DJI Return Policy

A well-known tech company, DJI, became well-known for its drones. Nowadays, a lot of people like flying drones for fun and purchase DJI products.

Even though a lot of customers are happy with the DJI products they purchase, a return is occasionally necessary.

You can send your product back for a full refund as long as it complies with DJI’s return policy. As long as the return policy is applicable to your goods, returning products to DJI is simple.

DJI Return Policy

What is the DJI Return Policy

Your DJI items must either have manufacturing flaws or be free of flaws and damage that prevent them from being sold again in order to be returned.

You won’t be allowed to return the item if you personally damage it. Aside from manufacturing flaws, DJI does not accept goods that are damaged.

Return Timeline 14 Days
Return Method Shipping or Instore
Exchange Period 14 Days
Exchange Method Shipping
Refund Period 14 Days
Refund Method Original Payment Method


How to return a DJI item?

You must have a copy of your receipt in order to return your DJI. You must abide by the store’s return policy if you return your item in person.

  1. Contact customer care on the DJI website or the store where you bought your product.
  2. Send a request for a replacement or refund.
  3. Include all the extras your purchase originally came with.
  4. Make sure you have your receipt with you.
  5. You will receive a return label from DJI.
  6. DGI will credit your original payment method with your refund once the product has been returned and all requirements have been satisfied.

You need to purchase the item via DJI’s website in order to return it. Additionally, you must adhere to the return policy of the merchant from whence you purchased a DJI product.

Damaged after-purchase returns won’t be accepted by DJI. The only damaged goods that DJI would accept are those that were harmed during production.

You must present your proof of purchase, which can be found in the emails you received when you first bought your product, in order to return items to DJI.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to DJI?

Yes, only purchases made from DJI’s online store are eligible for direct returns. Since DJI doesn’t have any physical stores of its own, you should verify the return policies of any retailers where you bought DJI products.

How Strict is the DJI Return Policy?

The return policy for DJI is typical for most IT businesses. Products may be returned as long as they are in their original packaging, within 14 days after purchase, and without modification. The DJI return policy is rigidly enforced.

You may return your item within 14 days for any reason, provided it is undamaged. This window of time provides you with some opportunity to test the product and decide whether you like it or not.

DJI Exchange Policy

You can trade in your defective product for one that is in good working order if the manufacturing defect was not your fault. You have 14 days from the time it is delivered to your home to report manufacturing damage. After the 14-day period has passed, any manufacturing defects cannot be exchanged.

You must satisfy the same requirements as the return policy in order to receive an exchange from DJI, and you can only exchange for the same item. The exchange policy also only covers goods with manufacturing flaws.

DJI Refund Policy

If you want to make use of DJI’s refund policy, you must send the item back to the company in perfect condition with no manufacturing damage. The original payment method that you used to purchase your items will get your refund.

Does DJI Take Returns Without a Receipt?

No, you need a receipt in order to return goods to DJI. On the day you made your purchase, your email account will contain your receipt.

You won’t be able to take advantage of DJI’s return policy if you can’t show proof of purchase.

Does DJI Accept Returns After 30 Days?

After 30 days, DJI does not accept refunds. Within 14 days of the product being delivered to your home, you must return it to GJI. After that time, DJI’s return policy is not applicable.

What Items Cannot be Returned to DJI?

DJI’s return policy has a number of restrictions. As a result, DJI’s return policy does not apply to the items listed below.

  • products obtained from a retail store
  • post-purchase damage to the items
  • Orders placed without a receipt
  • Products with altered or missing labeling
  • Credit cards
  • After the 14-day grace period, any goods


Does DJI give full refunds?

Yes, a full refund will be given to the original payment method used to acquire the products if the products adhere to the return policy.

Can I return a DJI product after use?

You may return products after using them as long as there are no indications of damage. Make sure you don’t remove any product labels, otherwise you won’t be able to return it. Your ability to return your merchandise will be destroyed if you damage the product labels.

How long do DJI refunds take?

DJI refund processing may take up to 14 days. It might be preferable to get in touch with DJI customer support if after 14 days you still do not notice a refund in your account.


When it comes to electrical companies, DJI has a normal return policy. Unfortunately, you don’t have much time to request a return once the item is delivered to your home.

Your return options for in-store purchases of DJI products depend on the merchant you used. Only products bought directly from DJI’s website can be returned.

Take caution handling your merchandise throughout the 14-day grace period. Your return will not be processed if your DJI product shows any indications of damage or wear to the labeling. It is pointless to try to return a damaged product to DJI since DJI will be able to tell whether the device was harmed by you or during production.


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