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Today, let us know the details of and how to complete your rebate form.

All pet food purchased by you at Bayer Animal Health enables you to enjoy a discount on rebates. It could be anything that is from Advantage II, Seresto, Advantage Multi K9-Advantage, Queen Profender, or any other items associated with Supplement & Dermatology for your product.

Use this URL as the initial one for and follow the easy steps that are explained in this article. Rebate Form Submission Guide

You can use this Ahrebatesform to claim any of the Bayer Animal Health products, for a cashback via Ahrebate, you are required to follow the directions you will see on the screen following your visit to the official site at

When you are applying for the rebate application, there are certain rules that should be considered.

  • Purchase a rebate-eligible Bayer AH product during the period of eligibility for the r rebate.
  • A rebate-payment option is available.
  • Print the confirmation to keep for your documents.
  • Prior to the expiration date or the date of expiration, fill out your rebate application.
  • Upload a picture of the entire receipt showing the product evidence of purchase at a vet’s office or on a website of a veterinarian.
  • Give between 2 and 4 weeks for your refund request for processing.
  • The refund cheque will be issued within 6-8 days (2 weeks for the recheck option)

Bayer AH Rebates Form Submission – Step by Step Guide

As mentioned in the regulations as a requirement to be eligible for the rebate, you need to purchase only the product which is eligible for the rebate. After you have completed your shopping, you must adhere to the steps listed below to complete your AH reimbursement form.

  • Go to your AhRebatesportal at
  • Now, select what you’ve purchased from the list of items that are eligible.
  • Input the pet’s address and shipping information.
  • Select your name, the vet clinic, or the store code from which you purchased that.

Notice: If you can’t find the name of your pet’s clinic in the drop-down menu You can continue by clicking “it wasn’t included.”

  • Enter your name in the title of the item you purchased, and then specify the size, as well as its kind in the event of variations. Also, justify the reason you chose that particular product.
  • Click on a photo of the item you purchased and upload it to the section that says “upload photo.”

Notice: Image should be in the .png, .jpg.pdf, or .gif format only. Other formats aren’t accepted.

  • After you have completed entering all of the data correctly After you have completed the entry, check the box of the terms and conditions and privacy policies.
  • Then, decide what method you would prefer to receive your reward, and that’s the payment method you choose.

Notice: If the payment method you chose is email, it will be 2 weeks before the payment is made for you to receive your payment. If you’re old school and prefer to get the check, you must wait 6-8 weeks before receiving the check.

  • Print this form to keep a record. If you don’t have a printer, it’s fine and it’s not required, however, you must at the very most save the screenshots. Rewards

  • Qualifying purchase is required to fill out filling out the rebates com form submission.
  • To qualify to claim this rebate you need to be eligible for the rebate if you participated from July 1st, 2020 between December 31, 2020, and July 1, 2020.
  • The deadline to submit this AH Rebates Form was the 15th of January 2021 that date is now expired However you can contact the closest store to find the most current rebate forms.
  • Be aware that federal regulations of America allow only licensed physicians to endorse products such as Profender, Advantage Multi, and Quellin.
  • The test for heartworms (with and without ) (With packs costing $30 for six packs, and 12 packs cost around 70 dollars per test.
  • Advantage II. 4 packs of Advantage II cost around $10 and 6 packs cost approximately $20.
  • Multi & Seresto advantage cost one dollar, plus 6 packs
  • 1 tube of Profender costs around $5.
  • $4 Pack of a total of $10 is included in the K9 Advantix II and for 6 Pack, you pay $20
  • Products of Supplement and Dermatology that cost 5 dollars for one unit
  • Free From
  • Lactoquil
  • Oti-Rinse
  • Remind Relief
  • Alenza,
  • DVM daily Soft-Chews
  • Enduro Syn
  • Malaseb-HyLyt
  • Synovi – G3
  • 15 dollars for one collar (Seresto)
  • $20 for a bottle of 120 counts (Queen)

About Bayers

Bayer AG is a German pharmaceutical and life sciences giant and is one of the most important pharmaceutical companies. Friedrich Bayer founded the company on August 1, 1863, and the headquarters are in Leverkusen. The products it offers include human and veterinary drugs as well as agricultural chemicals, products for healthcare and consumer use, biotechnology, and seeds. Since the year 2016, Werner Baumann has served as the CEO.

Contact Information for AH Rebates

Bayers has a special team who are working on their reimbursement form.if there are any queries about your Ahrebatesrebate form You can contact us at the number below to have your question answered.


We hope that you enjoy our post on Ahrebates. we have listed all the regulations and procedures for submitting the form for the AH rebate, If you have any queries about the process we can help you via the comment section below. We’d love to hear your feedback.


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