Chemist Warehouse Price Match

One of the biggest pharmacies in Australia is called Chemist Warehouse. In actuality, they offer a wide range of goods in addition to medications. We are aware that many individuals are curious about if Chemist Warehouse prices match. You can find the solutions on this page!

Chemist Warehouse Price Match

Does Chemist Warehouse Price Match?

Yes, even though some state that because many of the stores have their own restrictions on what they will price match, their policy might be a little unclear. That section will be covered in more detail shortly.

Chemist Warehouse’s standard operating procedure is to price match competitors’ offers while also offering a 10% discount. This guarantees that they are the most affordable retailer you can use.

They will only match Australian pharmacies or businesses that are registered (i.e. that business must be paying tax in Australia)

You must present Chemist Warehouse with proof that a company in Australia is undercutting their prices if you want them to price match. The approach is a little trickier if you want a price match online:

  • You have to pay the full price for the item.
  • To request that Chemist Warehouse match a price, you must email them the specifics of the pricing.
  • If they accept that the price you want to match fulfills their requirements, they will reimburse a portion of your purchase into your account.

Does Chemist Warehouse have a Price Adjustment Policy?

When we refer to a “price adjustment policy,” we mean Chemist Warehouse’s promise to repay you if their prices drop after you’ve made a purchase.

The existence of a price adjustment policy is not made clear by Chemist Warehouse. They do, however, accept “change of mind” returns in a few specific circumstances.

You might be able to return a product you bought within the last seven days if you can make it to a Chemist’s Warehouse.

If you let them know you want to return it, they could be willing to refund you the difference rather than make you buy it back from them at a lower cost.

That stated we cannot guarantee that they will accept the return because this is not a formal policy. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that they will compensate you for the price difference.

This means that if you go to Chemist Warehouse, you won’t be certain of a price adjustment.

Are there any Exceptions

It can get a little complex at this point, and some have even asserted that each Chemist Warehouse location will create its own rules.

Online purchases are not expressly prohibited on their website. However, some allege that when visiting Chemist Warehouse when the site is “online only,” they were turned away.

It appears that Chemist Warehouse will specifically waive its price-matching policy for only-only sales. This makes sense, we suppose.

When postage and packaging are taken into consideration, Chemist Warehouse may offer a lower price than those online-only specials.

When they do accept online price matching, it appears that they will only do so if you are ordering things from Chemist Warehouse online.

This indicates that they will match internet prices if you make a purchase through their website but not if you make a purchase in-store. In comparison to other price matching systems, it is a little strange.

The other exceptions to their principles, thankfully, are a little bit more distinct. If: You are unable to use their price matching policy because of

  • The other merchant is out of stock of the goods.
  • The item is being offered at a discount.
  • The item is a component of a campaign. For instance, they won’t match prices on Buy One, Get One Free deal.

Additionally, keep in mind that Chemist Warehouse can have restrictions on what you can buy there.

For instance, there will be a limit on the number of items you can buy at once if you are searching for a price match on pharmaceutical products. You can only purchase three of a product from Chemist Warehouse if there is no legal limit on its sale.


Do Chemist Warehouse’s price match Amazon’s?

Chemist Warehouse won’t match Amazon’s prices in-store. However, they might be able to match the price online if the goods are being offered directly by Amazon (rather than through a third party). But once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll need to ask them to match the price.

Does Chemist Warehouse price match Online?

It is uncommon for Chemist Warehouse to match online prices in person. This is because many members of their sales team feel that retail prices will not correspond to those found online. However, they might price match if you buy something from the Chemist Warehouse website that isn’t a click-and-collect item.


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