Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

If you purchase something from Amazon, you might be curious about Kohl’s policy regarding returns. The answer is yes, but there are a few things you should be aware of before visiting Kohl’s again. We’ll talk about the cost of returns at Kohl’s, which Amazon items may be returned there, and whether or not every Kohl’s location accepts Amazon returns in this post. We’ll also offer you some pointers on how to return items to Kohls without incident!

Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Return?

Yes, Kohl’s does accept Amazon returns, to give you a quick response. Simply choose the item you wish to return, then select “Return or Replace Items.” Next, select “Kohl’s Drop-off” (this option will only be accessible if you are returning items that are qualified for return).

Before returning your item to Kohl’s, there are a few considerations to make.

  • To return the item to Kohl’s, you must first obtain a physical duplicate of your Amazon return label.
  • Second, in order to begin the return procedure, you must show this label to a Kohl’s employee.
  • Finally, bear in mind that not all purchases at Kohl’s are returnable.

Continue reading to learn more about how Kohl’s handles returns, the restrictions that apply, and how much it will cost.

How to Return an Amazon Item to Kohl’s?

It’s actually a relatively straightforward process to return something to Kohls. Your Amazon return label, which you can create by clicking on Your Orders and choosing Return or Replace Items, is all you need. Simply take your label to any Kohl’s location and show it to a Kohl’s employee once you have it. Then they will assist you in filing the return.

It’s crucial to remember that not all items at Kohl’s are returnable. For instance, Kohl’s does not accept the return of Amazon products like the Kindle and Fire TV Stick. Additionally, only a few Kohl’s shops will accept returns for items that are considered hazardous ingredients (such as cleaning and beauty supplies).

You should also be aware that Kohl’s has a return policy that must be followed. As a result, you can incur a restocking fee or get a Kohl’s store credit instead of a refund.

It’s also crucial to know that not all Kohl’s stores accept returns from Amazon.

Do You Need to Pre-Package Your Amazon Return for Kohls?

Thankfully, no. Your Amazon return doesn’t need to be prepared in advance for Kohls. Simply bring your purchases and a printout of your return label to the store. After that, the retailer will package your purchases and return them to Amazon.

Because it makes returns so simple, this is a fantastic service that Kohl’s provides. You don’t have to worry about manually packaging the things or mailing them.

Does Every Kohl’s Outlet Take Amazon Returns?

Not all Kohl’s stores currently accept Amazon returns. With the exception of the Alaska and Anchorage regions, practically every Kohl’s site offers return processing.

But the business is aiming to make this service available at all of its sites. Therefore, even if your neighborhood Kohl’s doesn’t currently accept Amazon returns, it might do so in the future.

You can always check Kohl’s website to see if your neighborhood shop accepts Amazon returns in the interim.

What Are the Costs of Returning Amazon Products at Kohls?

The good news is that returning Amazon purchases to Kohl’s won’t cost you any more money.

As long as you have a physical copy of your Amazon return label, the entire procedure is free. Simply bring your merchandise and the label to any Kohl’s location (apart from Alaska and Anchorage), and the retailer will do the rest.

So keep in mind that Kohl’s is always an option if you ever need to return an Amazon item. The procedure is simple and cost-free!

Can You Return Any Amazon Purchase to Kohl’s?

The majority of things can be returned to Kohl’s if you have an Amazon return label. Unfortunately, not every item is accepted at Kohl’s stores. If an item is not returnable to Kohl’s before you buy it, Amazon doesn’t let you know.

Even at Kohl’s, you can return your Amazon gift card, but only for the card’s face value, not the full purchase price. Therefore, you could only receive a Kohl’s gift card for $100 if you purchased a $100 gift card and used it to purchase a $120 pair of jeans. Any other kind of Amazon gift card is the same way.

Remember that Kohl’s does not accept returns of Amazon digital products like e-books or apps. Additionally, Amazon services like the Kindle and Fire TV Stick cannot be returned.

Remember that you must have purchased the items you plan to return from Amazon directly, not from a third-party seller on the Amazon Marketplace. You must return anything purchased from independent sellers to them directly rather than to Amazon.

Can You Return Opened Amazon Packages to Kohl’s?

With a few limitations, you can return unsealed Amazon packages to Kohl’s. It depends on the type of product being returned and the reason for doing so. Among the most popular explanations are:

  • damaged or missing components
  • bought in error
  • Inaccurate description of the website
  • An unwanted item was sent
  • Too late for the item to arrive
  • faulty or inoperative goods
  • Available at a lower cost
  • gotten something extra you didn’t purchase
  • Damaged produce and shipping box
  • The purchase was not authorized by you.

Even if the item has been opened, you may still return it if it is broken or defective. The same holds true for things that you unintentionally got or that don’t fit the website description.

Unopened merchandise can still be returned if you’re returning it because you’ve changed your mind about it or don’t like it. But if the product is opened, you can be assessed a restocking fee or get a Kohl’s gift card instead of a refund.

Returning products in their original condition is generally preferred. Your chances of receiving a complete refund will rise as a result.

Can You Return Amazon Prime Packages to Kohl’s?

Yes, you are permitted to return Amazon Prime items to Kohls. Simply bring your purchases and a printout of your Amazon return label to the store. The entire process is free of charge, and there are no additional fees. Remember that your Prime order came straight from Amazon.

Do You Need a QR Code When Making an Amazon Return at Kohl’s?

Yes, a QR code is required when returning an item from Amazon to Kohls. By visiting the Amazon website and clicking “Return Items,” you may create a QR code. Select “Get a QR Code” after that, then print the code. Bring your items and the QR code to a Kohl’s that is taking part, and the store will handle the rest.


Because it’s simple and free, Kohl’s is a terrific place to return Amazon packages. Just a physical copy of your Amazon return label will do. Remember that not all items are accepted in Kohl’s stores, and if you return an opened item, you can be charged a restocking fee.

When you return something to Kohl’s, they’ll mail it on your behalf to Amazon. You don’t have to print a return label or prepare your return shipment in advance. Tell the customer support agent that you’d like to return an Amazon purchase and bring in the things you wish to return.

Ask a Kohl’s employee for more details if you have any questions regarding returning an item to the store. Gratitude for reading!


Is Kohls no longer doing Amazon returns?

Kohl’s accepts qualifying Amazon returns without a box, and printing a return label is not necessary.

Does Kohls’s accept all Amazon returns?

All Kohl’s shops now accept Amazon returns (excluding Anchorage, Alaska). Save time and money by returning qualifying items to Kohl’s locations. What’s more practical than that? What’s more practical is Free Amazon Returns for any reason!

Does Kohls’s return to 2022 Amazon?

Unopened Amazon packages are acceptable for return to Kohls. To return an item to Kohl’s, you have 30 days from the date of purchase. You can be charged a restocking fee if you return the item after the allotted 30-day period.

Why does Kohls’s accept Amazon returns?

Without needing to establish a physical presence across the US, Amazon, for its part, made it simpler for customers to return unsatisfactory purchases. Additionally, Kohl’s received what it required in the form of a significant increase in foot traffic at the participating locations.

Where can I drop off Amazon returns for free?

Amazon Books, Amazon 4-Star stores, Amazon Hub locations, Kohl’s stores, some Whole Foods Markets, and UPS sites are among the places where returns can be dropped off for free.

Where do you drop off Amazon returns?

Locker outlets are now found in Whole Foods, Stein Mart, Century 21, Rite Aid, Chase Bank, and 7-Eleven locations thanks to recent rapid growth. Additionally, Amazon will accept returns at its Hub Locker+ facilities, formerly known as just Amazon Pickup locations.


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