Adidas Return Policy

Adidas, Nike’s main competitor, offers fantastic alternatives to Nike products. Adidas is a European brand that has become very successful in the Americas and offers all of your necessary sportswear items.

Adidas offers high-quality sporting gear, including apparel, shoes, and accessories. The simplicity of returning items to Adidas and the help received when creating a great return policy.

Adidas Return Policy

What is Adidas’ Return Policy? 

You have 30 days from the date you received the product to return an Adidas item to Adidas. Certain well-known products are subject to a seven-day return policy. Your Adidas merchandise can be returned online, via FedEx, or in-store for a refund or an exchange.

Only items purchased via or a store operated by Adidas may be returned to Adidas. Additional stores may accept returns, but you must follow their return policy when doing so.

Return timeline 30 days
Return method Mail, in-store
Exchange period 30 days
Exchange method In-store only
Refund period 7-10 business days
Refund method Original payment method


How to Return an Adidas Item

Adidas online purchases may be returned online, via FedEx, or in-store. Online delivery is required for in-store purchases that were previously delivered to your door. You must return in-store purchases that you made and received in-store.

Online Returns

Although returns for online purchases can also be made in-store, please follow the guidelines below.

Visit the Adidas website first. Go to the website’s Returns & Exchanges section by clicking on it. You will be given the option to select exchange or refund. Pick the best return strategy.

You must enter your order number and the related email address after selecting the refund or exchange method. The original order confirmation email contains the order number.

Follow all of the on-screen instructions after entering your order confirmation number and the accompanying email address. Complete all forms as accurately and truthfully as you can. Your pre-paid return label will be sent to you.

The next step is to print your label. You can either print this yourself using a printer at your location or have any FedEx location print it for you if you provide the QR code for the return with you.

Print your return label, then package all of your items with their tags and other identifying components in their original packing. Make sure the package is well sealed so nothing can escape.

Finally, deliver the package to the FedEx facility that is most convenient for you. To locate a suitable FedEx location, utilize a search engine or the FedEx store locator.

In-Store Returns

Returns made in-store must be made to an Adidas-owned location. An Adidas product purchased at Foot Locker cannot be returned to an Adidas store. You must return this purchase using the online route if you made it in-store but it was delivered right to your door.

Find an Adidas-owned store close to you by using the Adidas shop locator first. There might be fewer physical stores in the United States because the corporation is headquartered in Europe.

The next step is to adhere to all the directions on the back of the original receipt. To return a product or products, the original receipt is necessary.

Can You Return an Online Purchase In-Store?

Yes! Online purchases can be returned to a shop controlled by Adidas. Direct purchases from the Adidas website are required. If you have any issues, visit the website’s Return & Exchanges section or contact customer care.

How Strict Is the Adidas Return Policy

Although the return policy is somewhat rigorous, it offers some latitude that other businesses do not. The receipt is required as proof of purchase and returns must be made within 30 days of the original purchase.

Returns must be made within 30 days, although this time period begins on the day the item was delivered to you. This is advantageous for online orders because it starts from the day you received the goods rather than the day you made the original purchase.

Furthermore, you have 10 days to ship the defective item if you are making an exchange. While most stores require the product to be delivered within a specific window of time, Adidas merely requires that the product be shipped within a 10-day window.

Adidas Exchange Policy

Allow 1-2 business days for the return process for exchanges. Exchanges are currently only available for various sizes and colors. The item that will be substituted for the previous item will be retained for ten days. You must have used FedEx and the return label Adidas provided to send the purchase to Adidas during this time.

Adidas Refund Policy

You must have returned the item to Adidas in order to get a refund. To return your purchase to Adidas, follow the directions above. No additional reimbursements for FedEx shipping charges will be given; your entire purchase will be returned in the original payment method.

The product needs to be in the original box with all of the tags and other identifying elements still attached.

Does Adidas Accept Returns Without the Receipt?

No, returns without a receipt are not accepted by Adidas.

To return an item for an in-store transaction, you must have the original receipt on hand. Additional instructions for your return will also be included.

Your receipt for online purchases will be sent to you through email. Check your email for the confirmation number on the receipt; you’ll need it for the return.

Does Adidas Accept Returns After 30 Days?

No, not unless you send the internet purchases within ten days of making them. If this is the case, it may take the return longer than 30 days to arrive at its destination, but it will still be accepted if it is still eligible for return.

What Items Cannot Be Returned to Adidas? 

Adidas does not accept used product returns. Adidas does not accept returns of customized products. Adidas does not accept returns on Bad Bunny Puerto Rico merchandise.


Does Adidas give full refunds?

Yes! Adidas does offer complete refunds for the relevant merchandise. FedEx shipping charges, however, are not reimbursed.

Can I Return an Adidas Product After Use?

Regrettably, no. After using or wearing an Adidas item, it cannot be returned.

How long do Adidas Refunds Take?

Please allow up to 21 days for the processing of online purchases. Allow 10 days for refunds made for in-store purchases to appear in your account. If after 14 days the money is still not in your account, get in touch with Adidas.

Final Thoughts 

Adidas has excellent return policies.

You don’t have to ensure that online orders are received in a specific amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about carrier delays. Adidas offers a comprehensive FAQ section, an in-depth policy overview of important features, and a step-by-step return procedure on its website.

Shop Adidas today to enjoy all of these wonderful advantages!


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