Debenhams Return Policy

In the UK, Debenhams is a well-known network of department stores. These department stores provide both male and female customers with apparel and accessories.

There are instances when you buy clothes on the spur of the moment and discover that you don’t have any place to wear them or that they don’t fit properly. You must deliver your clothing to Debenhams in these circumstances.

The return process at Debenhams is simple for customers to understand. You can exchange your purchases or return them as long as they adhere to Debenhams’ return policies.

Debenhams Return Policy

What is the Debenhams Return Policy?

You can return undamaged items to Debenhams within 28 days of both an in-store and online purchase, according to their return policy. The Debenhams return policy is applicable to items returned in their original condition within the allotted 28 days.

Even within the parameters, due to sanitary concerns, face masks and piercings are not eligible for a refund. The employee has the option to offer refunds.

As long as they meet the terms of Debenhams’ return policy, refunds are given for things that don’t fit properly or that you no longer want.

Return Timeline 28 days
Return Method In-store or online
Exchange Period No exchange policy
Exchange Method No exchange policy
Refund Period 28 days
Refund Method Original payment method


How to Return a Debenhams item?

Customers may explore Debenhams’ return policy with ease.

  1. Contact customer service online for purchases made online.
  2. For in-store purchases, return your items to the shop where you first bought them.
  3. A shipping return label will be provided for online purchases.
  4. Before shipping, online orders must be securely bundled.
  5. The return shipping is your responsibility. Your return does not include shipping costs.
  6. Your original payment method will be used to process your refund after the facility has received your returned item.

Your refund application may be rejected if the goods in your return shipment are not adequately secured. Products damaged during transportation are no longer in original condition since Debenhams only accepts returns for things in their original state.

Debenhams will send you an email to confirm receipt of your return. In the event that your refund request is rejected, you will also be notified through email.

The cost of shipping for refused returns will not be covered by Debenhams. Therefore, before returning your merchandise, make sure you adhere to all of Debenhams’ return policies.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to Debenhams?

Unsatisfied with your online purchase? Return it to Debenhams. Online returns are required for anything purchased there, though. Online purchases cannot be returned in-store.

Online purchases made in stores are likewise not returnable. Instead, you must return the things to the shop or online where you made the initial purchase.

How Strict is the Debenhams Return Policy?

The return policy at Debenhams isn’t overly lax, but it’s also not overly strict either. You have 28 days to decide whether you wish to keep the merchandise or return it. Clothing returns from Debenhams are not accepted if they have been washed or are damaged.

Items that you return to Debenhams must be in their original state. Any product tampering, such as washing or prolonged use, shall be excluded from the return policy.

Debenhams Exchange Policy

There isn’t a current exchange policy in effect at Debenhams. Instead of an exchange policy, all returned items are subject to the refund policy. Any item purchased from Debenhams cannot be exchanged for one of lesser value. Your original payment method will be used to issue your funds instead.

Debenhams Refund Policy

For returns that adhere to Debenhams’ return policy, refunds will be given. Debenhams will credit your original payment method with a full refund. When customers return goods, Debenhams does not give cash refunds.

Does Debenhams Take Returns Without a Receipt?

No, in order to process a Debenham’s return, you must have a receipt for your purchase, whether you made it in-store or online. Without a receipt, Debenhams is unable to process a return because they lack sufficient details regarding the date of purchase or evidence that you made the purchase.

The shop or website needs to confirm that you followed the return policy guidelines while making your purchase. They cannot confirm your transaction without a receipt or other proof of purchase.

Does Debenhams Accept Returns After 30 Days?

After the 28-day grace period, Debenhams will not accept any returns. 28 days after the date of purchase, any things you try to return will be declined.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Debenhams?

Here are a few items that Debenhams won’t accept for return. Some items are not eligible for returns for a variety of reasons, including hygiene. The following items won’t be accepted for return at Debenhams.

  1. Pinning accessories
  2. facial masks
  3. Makeup
  4. Undergarments
  5. Swimwear


Does Debenhams give full refunds?

Yes, Debenhams gives complete refunds for things that are returned. The sole restriction is that customers returning items online must cover the cost of shipping both ways.

Can I return Debenhams product after use?

No, your return will be rejected if it is discovered that you were wearing the clothing outside and about. Clothing that has been tried on more than once cannot be returned. Clothing items that have been washed will also not be accepted for return because the goods need to be in pristine condition.

How long do Debenhams refunds take?

Your Debenhams refund may be fully processed in up to 14 days. Contact customer care if, after 14 days, you haven’t seen your refund in your bank account. For verification that your refund has been authorized, check your email.


Debenhams has a simple return procedure that is simple for customers to understand. How you return goods will depend on where you bought them.

Any purchases returned after Debenhams’ 28-day grace period are not eligible for a refund. After 29 days from the date of purchase, returns are automatically declined.

Debenham’s return policy does not apply to items having hygienic hazards, such as piercings and linger. Most products will indicate whether they are not eligible for a refund at the time of purchase.

Anything being returned to Debenhams must be in brand-new condition. The apparel won’t be eligible for a refund once it’s been used or cleaned. The clothing can be tried on, but anything beyond that will not be refunded.


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