Bath and Body Works Return Policy

Compared to most brands, Bath and Body Works has a very lenient and generous return policy. They only refuse to take back an item if it has been used completely. There is no deadline by which you must return the item.

You have the right to return any item you buy at any time and for any reason, provided it isn’t empty. Then, how do you actually make a return? You can manage the return process more easily if you read this article.

Bath and Body Works Return Policy

What Is The Bath and Body Works Return Policy?

The business is accommodating and lets customers return their purchases at any time, for any reason. As a result, returning your purchases for a full refund is simple.

In accordance with the terms of the company’s return policy, you may return any item to any Bath & Body Works or White Barn location in the United States if you are dissatisfied with its quality for a full refund.

Return timeline No time limit
Return method Mail, in-store
Exchange period No time limit
Exchange method Mail, in-store
Refund period 21 days
Refund method Original form of payment


Online Returns

How can you return anything to Bath & Body Works online? Your order number or shipping confirmation must be available. then simply carry out the subsequent actions.

  1. Visit the website for Bath and Body Works.
  2. the home page’s bottom by scrolling down
  3. Click “Returns and Exchanges” under the “Customer Care” heading.
  4. “Online Purchase Return Options” should be clicked.
  5. Pick the solution that is best for you.

Your next steps will be guided by the option you select. If you have held the things for more than 90 days and request a refund, a gift card will be offered.

The money will be returned to the payment method used to purchase the item if it has been less than ninety days.

Online Exchanges

It’s acceptable to swap an item that you bought online rather than get a refund. However, items returned via mail are not eligible for exchange. Only in-store exchanges are permitted for online purchases.

How to exchange items instore

Since you cannot replace items purchased online and returned by mail, the exchange procedure is the same for both in-store and online transactions.

  1. Exchanges must be made in the nation where the initial purchase was made.
  2. A government ID is required at several US stores.
  3. Enter the store with the item you wish to exchange.
  4. Replace the item with one that has a value equal to the original purchase price.

Yes, you can even swap items from Bath and Body Works that are often used. Simply said, the Products cannot be empty.


Therefore, mention that you merely want your money back rather than exchanging an item. This is okay as well, and if the product is not empty, you may still return it in accordance with the terms of this policy. Products that are empty cannot be returned.

Refund Guidelines

  1. Need a confirmation email or a receipt to substantiate the purchase
  2. You cannot exchange gift cards worth more than ten dollars for cash.
  3. Only in the nation where the initial transaction was made are refunds permitted.
  4. Gift cards are not returnable.
  5. Refund processing may take up to 21 business days.
  6. Refunds for credit cards will be processed in three to seven business days.
  7. Processing PayPal reimbursements could take five to thirty business days.
  8. Only the money you paid on the item will be reimbursed if you bought it on sale. No more than what you paid for the product will be refunded to you.

What if I received a damaged item?

Any brand you shop from could occasionally send you a product that is broken before you’ve even had a chance to use it. This can have occurred during the production process or during delivery. Here is what to do if a product from Bath and Body Works arrives to you damaged.

In comparison to returns of undamaged goods or other consumer complaints, damaged goods receive higher priority for resolution. Because of this, Bath and Body Works encourages customers to get in touch with them immediately if they get a faulty or damaged item.

Steps to deal with receiving a damaged item

  1. Go to the Bath and Body Works website and scroll all the way down.
  2. Click “Chat with Us” and explain the issue.
  3. You will be given the choice of having your item replaced or receiving a refund.
  4. Your issue will be resolved more quickly if you contact them in this way rather than via the standard refund procedure.
  5. If you notify Bath and Body Works of your damaged item, you will be given better attention.
  6. If the original item is out of stock, you can also swap it for another item of equivalent value.
  7. If calling customer support is more convenient for you, do so.
    Their website lists their phone number.

Can you return gifts?

If you have a gift invoice, you may return gifts. All refunds, including returns of gifts, still call for proof of purchase. The policy of the exact Bath & Body Works location you are trying to return the present to will determine any gifts that are brought back without a gift invoice.

What if you don’t give someone the gift invoice?

Make sure to send them the gift invoice along with the item if you are purchasing a present for someone else and you want them to have the option of returning it if they so want. If not, customers might not be able to return the item.

Without the gift invoice, some retailers might still accept the return, but they will base the refund or exchange value on the lowest price the item has ever sold for. If they choose to take the return at all, that is.


Bath and Body Works had a very accommodating and generous return policy. Like Bath and Body Works, most businesses will not accept worn goods. Because of their lenient return policy, they have gained a lot of notoriety.

All you need is proof of purchase for your return to be accepted, regardless of whether you just don’t like the product or wish to test out a new one in place of the one you currently own.

Most businesses will also specify how long after you receive your merchandise you must return the gift. When you have your receipt, Bath and Body Works will accept returns.


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