Birdy Grey Return Policy

Nothing but having to return a bridesmaid dress and finding the process to be complicated and pricey can ruin a fun, thrilling wedding procession! You might be curious about Birdy Grey’s return policy if you need to exchange or return a dress you bought there.

Customers have 45 days to return any qualifying item they’ve bought under the terms of the Birdy Grey Return Policy, which costs $10 USD per item and does not include reimbursement of shipping charges. The return policy of Birdy Grey does not at all permit overseas customers.

We’ll go over the Birdy Grey return policy in this article, along with some frequently asked questions about it and how to return a Birdy Grey item if it qualifies!

Birdy Grey Return Policy

What is Birdy Grey Return Policy?

Any qualifying item returned within 45 business days after the purchase is acceptable, according to the Birdy Grey return policy. However, there are some requirements for clients who want to come back! The following guidelines must be followed in order to return a product:

A bridesmaid dress, a bow tie, a necktie, and any shoes are acceptable to return goods; however, additional items and personalized products are regarded as final sales.

There is an $11 restocking fee per item.

Since international orders cannot be exchanged for another item or returned, the returned item must be from an order placed within the United States.

You’ll be on your way to an easy return process with the Birdy Grey company as long as your item ticks each of these criteria!

Return Deadline 45 business days
Return Methods In-store or mail
Exchange Period 45 business days
Exchange Method In-store and via mail
Refund Period 3-10 business days
Refund Method Original payment method or store credit


How to Return a Birdy Grey Product

The procedures to take while attempting to return a Birdy Grey product are listed below.

Is the thing acceptable? – Keep in mind that the only items that can be returned to Birdy Grey are shoes, men’s ties, bowties, and bridesmaid gowns! No personalized goods or items may be returned outside of these restrictions.

Go to’s Return Center. If you know your zip code and order ID number, returning your purchase is a simple process through the Return Center.

Locate a nearby Happy Returns location – In order to provide a simple method for returning your purchases in person, Birdy Grey has partnered with Happy Returns. To receive your refund or eGift Card, simply bring the item and the return QR code that were included with it. They will manage shipping.

To ship the item yourself, obtain a Happy Returns Shipping Label. You won’t need the nearby location if you check the return email for your Happy Returns bar! The printable prepaid shipping label will be waiting for you in your inbox! If you’re having trouble, consider emailing Birdy Grey for assistance.

List the number of things in the box if you are mailing it yourself. While Birdy Grey is understanding and permits several goods to be returned in the same package, it’s crucial that you have a shipping label for the appropriate number of things. You will need to deliver the items separately if each one had its own shipping label.


The frequently asked inquiries about Birdy Grey’s return policy are listed below.

How Strict is the Birdy Grey Return Policy?

The Birdy Grey return policy as indicated above is stringent. Your product won’t be accepted if it wasn’t purchased during a nationwide promotion, it can’t be returned, or it was bought more than 45 days ago.

Does Birdy Grey Accept Returns After 30 Days?

The good news is that after 30 days, Birdy Grey does accept returns. In actuality, 45 days after the date of purchase are given by the Birdy Grey firm before a product cannot be returned.

Does Birdy Grey Have Free Returns?

Actually speaking, Birdy Grey does not offer free returns. For instance, Birdy Grey charges consumers who opt to return a product an additional $11 in restocking fees in addition to not refunding the shipping costs associated with their initial purchase. However, free exchanges are permitted at Birdy Grey.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Charge?

When a consumer returns a purchase to Birdy Grey, they are responsible for covering the cost of return shipping, not the business. However, Birdy Grey does frequently include an eGift Card to reimburse the purchase price, and it costs an additional $9.99 USD while advising that it be used to cover shipping charges.

How Long Do Birdy Grey Refunds Take?

The typical processing time for a refund from Birdy Grey is 3 days, with a maximum processing time of 10 days. This only applies after Birdy Grey has processed the returned item, and it may vary depending on the banking institution used by a specific consumer.

What is Birdy Grey Return Policy Without a Receipt?

A receipt is required in order for the business to handle the returned goods. Fortunately, a lot of sales of Birdy Grey products are made online, so the receipt is a digital record that can be quickly retrieved.

Can I Return Items on Sale?

Yes, even if it was on sale, you can still return your Birdy Grey dress, shoes, or tie. Returning a less expensive item shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re still within the 45-day minimum window.

Can I Return Birdy Grey Product After Use?

Yes, you can return a product after trying it on as long as there are no damages like stains, tears, or other wear-and-tear on it! After all, a dress’s satisfying fit on a consumer is one of the company’s core beliefs.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, although stringent, Birdy Grey’s return policy is helpful! If the customer pays an $11 fee and uses Happy Returns or the appropriate shipping labels, Birdy Grey will accept returns of any products that are eligible, including those that have been tried on or were on sale.

With this knowledge, returning items to Birdy Grey ought to be simple!


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