Boba Dunkin’ Donuts

Does Dunkin’ Donuts sell boba? American coffee and doughnut maker Dunkin’ was established in 1950. It has more than 12,000 outlets throughout 36 countries, with its headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts. The business provides a huge selection of coffee, doughnuts, and other breakfast items.

William Rosenberg established Dunkin’ in 1950. Open Kettle was the name of the eatery Rosenberg founded before renaming it Dunkin’ Donuts in 1958. In Quincy, Massachusetts, the first Dunkin’ Donuts shop opened its doors in 1955.

Since then, the business has grown to operate in more than 12,000 sites across the globe. Along with its renowned coffee and doughnuts, Dunkin’ also sells a range of breakfast items such as pastries, bagels, and sandwiches.

Boba Dunkin’ Donuts

Does Dunkin’ Have Boba In 2022?

As of 2022, Dunkin’ Donuts will sell boba. The chain sells strawberry and passion fruit exploding bubbles that you may mix with your favourite beverage. With an orange and pink paper straw that is wide enough to incorporate the bubbly experience into your drink, Dunkin’ Donuts provides boba. So you may spice up your cup of traditional iced tea or your Refreshers.

Continue reading to learn more about whether Dunkin’ has boba, what kind of boba they have, and whether they have boba tea!

Do All Dunkin’ Donuts Locations Have Boba?

In general, boba is available in every Dunkin’ Donuts location.

The Dunkin’ menu lists these strawberry or passions fruit-flavoured tapioca balls as an add-on item next to flavour enhancers and turbo shots.

As a result, you can pay an extra fee to have the popping bubbles added to your iced or frozen drink and then search the frozen interior of your drink for sugary treasure.

These tapioca pearls also offer you a distinctive bounce by bursting in your mouth with a thick explosion of strawberry or passion fruit taste.

The small bursting bubbles are only served with cold drinks, therefore it’s important to know that Dunkin’ outlets don’t sell hot coffee with them.

Therefore, before leaving your house, it would be best if you first checked to see if your nearby Dunkin’ Donuts location serves boba.

Fortunately, the majority of Dunkin’ Donuts locations worldwide offer mobile-friendly websites with easy-to-use menus.

To do this, all you have to do is visit the website for your nearby Dunkin’ location and look over the menu to see if boba is an option.

As an alternative, you can phone customer service using the numbers shown on the website and inquire about their selection of boba drinks.

Do Dunkin’ Donuts Locations Have Boba Tea?

Yes, several Dunkin’ Donuts locations now carry boba tea, especially in the summer.

The “Popping Bubble Iced Tea,” a bubble tea beverage, also includes the iced green tea that is the quick-service restaurant’s speciality along with tapioca pearls that have a strawberry flavour.

Each time you take a drink, the tapioca pearls explode on your tongue, delivering an explosion of strawberry-flavoured deliciousness.

In addition to boba tea, Dunkin’ Donuts offers layered iced tea, summer shandies, and Dunkin’ Refreshers on its menu.

In addition, these refreshing drinks for warm weather are produced with iced green tea, vitamin B to increase energy and brightness, and strawberry or passion fruit concentrate.

In order to allow you to drink the tapioca pearls, extra-wide paper straws are included with both boba tea and popping bubble refreshers.

What Kind Of Boba Do They Have At Dunkin’?

There are strawberry, dragon fruit, and peach passion fruit flavours of boba available at Dunkin’ Donuts.

As previously mentioned, Dunkin’s boba has tiny popping bubbles that pop on your lips as you sip the beverage, providing a cool taste, particularly in the heat.

Additionally, for an additional fee, these tiny strawberry- and peach-flavoured bubbles can be added to practically any frozen or iced beverage from Dunkin’.

The variety of beverages that Dunkin’ Bubbles can successfully pair with is considerably reduced by the fact that they are candy-sweet.

These exploding bubbles are also coloured with plant-based dyes and tapioca starch. As a result, they go nicely with fruity iced summer drinks like lemonade and coconut refreshers.

Additionally, Dunkin’ Donuts delivers all boba drinks with extra-wide paper straws designed expressly to keep the bubbles from getting caught in your drink as you sip it.

With that said, Dunkin’s tapioca pearls are cheap, provide a tasty treat to the bottom of your beverage, and are enjoyable to chew.

Therefore, you can add these exploding bubbles to your drink for an additional cost if you want to brighten it up and flavour it with strawberry or passion fruit.

Despite the fact that Dunkin’ boba is a well-liked beverage all over the world, it would be beneficial if you first tried it to see if it suited your palate.

Which Dunkin’ Drinks Pair Well With Dunkin’s Boba?

One of the best beverages to include tapioca pearls in is Dunkin’s Peach Coconut Refresher because it has the sweetness and creaminess of bubble tea.

If you want to recreate the milk tea used in boba tea, iced tea with flavour shots and milk is a fantastic drink to add some bursting bubbles too.

Dunkin’ Lemonade is also a great beverage to mix with boba because of how sweet it tastes. Comparatively speaking, Peach Coconut Refresher and iced tea make a better combo.

You can read our articles on whether or not Dunkin’ sells decaf iced coffee, whether or not Dunkin’ Refreshers include caffeine, and whether or not Dunkin’ delivers if you want to learn more.


You may add boba to your iced or frozen drink at Dunkin’ Donuts locations for an explosion of flavour.

But before leaving your house, it would be perfect if you checked online to see if the drink is available at your neighbourhood Dunkin’ Donuts.

Last but not least, it should be noted that Dunkin’s boba only goes well with iced and frozen summer beverages like milk and peach coconut refresher and iced tea with flavour shots.


What kind of Boba do they have at Dunkin?

The three flavours of boba that Dunkin’ Donuts now sells are strawberry, dragon fruit, and peach passionfruit. A pleasant and distinctive summer treat, any of these flavours can be added to any of Dunkin’s iced or frozen drinks for an extra fee.

Do they have boba at Dunkin Donuts?

To make drinks inspired by bubble tea, the well-known breakfast business added what they call “popping bubbles” to its menu. All beverages provided with the bobas have a wide paper straw so that they won’t get trapped. The bobas are strawberry-flavoured.

How much does Dunkin boba cost?

They only cost 70 cents to add to a drink, are entertaining to eat, and provide an intriguing treat to the bottom of your cup.

What is boba made of?

Customers may rest well knowing that gelatin is not utilised in the production of boba pearls since tapioca starch, which is derived from the cassava root, is used instead.

How many flavours of bubble tea are there?

The variety of bubble tea is six. Specifically, milk tea, black tea, fresh fruit tea, milkshakes or smoothies, fresh milk, and salted cream.

What does popping boba taste like?

Popping Boba is available in a wide range of tastes, from the exhilarating Green Apple to the more conventional Lychee. Despite having several options, it does not provide a flavour that is neutral.


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