Delta Airlines Senior Discount Policy

Senior citizen discounts on airfare are available from Delta Airlines. We shall go into great detail about Delta Airlines’ senior discount policy in this article. We will also offer advice on how to get the biggest financial savings when making a Delta Airlines flight reservation. Read on for some helpful ideas whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting started!

Does Delta Airlines Offer a Senior Discount in 2022?

For seniors 65 and over, Delta Airlines offers a senior discount of up to 20% off the base cost. Flights within the United States, as well as those to and from Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, are all eligible for this discount. Additionally, Delta provides elderly citizens flying to and from specific overseas locations with discounts of up to 20%.

How Much Is Delta Airlines Senior Discount?

The senior discount amount offered by Delta Airlines varies depending on the trip route. Delta provides a senior discount of up to 20% off the base ticket for domestic flights.

When Is the Delta Air Senior Discount Day?

There is no set day for the senior discount on Delta Air. All flights on Delta Airlines are discounted for seniors every day of the week.

How to Get Delta Airlines Senior Discount?

You must be 65 years of age or older to qualify for the senior discount offered by Delta Airlines. When asked your age when making a flight reservation, just choose “Senior.” The senior discount will then be applied to your airfare by Delta.

Tips for Booking a Delta Airlines Flight at a Discount

Here are a few recommendations if you’re seeking additional advice on how to save with Delta Airlines:

  • Make sure to inquire about the senior discount when making a Delta Airlines flight reservation. Ask about all of the senior discounts that Delta offers by making sure to mention your age.
  • Be sure to check travel costs amongst several airlines in addition to inquiring about the senior discount offered by Delta. Prior to making a ticket reservation, it is crucial to evaluate costs as Delta is not always the cheapest option.
  • Accept the Delta SkyMiles Card. It can be used to reserve discounted Delta flights.
  • Book at least 48 hours beforehand. For flights booked at least 48 hours in advance, Delta provides a discount.
  • When choosing your travel dates and times, be flexible. When booking tickets in advance, Delta frequently provides lower airfare prices.
  • Lastly, remember to reserve your flight in advance. For flights booked 21 days or more in advance, Delta provides a discount. Therefore, buying your ticket early can result in cost savings if your travel dates are flexible.

What Other Airline Companies Offer Senior Discounts?

Senior discounts are provided by several airline operators in addition to Delta. Some of them consist of:

Company Discount Eligibility
British Airways $65 off standard economy seats; $65 off premium economy; up to $200 off business class seats Must be an AARP member
United Airlines Discounted senior fares offered for select travel destinations 65+
American Airlines 10% off 65+



Seniors can receive a variety of discounts from Delta Airlines, including up to 20% off the base ticket. Make sure to inquire about Delta’s senior discount and compare airline fares when making a travel reservation. To get a discount on Delta flights, you can also sign up for the Delta SkyMiles Card. Be flexible with your trip dates and times for even more discounts, and reserve your flight in advance. You can reduce the cost of your next Delta Airlines flight by using these suggestions.

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