Apple First Responder Discount Requirements and Details

“To offer the best user experience to its consumers through its revolutionary hardware, software, and services,” reads the mission statement of Apple. The tech giant appears to be keeping its promise, as evidenced by the 1231 million active iPhone units and 57.8 million iPad units sold in 2021.

Apple Inc. consistently leads the way in introducing innovation through high-quality goods. Above all, it advances technical human potential and transforms healthcare and education.

But how far does Apple go in terms of CSR initiatives? 

In the US, a lot of businesses offer discounts to first responders as a way of saying thank you. Does Apple adopt its strategies? If there is an Apple first responder discount, keep reading. Additionally, look at additional options to lower the cost of your Apple purchases.

Does Apple Give First Responder Discount?

Unfortunately, there won’t be an Apple first responder discount in 2022. However, this does not preclude the availability of cheaper Apple goods. You can lower your Apple bill and save money as a first responder.

Other Ways You Can Save With Apple

Continue reading for money-saving tips, unique discounts, and special deals to help you save with Apple.

1. Buy Refurbished 

It makes sense if you tend to be wary of reconditioned or used goods. However, you can anticipate the devices to be nearly as excellent as new if they are coming from a firm as dependable as Apple.

If you can’t afford new Apple devices, it’s a smart idea to purchase reconditioned models. For instance, you can save between $260 and $280 by purchasing a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro. Similar to new products, these certified refurbished items typically come with a one-year warranty and a 14-day return period.

2. Back-Up a Generation

Did you know that every time Apple releases a new product, the cost of the prior version reduces as well? Yes, that is accurate. Waiting a few months after a product debut will allow you to save $60-$200 on the previous models.

You might want to keep an eye out for previous versions in Apple’s website’s clearance area. To make room for new arrivals, they offer discounts on these products here.

3. Trade-In Your Old Device

The Apple Trade-In program is yet another fantastic option to purchase goods on a tight budget. Depending on the condition and original value of the item, you can swap it for credits worth hundreds of dollars.

You can use these credits to reduce the cost of your subsequent purchase by a few dollars. As an alternative, you can purchase an Apple gift card for the same amount as the credit.

4. Buy From Resellers

Even while Apple often doesn’t sell its items through resellers, you can still get some great deals at these shops.

A variety of products are constantly discounted and offered at special prices by authorized retailers including Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The majority of the time, significant events and holidays like Black Friday and Thanksgiving are when you can find these reduced Apple products.

Another reason you might want to purchase from resellers is a clearance sale. Many stores reduce the cost of earlier models while the product launch is ongoing. This may be your best chance to get high-quality goods without breaking the bank.

5. Check Out Best Buy 

If you didn’t previously know, Best Buy sells things with open boxes. These are the goods that were sent back after their packaging was emptied. However, this does not necessarily suggest that they were damaged; the customer may have simply changed their mind.

Check online or at your local Best Buy for discounted open-box Apple devices.

6. Sign Up for Apple Card 

You can pay conveniently with interest-free monthly installments when using an Apple Card. Additionally, when you pay with an Apple Card, the business will give you 3% cash back on the total cost of the item. And that is true for both upfront purchases and monthly installment arrangements.

You must add this card to the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad in order to use it. Additionally, make sure it is running the most recent iOS/iPad version.

7. Look For Apple Promos

On its website, Apple offers seasonal, time-limited promotions on the Promo page. You can receive everything from gift cards to cost-free app subscriptions with qualifying purchases, so it is a smart idea to keep it on your radar.

8. Use Exclusive Offers to Your Advantage

Apple offers a variety of different promotions to certain groups as part of its corporate social responsibility. If you are a member of the immediate family of someone who is eligible for the offer, you may use one of these. For some instances, keep reading.

Education Discount 

Apple offers discounts and credits on Macs, iPads, and other products to customers with school affiliations. College students, faculty members, and parents of students at participating institutions are all eligible for this offer.

Back-to-School Discount 

The back-to-school promotion is targeted at current and recently enrolled college students as well as their parents and normally runs from June through September. With this kind of deal, you can save $300 on Apple items.

Military and Veteran Discount

Did you know that veterans and active duty military personnel are entitled to a 10% discount on Apple products? After using to confirm your military status, you can take advantage of this deal.

Partner Company Discount

Employees and independent contractors of a partner company may buy products through the Apple Employee Purchase Program at a discount. You can sponsor things for friends and family members in addition to yourself.

Similar Companies That Do Offer First Responder Discounts

There are several stores that give first responder discounts, even though Apple does not specifically offer one. For instance, Samsung offers a first responder discount of up to 30%.

Additionally, AT&T and Verizon, two telecom firms, offer a variety of benefits to front-line employees. Get 25% off AT&T Starter Plans or pay just $27 per month for 4 phone lines, among other benefits. Alternatively, Verizon 5G Do More offers savings of up to $25 per month, as well as discounts of 15% on phone plans, 25% off accessories, and much more.

Apple FAQs

Does Apple Offer a First Responder Discount?

Sadly, Apple does not provide first responders with exclusive pricing. However, you can purchase Apple products for less money by using the strategies that were just described.

Why Should I Buy Apple’s Refurbished Products?

Even when it comes to its refurbished items, Apple does not cut corners. These premium goods are available for purchase at steep discounts, saving you between $260 and $280 per item.

How Can People With Military Backgrounds Save With Apple?

Fortunately, Apple offers a $10 discount on its goods to persons with military ties and veterans. To take advantage of the discount, just verify your military status using


As of 2022, there is no longer an Apple first responder discount. Nevertheless, there are a lot of intriguing alternatives to purchasing Apple devices without going bankrupt. Or you might prefer to purchase from Apple’s rivals who give discounts to first responders, like Samsung.

Consider purchasing pre-owned or certified refurbished equipment rather than brand-new ones. Trade in your old item when you buy a new one to get your price reduced. Search for holiday discounts, look into Apple specials, and think about purchasing open-box electronics from Best Buy.

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