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Australia has one of the largest retail networks in the world, with post offices located both in urban and rural locations. The Australian government presently owns the business, which offers postal services to the general public.

The origins of the first organized postal service in Australia date back to 1809, a time when people had to rely only on word-of-mouth and the goodwill of others to deliver any notes or letters they wanted to send to someone else.

Due to the fact that 66% of its neighborhood Post Office organizations and bundle sponsors are independent businesses themselves, Australia Post is probably the best service for the posts supporting the clients of the nation’s private ventures. The organization is constantly working to develop and plan better strategies to provide all Australians with basic services and administrations.

Australia Post Customer Feedback Survey

Australia Post Customer Service is putting a lot of effort into improving its services and procedures in order to increase customer satisfaction and trust. For this reason, they created an online Australia Post Customer Feedback Survey that asks numerous questions about their management and services, which a customer must respond to in order to submit feedback.

All visitors and users of this post-service are invited to participate in the Australia Post Customer Experience Survey, where they may express their genuine opinions and any complaints they may have about the company’s services. AusPost, the abbreviation for Australia Post’s customer service, values feedback from customers and researches what should be changed or improved and what shouldn’t be.

The advantage of taking the Aus Post Customer Survey is that participants can win a $5000 gift card after completing the questionnaire online at You can enter the Aus Post Customer Feedback Survey Drawing Competition by completing this survey. Once the survey is submitted, you will receive this prize.

Requirements to Take Australia Post Customer Satisfaction

 Australia Post Customer Satisfaction

You must meet a few criteria in order to be qualified to take the Aus post Customer Feedback Survey, and only then are you able to do so. These are the specifications.

  • You should reside in Australia.
  • To participate in the poll, you must be one of the Australian Postal Corporation’s representatives, chiefs, officials, or close family members.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parents’ permission.
  • You must have recently visited a post mail center to be eligible to participate. A qualifying customer must be present at the counter to receive a limited-time receipt, and they must act appropriately to receive all the details necessary to complete the Australia Post Customer Feedback Survey.

Steps to Take Australia Post Survey

You should be aware of a few simple rules before beginning the AusPost My Visit Survey in order to complete the online Australia Post Customer Survey quickly and easily. Follow the simple instructions below to complete the Australia post-visit survey quickly.

  • Visit the website to participate in the Australia Post customer survey.

Steps to Take Australia Post Survey

  • There is a link provided on the review site’s very first page that allows you to examine the terms of this survey.
  • You must press the “Next” button to move forward after reviewing the authority regulations.
  • In the page’s primary box, type the source ID number that appears on your Australia Post receipt.
  • next, type the receipt number.
  • To access the questions, click the “next” button. Depending on your most recent Australia Post visiting experience, that is where you will be posted.
  • You cannot begin the survey if you cannot see the ID or receipt number. You can select the distinct choice on the page by tapping it.
  • The source ID will be displayed in red and the receipt number will be displayed in green in a different window to help you locate the information on your receipt.
  • Once you’ve completed reviewing the input, you should provide your contact information, including your full name, phone number, and any additional information as requested, in order to enter the prize draw contest.

Australia Post Survey Sweepstakes

The eligible clients of Australian Post are offered the option to participate in the prize drawing competition. The participant may complete as many surveys as they like, but each one’s data must be based on a distinctly qualified purchase and the original receipt.

One prize of gift cards worth $5000 will be awarded to the lucky winner. The winning gift voucher will be chosen by the winner and the promoter, Australia Post, from a selection of gift vouchers available in AusPost outlets.

  • The winner will be contacted by phone by Aus Post.
  • A reward should be utilized promptly.

Contact Information

Use the contact information provided below to call Australia Post if you have any questions about their customer satisfaction survey or would like additional information.

Make a free call at 1800 443 930

Australia Post Official Website:


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