David Jones Price Match

The leading retailer in Australia, David Jones, has been in operation for almost two centuries, which is an astonishingly long time for a shop to sustain that kind of success.

As long as a few, non-restrictive requirements are satisfied, David Jones will match any product’s price from any retailer in Australia.

The price matching model requires that the product be identical, David Jones’ offers on that particular item must match (if any do), and the competitor’s store or website must have the item in stock.

In other words, not much prevents David Jones from matching a competitor’s stock price on an item purchased in the David Jones store. Although it’s a fantastic deal overall, it doesn’t apply to retailers outside of Australia.

Does David Jones Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

David Jone’s promise doesn’t specifically state how they handle price adjustments, but based on their Promise policy, it is nearly a given that they will do so.

Like many other items that we will describe below, it will likely be up to the management’s choice at David Jones. If you’re wondering what a price adjustment is, it’s a policy that allows returns or adjustments based on price changes that occur right after purchase.

For instance, David Jones will refund you the difference if you buy anything from their website and the price drops while it’s being shipped.

Are There Exceptions?

When it comes to the price match requirement, it’s less of an exception and more of a possibility. On the David Jones website, you can find a list of “special” exceptions, though.

It mostly involves gift cards, coupons, and made-to-order merchandise. Click the aforementioned link to view the whole list.

There are no actual exceptions to David Jones’ commitment to the price matching policy. However, that doesn’t guarantee that if you later change your mind, you won’t be rejected.

The following is a list of “possibilities” that the price matching policy could allow for:

  1. The product must be in marketable condition.
  2. David Jones must confirm that the product was bought at Darrell Jones
  3. The ID you are holding is sufficient and acceptable.
  4. Official government-issued proof of age

There is a long list of approved forms of identification at David Jones, and there are lots of them. You may make sure you have everything you need to conduct a proper exchange or receive a refund by visiting the list at this link.

Does David Jones Price Match Amazon?

Officially, David Jones does not compete on pricing with Amazon. Since Amazon is not an Australian store, they are not covered by David Jones’ price matching policy. But that doesn’t guarantee that your local David Jones retailer’s management won’t comply.

Trying never hurts. When Amazon entered the Australian market with its first warehouse situated there, it made big news. David Jones bet everything on their ability to match prices with local competitors in Australia, which would enable them to avoid the negative repercussions of going up against Amazon.

Does David Jones Price Match Costco?

David Jones doesn’t name any particular merchants. It does, however, make note of Australian merchants. Therefore, that is the only basis we have. Despite this, Costco does have a number of retail warehouses throughout Australia.

If David Jones is to be believed at their word—and they haven’t provided any evidence to suggest otherwise—then they will unquestionably match the prices of goods offered by Australian Costco locations.

Does David Jones Price Match The Iconic?

Similar to David Jones, The Iconic is an Australian-born business. Although they specialize in fashion and sporting products, The Iconic will match any advertised price for an equivalent product at David Jones.

The main rule for David Jones is to keep everything at home, with Australia serving as the definition of home. This implies that David Jones may match the price of any Australian retailer’s merchandise.

You better believe that David Jones will have to honor it as their policy so clearly stated if the Iconic has an identical item that is also available at David Jones and the Iconic is having a 20% off discount.

All Things Considered

One of Australia’s more transparent and alluring price matching strategies is offered by David Jones. Even if it is limited to Australian stores only, there are still a tonne of alternatives for price matching against the wide range of retailers in the nation.


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