the form. Visit this page of the American Association of Notaries to learn more about the specifics of notarizing I-9 employment eligibility verification forms.

Do I need an Appointment with UPS Notary?

Most UPS locations welcome walk-ins, while some do demand an appointment for their notary services. Making an appointment typically saves money because the notary public is ready to sign legal documents. Nevertheless, walk-ins can frequently still have their documents notarized.

There can be a wait if there are numerous individuals in front of you because UPS notary publics also perform other tasks. It is crucial to confirm with your neighborhood UPS location what their stance is on appointments and walk-ins. In this approach, you can be confident that your documents will be notarized quickly and effectively.

How do have documents Notarized at the UPS Store?

The majority of UPS Stores can provide notary services, but it’s essential to phone or email ahead of time to be sure the location you’re going to can handle your needs. To find out what services each store provides and to schedule an appointment in advance, utilize the Store Locator tab on the UPS Store website.

Bring your state-issued ID, the document you want notarized, and any additional papers the notary public has specified when you go to the business. The Notary will sign and stamp your document after everything is in order, and you’re good to go. When you contact or email ahead of time, make careful to enquire about the price for notary services as they vary from store to store.

Here are some things to bring with you and/or consider:

  1. Bring the document(s) you want notarized, please
  2. To make your documents legally binding, you must provide the notary with a current, government-issued ID.
  3. For notarized documents, several states and counties require a witness. In some circumstances, you can serve as your own witness, but you may also need to bring a witness with you or make sure another employee is qualified to do so.


A franchise network of retail shipping, postal, printing, and business service locations is known as The UPS Store. The majority of their sites provide notary services, however, it’s vital to keep in mind that every business is individually owned and run. This indicates that there can be differences in the services provided and the cost between various stores.

While the majority of retailers will notarize papers like wills or employment eligibility verification forms, this service may not be available at all locations. It’s best to contact ahead and make sure the UPS Store you intend to visit provides the service you require.


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