Calvin Klein Return Policy

Consequently, how can you return goods to Calvin Klein? This page will guide you through each step of the procedure.

Calvin Klein Return Policy

Calvin Klein Return Policy

There is a straightforward 45-day return policy at Calvin Klein. Their return policy is typical for apparel companies. There are some things that cannot be returned, and forty-five days after you get the item, no returns will be accepted.

Return timeline 45 days
Return method Mail, in-store
Exchange period 45 days
Exchange method Mail, in-store
Refund period 14 business days
Refund method Original payment method


How to return an item to Calvin Klein

You can return Calvin Klein merchandise within five days by mailing it to them or bringing it into one of their retail locations.

What items can be returned to Calvin Klein?

To determine whether an item can be returned to Calvin Klein, you must first determine whether it is indeed a returnable item. The things that can be returned are listed below.

  1. Unworn attire
  2. clothes with their original tags
  3. unkempt clothing
  4. Unused add-ons
  5. accessories with their original tags

What items, then, cannot be returned if all of these products can? The section below will show you these things.

What items cannot be returned to Calvin Klein?

Certain products cannot be returned to Calvin Klein, even if the forty-five-day limit has passed. The following is a list of things that can’t be returned.

  1. custom products
  2. Products marked as “Final Sale”
  3. worn clothes after first trying them on
  4. Merchandise without tags
  5. washing-related items

Make sure to save the tags on any Calvin Klein clothing you plan to buy when trying it on. You won’t be able to return the item once the tags have been taken off.

What if you receive your Calvin Klein items damaged?

Contact Calvin Klein’s customer service as soon as you receive any damaged goods. There will be no processing or shipping fees applied to damaged items. You can contact customer care by:

  1. making a call to the number provided on their website
  2. to send an email
  3. Live online conversation with a representative

Do not use the regular return procedure if a Calvin Klein product arrives to you damaged. Always inform customer support so that you can move up the priority list and avoid paying shipping costs to return the things to Calvin Klein.

Options for damaged items from Calvin Klein

There are three alternatives available to you if you get a defective item from Calvin Klein. Below is a list of the choices.

  1. Get reimbursement for the harmed item.
  2. Obtain a replacement for the harmed item.
  3. Get a shop credit for the harmed item.

More than what you paid for the harmed item will not be covered by the reimbursement.

Returns to Calvin Klein by mail

You can still mail your stuff back if there isn’t a Calvin Klein retail location near where you reside. To be guided through the return procedure, adhere to the steps below.

  1. Locate the order number.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the home page on the Calvin Klein website.
  3. Click on “Returns” in the “Help” section of the menu.
  4. To begin a return, click.

You will receive a pre-paid shipping label, and the website will walk you through the next steps. The amount of your refund will be reduced by the shipping and processing fee.

Returns to Calvin Klein in store

You won’t be charged a processing fee if you live close enough to a Calvin Klein retailer to return your purchases there. If you have your return slip, you may also return online purchases in-store.

  1. Bring your receipt and the products you intend to return with you.
  2. Find a Calvin Klein worker
  3. Describe your desire to return the item.

The worker will guide you through the remaining steps. Compared to mailing products back, this return method is speedier and less expensive.

What if the custom item you ordered from Calvin Klein arrives damaged or wrong?

Calvin Klein typically does not accept returns for personalized items, however, under certain circumstances, such as when they are delivered damaged or incorrectly, Calvin Klein will. Additionally, you won’t be assessed a return processing fee in this case. However, if you ordered a bespoke item and entered the information incorrectly, your item is not eligible for a refund.

When can you expect a refund from Calvin Klein?

You’ve made the decision to return the goods, and you want your payment method to be reimbursed. You’ll need to be patient because this process will take some time. The procedure your reimbursement is going through is described below.

  1. Refund processing could take up to 14 days. If you are eligible for a refund, the Calvin Klein team must review your order and the products you’ve returned.
  2. Calvin Klein will send you an email after a decision on whether or not you will get a refund has been made. After you’ve returned your things, keep a check on your email for a few weeks.
  3. If your refund is accepted, it may take a further three business days before the money reaches your account.
  4. Remember that if the merchandise was not damaged or defective, Calvin Klein will deduct a $4.95 shipping and handling fee from your refund.


The return policy at Calvin Klein is typical for major apparel retailers. Calvin Klein gives you a forty-five-day return window rather than a thirty-day window, so the policy errs slightly on the side of being generous. Most apparel retailers demand that returns be unworn, unwashed, and tag-free.

Calvin Klein’s requirements for returned merchandise are consistent with those set by the majority of clothing stores. Compared to mail returns, in-store returns are more affordable and practical. The better of the two options is to return your products to a Calvin Klein retail location. As long as the return policy is followed, returning things to Calvin Klein is simple.


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