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Costco is a fantastic destination to find deals on food, home goods, and other stuff. But does Costco give older citizens discounts? We’ll go over all of its senior discount policies in this piece. Even if you are not a senior, we’ll give you some advice on how to save money at the warehouse club!

Does Costco Provide Senior Discount On Membership?

There is no senior citizen membership price discount at Costco. Seniors can save money at the warehouse club in other ways, though. A Gold Star membership is one of the company’s many membership options. There are several benefits to becoming a Gold Star member, including special savings on specific products.

By utilizing the price matching policy of Costco, seniors can also save money. Costco will match any lower price you discover for a product at another retailer. For seniors who don’t live close to a physical shop, Costco also offers free shipping on a number of items, which can be significant savings. Last but not least, you can use a variety of Costco discounts and promo codes to reduce the price of your order.

In spite of the fact that Costco does not provide a senior citizen membership discount, there are still several methods for seniors to save money at the warehouse club. Let’s get into more information about them!

What Are Costco Senior Hours? 

Senior hours at Costco are for clients who are 60 years of age or older. In order to allow them to shop in a less crowded setting, the company reserves these hours for its senior consumers. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM to 10 AM are Costco Senior hours.

Do Costco Senior Hours Include Weekends?

The only days that Costco offers senior hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Seniors can visit Costco on weekends during regular business hours, though.

Does Costco Provide Senior Discounts on Its Products And Services?

The answer is no, Costco does not currently provide elderly citizens with a discount on its goods and services. Seniors can still save money at Costco in a variety of ways, though. They provide numerous membership choices with various amounts of savings. Additionally, you can save money by using Costco’s price matching policy, free shipping on a number of items, and a selection of coupons and promo codes. There are so numerous methods for seniors to save money at the warehouse club even though Costco does not provide a senior citizen discount.

What Benefits Can You Get with a Costco Membership?

Membership dues are discounted at Costco. The savings, which are now $60 for a Basic membership and $120 for an Executive membership, are only available to Costco members.

Members of Costco enjoy unique access to goods and services that aren’t offered to the general public. In most cases, Costco membership costs are refunded if you are not happy with your membership.

A few advantages of becoming a Costco member are as follows:

  1. discounts on products
  2. travel offers
  3. Services for wellness and health
  4. Products and services that are exclusive and unavailable to the general public
  5. refundable dues for membership

A Costco membership can be ideal for you if you’re seeking travel specials, health and wellness services, or exclusive goods and services. The company is a wonderful value for the money because it provides a wide range of benefits for its members.

Members of Costco also have the choice to apply for a Costco Cash Card, which may be used to make purchases at Costco just like a debit card. Online or at any Costco warehouse, you can reload it.

Visit the Costco website or contact a Costco representative to find out more about the advantages of membership. You may find them at any Costco shop and call them at 1-800-607-6861.

Does Costco Provide Discounted Memberships?

No, Costco does not currently provide a senior citizen membership discount.

What Other Similar Stores Offer Seniors Discounts?

There are other stores that do provide senior citizens discounts, even though Costco does not. The following list of shops provides elder discounts:

Company Discount Eligibility
Rite Aid 20% off on the first Wednesday of every month 65+
Albertsons 10% off your total purchase 55+
Publix 5% off 60+
Walgreens 20% off 55+
AT&T A variety of discounted plans 65+
Fred Meyer 10% off 55+
Safeway 10% off 55+
Ross 10% off 55+



There are alternative methods for seniors to save money if Costco doesn’t provide a senior citizen membership discount. The various membership choices that Costco offers can be customized to fit the needs of any shopper. One option that offers seniors more savings is the Costco Executive Membership. There are so numerous methods for seniors to save money at the warehouse club even though Costco does not provide a senior citizen discount.

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