Cycle Gear Price Match

Since 1974, they have been providing motorcycle owners with excellent goods, parts, and accessories at fair pricing. Additionally, they have thoroughly enjoyed it as riders! Their team members have experience riding on trails, racetracks, canyons, and pretty much anywhere else two wheels can take you. The Cycle Gear Price Match and Price Adjustment Policies are explained here.

Does Cycle Gear Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. Cycle Gear offers to match competitors’ prices.

Does Cycle Gear Price Match Online?

Yes. Only online prices are matched by Cycle Gear.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the Cycle Gear?

No. After a customer purchases something from their store, there is no price adjustment policy.

Price Match Criteria:

The price match standards are as follows:

Prices can only be matched if they are made publicly available.

You should seek a price match from a rival who is an authorized dealer in the USA.

The size, color, and release date of the item you want to price match must all be the same.

Price Match Process:

The procedure is easy. How to ask for a price match is as follows:

For In-store Purchases:

In-store price matching is not available.

For Online Purchases:

They will price match it for you after they have confirmed the reduced price.

They will include any necessary shipping and handling expenses when comparing pricing.

If the status is “Order Received,” they cannot price match an earlier order.

Price match requests are decided upon by Cycle Gear completely at its discretion.


A few price match exclusions are listed below:

The price match does not apply to any tires.

The Amazon listings are not covered by the price match.

The prices of all eBay postings (including auctions, buy-it-nows, etc.) do not match.

The shop won’t price match something that is less than $50.

Return Policy:

No-Hassle Returns or Exchanges

Any Cycle Gear purchase may be returned for an exchange or refund within 90 days of the date of purchase. To be qualified, you must have the item’s receipt and the goods must be brand-new, unused, and uninstalled. Original tags and packing must be present and unharmed. They won’t be able to replace your product if it sustains damage from routine use or use. Furthermore, they won’t be able to replace it if the damage was caused by abuse or an accident.

The original payment method will be reimbursed for returns once the items have been received and inspected. Your refund will be sent as shop credit if they are unable to revert to the original payment method. Please keep in mind that it could take 2–10 business days for your credit to appear on your account, depending on your credit card provider.

Do you have anything to return? Once your return is complete, make a new purchase as soon as you can to replace the replacement items. That is a great way to swiftly receive your new items!

Returns Process

You can get a return authorization number (RA#) by calling 1-800-292-5343 or sending an email to one of their team members during regular business hours. Once your purchase has been approved, take the following actions:

If you are given one, please print the form and include it in each shipment back to Cycle Gear. Please include the form in your box if one is not given. Sending back your things must be done within 90 days of the date on your return authorization, so please do it right away.

Please refrain from tapping anything on the product’s original package! All things (as well as the packaging!) must be returned in pristine condition. Put all of your items in a mailing box; you can use the original box. However, kindly refrain from using the product’s manufacturer-provided box as a shipping container. They will reject it since it will be destroyed when it arrives.

International Returns

Please designate the package as a “Merchandise Return” and use a carrier that doesn’t impose brokerage costs if you’re sending it to a U.S. address. The expense of returning the item to them is your responsibility. It is advised to use a carrier that provides a tracking number and requests a signature. The client is liable for any additional broker fees or customs charges.


Do you have a return to make? Purchase the replacement item once the return has been processed. That implies that you’ll have your new equipment fast. Your new exchange order will be delivered for free on the ground if you meet the requirements (information). Your original order’s return shipping costs are still your responsibility.

Cycle Gear Competitors’ List:

There is no official list of competitors for The Cycle Gear. So the items should be identical to obtain a price match with any merchant.

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know about Cycle Gear’s policy on price matching and adjustments. However, you can still have some queries. Following are some queries and responses:

When was Cycle Gear Founded?

In 1974, Cycle Gear was established.

What makes Cycle Gear so popular?

Cycle Gear is well-known for its broad assortment of affordable motorcycle accessories and clothing.

Summary of the Article:

Cycle Gear has a wide range of motorbike accessories and clothing available at affordable costs. Any competitor’s price will be matched, provided the product is the same. If you discover a cheaper price within 14 days of your purchase, they will reimburse the difference. If you discover a better offer within 90 days, you can exchange the item as well. They have an extremely benevolent return policy and offer free shipping on anything over $99, too. Cycle Gear is a fantastic store to buy motorbike accessories and clothing.

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