Chili’s Senior Discount Policy

Chili’s may be the best option if you want a satisfying meal while still saving money. Customers 55 and older are eligible for a senior discount at the well-known Tex-Mex restaurant business. For further information on Chili’s senior discount policy, including who is qualified and how to use your savings, continue reading.

Does Chili’s Offer a Senior Discount in 2022?

Customers 55 and over receive a 10% senior discount at Chili’s. All purchases of food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased during Chili’s regular business hours are eligible for this discount. When placing your order, simply show your waiter a valid ID that serves as proof of age to redeem your savings.

There is a senior discount at every Chili’s restaurant in the country. However, some Chili’s restaurants might not offer discounts on all menu items. When placing an order, be sure to ask your server for further information.

Read on to learn more about Chili’s senior discount program, including its cost, who qualifies, and additional ways to save money at the restaurant.

How Much Is Chili’s Senior Discount?

For customers 55 years of age and above, Chili’s gives a senior discount of 10%. The senior discount is a great way to save money on your next trip to Chili’s, a wonderful spot to enjoy a tasty meal with family and friends. If you’re a senior, make sure to request a discount when placing your order. For service personnel who are on active duty, in retirement, or who are veterans, Chili’s additionally provides a 10% military discount.

Who Is Eligible for Chili’s Senior Discount?

All customers at Chili’s who are 55 years of age or older are eligible for the senior discount. For the discount to be applied, visitors must provide a legitimate ID. Those who are under the age of 55 are not eligible for the Chili’s senior discount.

How to Get Chili’s Senior Discount?

Simply request the discount when placing your purchase at the Chili’s restaurant to receive it. The savings are not retroactive and do not apply to purchases made with gift cards. When you visit Chili’s, be sure to inquire about any current specials and discounts that may be available.

What Are Some Other Ways You Can Save with Chili’s?

Although Chili’s is a fantastic restaurant, did you know that there are additional methods to save money there? Here are a few pieces of advice:

  1. Additionally, you can sign up for Chili’s eClub to receive special deals and discounts.
  2. Additionally, Chili’s provides a 10% military discount.
  3. There are happy hour deals at Chili’s restaurants featuring cheaper drinks and appetizers.
  4. For every dollar you spend at Chili’s, you may earn points through their rewards program, My Chili’s Rewards. These points can be exchanged for gift cards, products from Chili’s, and other things.

Therefore, the following time you want to save money on a delectable meal, be sure to check out Chili’s for all the newest offers and discounts.

What Other Restaurant Chains Offer Senior Discounts for Its Customers?

There are numerous more restaurant businesses that provide senior discounts in addition to Chili’s. Among the most well-liked are:

Company Discount  Eligibility
Honey Baked Ham A 20% discount 50 years and older
Taco Bell A 5% discount and a free drink 65 years and older
Dairy Queen A 10% discount 60 years and older
Chick-fil-A A free refillable drink (excluding coffee) or a 10% discount 50 years and older
Arby’s A 10% discount 55 years and older
Applebee’s A 10-15% discount 65 years and older
Golden Corral A 10% discount 55 years and older
IHOP A 10% discount 55 years and older
Culver’s A 10% discount (at select locations) 60 years and older



For your next lunch, Chili’s has a fantastic senior discount that can help you save money. Make sure to request the discount when placing your order and to bring a legitimate ID.

There you have it, then! In a nutshell, Chili’s senior discount policy. The next time you’re craving Tex-Mex food, be sure to take advantage of Chili’s discounts. To save even more, don’t forget to look at Chili’s additional discounts and special offers. Good appetite!


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