Ashley Furniture Price Match

Price matching is available at Ashley Furniture Homestore. You must meet certain requirements in order to make your purchase. To guarantee that you receive the cheaper price offered by the other merchant, you must also follow the correct procedures.

Not every item that is offered for sale at a cheaper price on other websites satisfies the criteria for getting a lower price on your furniture. In this article, we’ll look at what Ashley Furniture will price match, how to make the request, and what doesn’t. Continue reading to discover how to save money on the furniture you adore.

Ashley Furniture Price Match

What Does Ashley Furniture Price Match?

Ashley Furniture will match prices on products that you can find elsewhere for a cheaper price. The item must, however, adhere to the program’s specific specifications.

The item must be identified first. All of the information below must be accurate:

  • Model
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Brand
  • SKU
  • Color
  • Name

Next, the item needs to be in stock simultaneously at both and the other merchant. Ashley won’t match the price if the other retailer doesn’t have it in stock because you can’t buy it then and the price might change whenever they refill.

Ashley Furniture will only match prices with specific stores because of their solid reputations. You can compare prices on products sold by these websites:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Overstock
  • Wayfair
  • Hayneedle
  • Target

Finally, rain checks and things purchased secondhand are not eligible for price matching.

How Does the Price Match Work?

This is how the price match scheme operates. Ashley Furniture will apply a price adjustment in the form of a credit back to your payment account if the aforementioned conditions are satisfied.

On the Ashley Furniture website, you place your purchase for the specified cost. You pay the listed price. Then you send a request to the chat assistance with a link pointing to the page where you can see the cheaper pricing for the item you just bought.

Customer support will authorize the final pricing after someone can confirm the lower price. You’ll receive a credit back to your account equal to the difference in price.

Are There Exceptions?

The price match policy has some exclusions. In the section on requirements, we specified a few. And now for some more.

Discounts – It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to receive a price match for an item you discovered on sale at another retailer. Discounts are unique promotions, not price reductions.

Ashley will not match a price on an item discovered at a store where a membership is required.

Errors – An item that was simply priced wrongly cannot have its price matched.

Clearance and closeout merchandise – Price discrepancies for products that another shop is discontinuing won’t be taken into account for price matching.

Bundle pricing prevents you from matching a product’s price with one that is offered elsewhere.

These are some of the most frequent exceptions, however, they are not the only ones.

Does Ashley Furniture Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes, there is a policy in place for price adjustments. The item needs to be identical, just like with the price match program.

The item must have been purchased no more than 30 days prior to your request. The product for which you are requesting a price adjustment must still be available from an authorized retailer at that price.

Recognize there are also exceptions to this rule. Many of them are the same as those that are mentioned as exceptions to the price match program. Additionally, you can provide prices for refurbished or used goods as well as Black Friday or Cyber Monday bargains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the frequently asked questions. People are interested in knowing these topics.

Does the Ashley Furniture Store Price Match Amazon?

It does, indeed. But here’s the disclaimer. Ashley Furniture will only match prices on things that Amazon sells and ships. The products can’t be purchased via a third-party vendor.

Does Ashley Furniture Do Price Match Online?

It does, indeed. You only place an order and make a payment. then launch the chat window. Send in a price match request with a live link to the item you want to match prices on. Your request will be examined by a customer service specialist, and if accepted, the difference will be credited to your payment account.

Bottom Line

To keep consumers happy and returning to buy their favorite pieces, Ashley Furniture has a price match guarantee program. A few easy actions can help you save some money on things that are cheaper elsewhere, however, they won’t always result in a reduced price.


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