Crunchyroll Login – How to Activate Crunchyroll on Any Device

We advise you to read and keep this page handy as you need to follow the procedures to Crunchyroll Login and Crunchyroll Activate. It’s easy to activate You can follow these easy instructions to gain access to Crunchyroll’s services. We’ll show you how to activate Crunchyroll on a variety of gadgets, including Apple TV, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and ROKU.

Manga, anime, and other streaming services are offered by Crunchyroll, a distributor. Production, distribution, publishing, and licensing are among its activities. The business behind Crunchyroll is American. The headquarters or head office of this business can be found in San Francisco, California if you’re interested.

 Crunchyroll Login

Crunchyroll’s distribution services are used by over 100 million users and subscribers. The organization can now reach more customers than ever before thanks to the partnership program.

Through Crunchyroll Manga, users may watch more than 1,000 anime episodes, more than 200 East Asian dramas, and roughly 80 manga titles. However, due to licensing restrictions, not all content is accessible abroad.

You can follow the instructions in this post to set up Crunchyroll on Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to activate it.

Let’s start by defining Crunchyroll.

What is Crunchyroll?

One of the best streaming services is Crunchyroll, which is famous for its anime and manga content.

You may watch the whole Manga or Amine series on numerous devices that support Crunchyroll.

You must activate your gadget and go to to view these incredible shows.

Before you can start the Crunchyroll activation process, you must first complete the [] login process and register to create a Crunchyroll account.

What is Crunchyroll Subscription Price in The USA

With the launch of brand-new, exciting subscription options, Crunchyroll is providing anime lovers with more opportunities to access its constantly expanding collection. Soon, it will be even simpler to enjoy anime anywhere and at any time thanks to new platform feature like offline viewing.

These are the new membership tiers:


Although Crunchyroll will continue to be free, there will be advertisements on the site. This relates to streaming in the future. Additionally, new copied episodes will be made available to free users a week after the initial release.

The following tiers will be available to those who join up for or create an account for a Premium membership:

Fan – $7.99/Month

You may access more than 1000 titles and about 30000 episodes in this comprehensive Crunchyroll collection. Included in this are shows like simulcasts that debut on the same day in Japan. You will also have access to the digital manga collection on Crunchyroll.

Mega Fan – $9.99/Month

In addition to perks like full library access, ad-free streaming and simulcast episodes, and access to digital manga, this Mega Fan tier bundle includes offline viewing and four simultaneous streams. Members of Crunchyroll will also profit from a special promotion for the Crunchyroll Store. This will consist of $15 off of each $100 spent every three months.

Ultimate Fan – $14.99/Month

The fantastic Ultimate Fan Tier subscription package is this one. The features are among the most comprehensive that Crunchyroll has to offer. Along with other advantages, this would provide offline viewing and ad-free streaming.

Additionally, you will receive a yearly Ultimate Fan member swag bag, member-only access to premium merchandise, and a unique benefit of $25 off a $100 purchase every three months at the Crunchyroll Store.

Crunchyroll Login at

Please follow the short instructions below to access your Crunchyroll account.

  • Go to to access the official Crunchyroll website.

 Crunchyroll Login

  • Enter both your username and password.
  • Clicking the submit button will finish it.

How to Reset Crunchyroll Login Password

Follow the procedures listed below carefully to reset your Crunchyroll password:

  • Go to to access the official Crunchyroll website.

 Crunchyroll Login

Click the link labeled “Forget password” in the web page’s login section.

 Crunchyroll Login

  • You must now enter your registered email address.
  • It can be completed if you follow the instructions in your email.

Crunchyroll supported devices

  • Sony PlayStation 3
  • iTunes TV
  • X box
  • fire phone
  • Apple
  • XboxOne-ios
  • Roku TVs
  • Vita Box 360
  • Chromecast
  • Android
  • MSWindows
  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Sony PlayStation Vita

How to Activate Crunchyroll at

  • To begin, go to
  • Please search for the Crunchyroll app in the app store on your device.
  • Install the Crunchyroll app on your device, then download and run it.
  • Log in to the Crunchyroll app after opening it. The crunchy roll tv activation code is shown on the screen.
  • On the activation website at, enter the activation code that was issued to you on your smartphone.
  • You will see the Crunchyroll app if you refresh your TV.

How to Activate Crunchyroll to Roku TV using

 Crunchyroll Login

  • You can use these steps to install Crunchyroll on your Roku-TV.
  • Find the Crunchyroll channel on your Roku device and add it there to get started.
  • Join your account.
  • Please take note of the visible activation code.
  • On your computer or smartphone, go to and sign in or make a new account.
  • The code from the preceding step must be pasted into the box that appears after selecting the link option (that visible on your Roku screen).
  • To activate and link the Roku device, click the link.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on PlayStation using

 Crunchyroll Login

  • Please follow the instructions below to enable Crunchyroll on PlayStation.
  • Download the Crunchyroll app.
  • On the screen, a Crunchyroll activation code ought to appear.
  • Use a browser on your computer or smartphone to go to
  • Click “Submit” after inputting the Crunchyroll activation code. Open the Crunchyroll app on your PlayStation and sign in to watch anime.
  • The steps listed above can be used to enable Crunchyroll on the PS3, PS4, and PS5.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Xbox

Please follow the instructions below to enable Crunchyroll on Xbox.

  • From the Xbox App Store, download Crunchyroll.
  • You’ll be prompted to activate Crunchyroll on the following screen after starting the Crunchyroll app.
  • Use a web browser on your computer or smartphone to go to
  • Use the Crunchyroll activation code that you found on your Xbox to activate Crunchyroll.
  • Finally, activate Crunchyroll on your Xbox by pressing the Activate button.
  • Using the aforementioned steps, Crunchyroll can be activated on Xbox One, XboxOne-X, Xbox360, and Xbox Series-X consoles.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Android Devices

Please follow the instructions below to enable Crunchyroll on Android.

  • From the Android home screen, visit the Play Store.
  • Use the search bar and enter “Crunchyroll” to find it.
  • To view the list, launch the Crunchyroll app.
  • Put the app on your gadget.
  • Open the Crunchyroll app and log in after downloading.
    then sign in.
  • Last but not least, explore the Crunchyroll library.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Apple TV

 Crunchyroll Login

  • Log in to your Apple TV using your existing Apple ID.
  • Start the Home screen using the remote.
  • Search for “Crunchyroll” on the AppStore.
  • Look at the list of outcomes.
  • Locate Crunchyroll and press the Enter key. then click Register.
  • After installation, sign in to Crunchyroll.
  • You’ll see Sign In on your screen.

Crunchyroll Contact Help or Support

You can call the toll-free number 1855-654-1777 if you have any problems.

Any type of login assistance you require will be provided to you immediately.

Crunchyroll Register at
Visit to activate the website.


You can complete the Crunchyroll Login activation steps on the official website, If you have problems while attempting to activate at, you should use the Crunchyroll Activate – help and support given as above. If you have any ideas for how to make this article better, please share them. Please make suggestions using the comment area below.


How can you terminate your free membership of Crunchyroll?

  • Sign in at
  • Click here:
  • Please remember that submitting the form is completely optional and that you are under no obligation to do so.
  • Please press the “Ok” button to permanently delete your account.

Can I use Crunchyroll for free?

You can use Crunchyroll for free, but it will have advertisements. You can select the premium version to enjoy the experience without ads.

Can I have a free Crunchyroll Amazon Prime?

With Amazon Prime, you can use Crunchyroll for 30 days without paying a cent.


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