AO Price Match

If you have ever purchased something from AO and afterward discovered it to be cheaper someplace else, you may be wondering if AO does price matching.

What is the next step in making a claim and how does it work if there is a price match in place? We have all the answers to your inquiries about the AO price match, so don’t worry. In order to provide you with all the information you require, we are going to provide you with some basic quotes that our clients frequently request below.

AO Price Match

Does AO Price Match?

The AO website states that they will match any item’s price and delivery costs with those of any other shop. AO offers price matching for both the item and delivery costs of their rivals.

Here are some details you should be aware of:

  1. Only websites from UK-based shops that sell only goods made in the UK are eligible for price matching through AO.
  2. The item on the rival website must be an exact match to the one on our website.
  3. The item must be available and purchasable on the same day.
  4. They don’t match prices with AO companies or other trade websites.

The biggest rivals of AO World are Novatech, Dyson UK, and Lotus Electronics.

Does AO’s Price Match Adjust in 2022?

Yes, according to AO’s website, their policy is still in effect in 2022. No matter what, they will match the retailer’s pricing on any item they sell as well as the shipping. They will even coordinate significant sales occasions and discount vouchers.

What Products are Included Under the Price Match Policy for AO?

As part of its price philosophy, AO provides a variety of items.

For instance, you can come across products for computers, mobile phones, smart technology, television and entertainment, and floor care.

In comparison to other businesses—excluding auction websites because the goods have to be precisely comparable to what you’re looking for and that might be challenging to obtain when using a company like eBay—AO is able to assist you in any of these areas and provide a price match.

Does AO Price Match Online?

You can visit the AO website and talk online with a representative if you have any questions. The best course of action would be to phone them at 0161-470-1100 if you think you should have been given a better deal or learn that you paid more than the competition.

You can discuss the pricing discrepancy by phoning this number, and they will work with you to obtain the guaranteed fair price match.

The staff members are committed to assisting you in locating the greatest deal. It will only take a few minutes, and you’ll save money in the process, so everyone wins, especially you!

Does AO Price Match eBay?

AO does not match its prices with those of online auction houses like eBay. The item must be an exact replica of the one seen on AO’s website. Additionally, it must be in stock and ready for delivery within a week at the rival. The price match cannot be combined with any other promotion.

Does AO Price Match Amazon?

Yes, it is the answer. AO will match prices with any other merchant, including Amazon. Therefore, if you purchase something and then discover it is available for less money on Amazon, you may file a claim and, if eligible, receive the lower price.

Does AO Price Match Costco?

Yes, AO matches Costco prices in the same way as they match Amazon prices. All you have to do is this if you purchase something from Costco and discover that AO has a better price:

  1. Call us or utilize the live chat feature on our website.
  2. Inform our wonderful and welcoming personnel of the product code.
  3. Tell us how you discovered it.
  4. Last but not least, allow our outstanding staff to take care of the issue and assist you in getting your money back.


Amazing company AO takes great satisfaction in its ability to match prices with any business that is not an auction firm like eBay.

The only thing you need to do is a phone, and they will refund the difference or offer a price match if the price of your purchase decreases on their website or you discover it cheaper with another shop before purchasing.

As they give you the proper price for your purchase, their employees are committed to making this procedure as simple for you as feasible.

You should be aware that working with AO will give you access to first-rate customer support, free 100-day returns, next-day delivery seven days a week, and the option to pay using AO finance. The excellent business AO can assist you in finding the lowest rates.


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