BestBuy Price Match Policy

One of the best and most well-known electronic retailers in the USA, Bestbuy sells high-quality goods at costs that are very reasonable. Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler established it on August 22, 1966, in Minnesota, United States. It makes shopping convenient for its clients by offering a variety of first-rate services.

Does Best Buy Offer a Price Match Policy?

Yes. In addition to providing a price match, Best Buy makes it quite straightforward for its customers. Any Best Buy employee will evaluate and confirm that the price matches for you once you visit the store and present them with the competitor’s website or advertisement as proof.

Does BestBuy Price Match Online?

Yes. You can use the phone number or chat feature on to request a price match, whichever is more convenient for you. They will check Internet prices for you.

Does BestBuy Offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

At BestBuy, price adjustments operate differently. It occurs when they ship you an item and the cost decreases before it is delivered to you. In that case, BestBuy will give you a full price difference refund.

Price Match Criteria:

You naturally want to purchase from Best Buy, therefore you are interested in learning more about their price match policy. All local competitors, even those with Internet stores, are priced the same as Best Buy. These are its requirements:

  • Shape, size, colour, and model should all be the same for the item.
    In other words, you want to price match and the item should be the same.
  • The competitor’s store or website must have the item you want to price match in stock right away. For it to be eligible, it shouldn’t be out of stock when the price match request is made.
  • One item per person is permitted for Best Buy price matching.
  • The products shouldn’t be open-box or on clearance.
  • You can price match an item on if you find it in their store, and vice versa if you discover it at a Best Buy location.

Price Match Process:

The price match procedure at Best Buy is straightforward, but you must comprehend it. You may price match at Best Buy by following these simple steps:

In-Store Request:

When you have identified an item that you wish to price match, you should visit a Customer Service counter at the Best Buy location to make your request.

There, you inform them of the cheaper product being offered by a rival. They will examine the item, check, and match the price for you.

Online Request:

There are two ways responds to internet requests for price matching. Chat and phone.

  • You can contact Best Buy by phone at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) and let them know about the product’s reduced price at a rival store.
  • Utilizing their chat is an additional choice. Although it might seem straightforward, has the authority to restrict price match requests made via chat.
  • But keep in mind that you cannot send a price match request through email or in-store.


The following items are not eligible for price matching at BestBuy.

There is a detailed list of BestBuy’s rivals. The price match does not apply to customers who aren’t on their list. (Please continue reading; we will examine the competitors’ list below.)

The products offered by the website’s independent vendors are not included.

The following are excluded from the price match:

Members of My Best Buy®.

The non-warehouse membership discounts are not price-matched.

loyalty incentives

paid loyalty schemes

Offers from government exchange stores.

Contract mobile phones, service costs, pre-order discounts, trade-in incentives, and holiday discounts are some examples of additional offers provided by rival businesses that are not eligible for price matching.

In addition, all subscription services and package deals are not included.

The prices of discontinued or refurbished items will not be matched.

Price Adjustment Process:

When you buy something from a retailer, if the price drops within a certain period of time, you can get a partial refund on that item. It’s also possible to request a price adjustment at Best Buy in a few simple steps by following the procedure outlined below:

  • You can email BestBuy if you discover the item you bought there is cheaper the following day or within a few days of your purchase. Include your full name, contact information, and the customer service PIN from the purchase receipt in the email (if you have any). To find out if your purchase qualifies for a price adjustment, you will also need to visit their Price Match Guarantee page.
  • Use of the Forums is one of the easy ways to make a price match request. On that forum, some customer support agents serve as moderators. Here, you can discover an illustration of how to price alterations are handled online. Therefore, if you want to go through this process, you should post a new request on this forum and send the moderators a private message with the information listed above, including your full name, email address, and phone number.
  • There is yet another approach, for instance, if you bought something from them and the price dropped afterward. As a result, you should go to your orders, choose the item to “return,” and then choose “I have found it at a lesser price” as your reason for doing so. You will have to go through a price match in this manner. To accomplish this quickly, you can also call them or speak with one of their representatives.

Best Buy Price Match Competitors’ List:

Although BestBuy’s price matches with the majority of shops, the following are some notable ones:

  • and

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know about price matching and adjusting at BestBuy. However, you can still have concerns. Following are some queries and responses:

What is the BestBuy price match policy?

Select retailers’ prices are matched by BestBuy. Outside of these stores, they do not match the prices of rivals’ offers, including their own deals and discounts.

What is the BestBuy price adjustment process?

You may request a price match online or in-store at Best Buy thanks to their Price Match Guarantee. When returning to the store with the receipt, they will give you store credit for the price difference if the item has decreased in value within 14 days of your purchase.

Summary of the Article:

We trust you found this post useful and have a better understanding of BestBuy’s price match policy now. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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