Does FedEx Notarize

You might be wondering whether FedEx provides notary services if you need to get a document notarized. FedEx does really provide notary services, so the answer is yes. There’s a catch, though! Everything you need to know about getting your documents notarized at FedEx is covered in this blog post. We will discuss the fees, the acceptable types of documents, and the procedure for getting your documents notarized. Let’s get going!

Does FedEx Notarize

Does FedEx Notarize?

No, since 2008, you cannot personally notarize your documents at FedEx. However, you can notarize your documents digitally using FedEx Office’s Online Notary service. All 50 states are able to use this service, which costs $25 per document.

Continue reading to learn more about the procedure and what is required in order to have your document notarized by FedEx. Everything you require can be found, along with more.

So Does FedEx Offer a Notary Service?

FedEx does indeed provide notary service. However, the only country where this electronic notary service is offered in the United States. This service costs $25 per document. You must have a legitimate photo ID to use this service. Additionally, a statement acknowledging your understanding of the notarization procedure and consent to having your documents notarized electronically must be signed. Once you have everything you need, go to FedEx’s website to start the notarization procedure.

You will need to contact another notary service if you need a document notarized but are not in the United States. You should be able to find a choice that satisfies your demands because there are numerous possibilities available.

Does FedEx Have Online Notary Services?

Although the business stopped offering in-person notary services in 2008, you may still notarize your documents online using FedEx Office’s Online Notary service. The service is offered 365 days a year, around the clock. All you have to do is video call a notary public after uploading your paperwork from your device. Your electronic signature will then be seen by the notary, who will also affix a digital certificate to your document.

How Do FedEx’s Online Notary Services Work?

Here is how to notarize your documents step-by-step:

  • The first step is to upload the document that has to be notarized on the FedEx website. Then, you’ll have to give some private information, such as your name, and address. Additionally, you will need to set up a user account.
  • Once you’ve done that, you can use the website to get in touch with a notary public.
  • The notary will require a copy of your photo ID.
  • Your electronic signature will then be seen by the notary, who will also affix a digital certificate to your document. The digital certificate is what confers legal force on your document.
  • Once the notary has done this, you will be able to download your notarized document from the website.

The online notary services offered by FedEx are a convenient way to notarize your documents without leaving your house or place of business. It’s crucial to remember, though, that not all documents can be notarized online. Contact a FedEx customer service agent if you have any concerns regarding whether or not your document can be notarized online.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using FedEx’s Online Notary Services?

The ease, effectiveness, and affordability of using FedEx’s online notary services are just a few advantages. You may notarize your documents using FedEx’s online notary services without taking time out of your busy schedule to go see a notary in person. Online notary services from FedEx are also less expensive than conventional notary services. And finally, it is more effective because you can notarize your documents quickly.

How Much Are FedEx’s Notary Services?

Each document for FedEx’s notarial services costs $25. You must pay $10 for each additional seal if you require more than one.

What Types of Documents Can Be Notarized?

The Online Notary service offered by FedEx Office can be used to notarize almost any document.

There are certain exceptions, though. These consist of:

  • marriage licenses
  • Form I-9
  • essential important papers in certified copies
  • Codicils, testamentary trusts, and wills
  • documents meant to be used outside of the US
  • documents that seem to have been altered


The notary services offered by FedEx are a quick, simple, and reasonably priced way to have your documents notarized. Your documents can be notarized in only a few minutes for a fee of $25 per document. Nevertheless, there are some limitations on the kinds of documents that can be notarized by FedEx. Contact a customer care agent if you have any concerns about whether your document can be notarized through FedEx.

Have you ever employed the notary services of FedEx? If so, how did that go for you? Tell us in the comments section below!

Frequently asked questions

Do FedEx locations have a notary?

With NotarizeSM, you can notarize essential papers for yourself, your business, or both anytime, and anywhere.

Can I have a document notarized at a FedEx Office location?

Only your own device with audio and video capabilities can be used to notarize documents electronically; however, you can get assistance from a FedEx Office location both before and after your session. By scanning essential documents at a FedEx Office nearby, you can save them to a flash drive or the cloud. Use FedEx Office® Print & Go to swiftly and conveniently print your notarized papers from email, a flash drive, or the cloud after your online notary session.

Do you need to send tangible copies of the documents you had notarized? Deliver them when and where you desire. Choose between inexpensive, quick FedEx Ground®, quick and dependable FedEx Express®, or send internationally with FedEx®.

When can I get a document notarized?

Documents may be notarized 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may find the hours of Notarize Customer Support here.

How much does it cost to get a document notarized?

The cost to notarize one document is $25. Each additional notary seal will cost $10 if your document needs more than one, however, most documents only need one.

What do I need for online notarization?

The document or documents that need notarization.

a multimedia device having audio and video features. The required system specifications are listed below.

a legal photo ID issued by the government. Here is a list of recognized forms of identification.

a social security number issued in the United States for safe identity verification.

What types of documents can be notarized online?

With a few documents that have specific limitations, most documents can be notarized online using this platform. If you have any doubts about whether your documents can be notarized online, always check with your own advisors and the intended receivers. See this article for more details on papers with particular constraints.

Can two or more signers get their signatures notarized in a single meeting?

To notarize a document with a single signer (without a witness*), click here. You have a few options if more than one person must sign your document:

1. To have your documents notarized, you and your secondary signer can be co-located (in the same room) and log into the session (multi-signer link here) with the notary together.

Can I notarize a document for use outside the United States?

No, the Notarize platform does not automatically enforce the state-specific rules for the online notarization of documents intended for use in another nation. Additionally, to validate these documents for use in a foreign country, an apostille issued by the notary’s commissioning state is typically required, and the majority of governments do not yet have a procedure in place for doing so. Last but not least, using the platform for these papers may violate a number of laws that the platform is not set up to follow, like the foreign country’s data privacy legislation.

We advise that you take your document to a traditional notary to complete your notarization because we are unable to guarantee that you will be connected with a notary from a state that provides apostilles for these papers or that the notarization will adhere to the relevant legal standards.

Is online notarization legal?

Yes! A remote online notarization is merely one of several notarization techniques. A document that has been remotely notarized has the same legal standing as one that has been notarized on paper.


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