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The Advance Auto Parts price match policy might be of interest to you if you are a customer. Any competitor’s quoted pricing for comparable goods will be matched by AAP with Advance’s regular low prices. American aftermarket automotive parts are offered through Advance Auto Parts. You will discover how Advance Auto Parts price matching works in this post.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. When a rival offers to match a price on an item that you find on their website or shop, the item must still be available there. You must present documentation of the advertisement to their store in order to seek a price match.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match Online Websites?

Yes. But if you want to price match online, Advance Auto Parts will only match online website prices.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the Advance Auto Parts?

Yes. Advance Auto Parts will refund you the difference in price if you buy something from them and their rival has a lower price.

Price Match Criteria:

You must meet the following requirements in order to ask Advance Auto Parts to match a price:

  • It must be a substantially equivalent and identical item that you want to request a price match for. The quality, color, and size ought to match.
  • Verify if the advertised price is still in effect on the website or store of the rival. Otherwise, the prices wouldn’t be matched.
  • The item must be verified by an AAP staff member.
  • Advance Auto Parts will match the prices of a few online competitors, but the products should be delivered the same day as the order.
  • If an item is available for Advance Auto Parts in-store pickup, the rival must have the same item available for same-day pickup in order to qualify for a price match.
  • Advance Auto Parts will match the price on the websites of a few particular competitors.

Price Match Process:

Advance Auto Parts will match online and store prices for products. However, the following procedure explains how to match a competitor’s price on a product:

For In-store Purchases:

Make sure that their stores do not price match the online purchases, such as those from the websites if you wish to price match in-store.

You must bring the printed advertisement to the AAP store in order to get a price match. It should be a real printout, not a photocopy or a photo on your phone.

For Online Purchases:

Following are the steps I discovered after speaking with their customer support regarding how to price match online:

They can cross-check and price-match online using the advance part number and rival part link that you provide. They will set up the price match orders and only use debit or credit cards to make payments there. The price obtained from the competition will include the cost of delivery, and as the price has already been reduced, further discounts will not be given on such orders.

Live Chat Process:

You must thus click the “Contact Us” button to get in touch with their customer support.

The Chat button is located at the right bottom of the page when you visit their website between Monday through Saturday 8:30 am – 9:30 pm ET and Sunday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm ET.

When you click the Chat button, you’ll often be able to communicate with their bot. Pose the query and choose the response:

By selecting “Chat with an Agent,” you can speak with a representative at the support desk and provide them with the details they need, as mentioned above.


Following your education on the price match procedure, consider the following Advance Auto Parts exclusions:

These products cannot be price matched:

  • Clearance
  • catalog
  • closeout
  • used
  • refurbished
  • a faulty product
  • Postal offerings
  • immediate discounts

The price match does not apply to the following Memberships:

  • paid-subscription club
  • Loyalty initiatives

Additionally, the following offers are not valid:

Buy one get one free (without a retail price on the advertisement)

Gift cards cannot be price matched:

Items from rivals that include a gift card are not included.

Price Adjustment Process:

There isn’t a page on Advance Auto Parts’ website that details their pricing adjustment procedure. So I questioned, “How come?”

I spoke with their customer service, and they responded as follows:

“No, we would be unable to do that; however, if you have purchased a product from Advance and discover that a competitor is selling it for less money, you may be eligible for a refund. In that case, we could modify your order and issue a refund to you.

I answered:

It does sound like a pricing adjustment, then.

What he responded was:

Do you need my help with anything else today?

The aforementioned response from AAP’s customer support contains a “Yes.” A price adjustment is thus a possibility with AAP. However, a procedure cannot be described because it is not expressly stated on their page.

Advance Auto Parts Competitors’ List:

Again, there is no official explanation for this either, so I phoned Advance Auto Parts customer support.

Here is their response:

Except for eBay, “We price match with all competitors.”

Therefore, it suggests that they simply do not price match the goods offered on eBay, not that they have a specific list of competitors.

Advance Auto Parts video guide

Some Questions and Answers:

When was Advance Auto Parts Founded?

On April 29, 1932, in Roanoke, Virginia, the United States, Advance Auto Parts was established.

What makes Advance Auto Parts so popular for cars?

The biggest and most well-known manufacturer of automotive parts in America is Advance Auto Parts. Advance offers high-quality replacement auto parts from all major brands at competitive costs to qualified installers.

Summary of the Article:

Now you can be assured of your capacity to price match! We sincerely hope you found this information to be useful. Please post any questions you may have here, and we’ll do our best to respond to as many of them as we can.

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